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  • Since these lozenges should be taken every 3-4 hours, I found great improvement in my cold when I woke up the next day
  • It is for sure better than any cough drop and is perhaps the best remedy for cold -especially if you are travelling

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      During one of my routine official travels, I suddenly started experiencing symptoms of cold and cough (continuous sneezing, blocked nose) and this was making me very uncomfortable. Since I was on a move, it was difficult to see a physician immediately for any medication. This is when one of my colleagues suggested that I take Zicam cold remedy plus sore throat lozenges.

      Zicam cold remedy plus sore throat lozenges help to relieve cold faster by reducing the severity of cold symptoms. As soon

      as I took my first lozenges I loved its cherry flavour and throat soothing liquid gel centre. It dissolved quickly in my mouth and though my cold still remained, the severity reduced a bit giving me a great sense of relief. Since these lozenges should be taken every 3-4 hours, I found great improvement in my cold when I woke up the next day. My sneezing had considerably reduced and I was now able to breathe more easily.

      Although I am averse to taking any type medicines without consulting my physician, what made me take Zicam cold remedy plus sore throat lozenges was the fact it was homeopathic which made it easy to take it without having to worry about any side effects. Another aspect which I liked about Zicam cold remedy plus was that it was non drowsy which was indeed a great asset particularly since I was on an official tour.

      What I really disliked about Zicam cold remedy plus sore throat lozenges was ...

      • Zicam cold remedy plus sore throat lozenges
      its awful taste after the cheery flavored coating. The taste would be so bad that I would sometimes want to throw it out from my mouth. But the worst part of it was the fact that these lozenges had to be dissolved in the mouth without chewing them and even worst was the fact that one was not allowed to drink or eat anything for at least 15 minutes after taking it. I would be stuck with that AWFUL taste for nearly
      15 minutes and it nearly felt like undergoing some sort of punishment. My mouth would go cotton dry and I would just be waiting to drink water after those dreadful fifteen minutes.

      Priced at $11.59 - Zicam cold remedy plus sore throat lozenges according to me works best when it is taken immediately after the first signs of cold and cough. It is for sure better than any cough drop and is perhaps the best remedy for cold -especially if you are travelling.

Rebecca Heilman says :

I took one dose of the Zicam Ultra Lozenges and followed the directions, letting it dissolve in my mouth without chewing. I did not drink or eat for an entire half hour after taking it. I’ve never had an adverse reaction to Zinc and have actually used zinc cough drops in the past with no problems but for some reason I had a severe reaction to the Zicam ultra lozenge. At first my mouth felt tingly which was no big deal the cough drops did the same but it wasn’t uncomfortable but after time passed my mouth felt like it was on fire. I looked in the mirror and I had developed swelling and raw blisters on the inside of my cheeks lips tongue and throat. I went to see my Dr. this morning. I have more than just a cold I have walking pneumonia, an ear infection, a sinus infection and he said the inside of my mouth and throat looks like hamburger He says is most likely a reaction to the zinc. I only used that one lozenge and the blisters and pain were NOT instantaneous. It was mildly uncomfortable last night but by this morning it was unbearable. I can’t even eat soft barely tosted toast without it causing my mouth to bleed and water is the only thing I can drink that doesn’t cause extreme pain. My Mom and my one of my very best friends swear by it. They say it works wonderfully for them so I am not saying the product doesn’t do as it say for SOME PEOPLE however my advice is that you try a small portion to make sure you don’t have a reaction like the one I am having. My lips are swollen and my mouth tongue and throat are literally so raw they are bleeding at the slightest contact of anything even remotely solid. Just use caution. For those who think this could be trush from the antibiotics prescribed, They weren’t prescribed untill this morning along with a lidocain mouth rinse and a steroid shot for both the lung issues as well the tissue damage in my mouth and throat and to help with the swelling and inflamation. I’m waiting for my husband to pick up my prescriptions I haven’t even taken an antibiotic yet. The steroid shot is the only thing i have gotten. In addition to that I have HAD trush. This is 10x worse than the case of thrush I had and much more painful. I asked the Dr, straight up if it could be thrush and he said that I don’t have the white patches that accompany trush, just raw painful bleeding blisters.

Joanna says :

Hi Rebecca,

I am sorry that you had such a terrible reaction to the zicam. Zicam has other medications including zinc that will help get rid of a cold. I had a similar reaction (though not as strong as yours)and my doctor told me is was a reaction to the zinc that was left on my tongue. It can burn the mouth if allowed to sit too long. I didn’t rinse my mouth out well after I chewed the medicine and it burned my mouth.

I had to apply some burn cream that my doctor gave me to keep it from getting infected and it went away in a day or two.

Hope this helps.



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