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Madison, WI
  • But, I will say, the experience wasn’t as bad as expected
  • But, I think we waited all of 5 minutes before the person running the test came to get us
  • But, if I did, this is one I definitely would try to get them into

    • by Steve

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      Yesterday, we had to make a trip to Madison to have our infant daughter tested for Cystic Fibrosis (she didn’t have it). This meant a trip to the American Family Children’s Hospital; a trip I can honestly say I wasn’t looking forward to, both because of the reason and because I hate driving in Madison. But, I will say, the experience wasn’t as bad as expected. We arrived at the American Family Children’s Hospital at about 10:30 (our appointment was at 11) and, after finding a place to park, entered the hospital totally clueless about where we were supposed to check in. We get to the main floor and, because we are lost at that point, start looking around for a directory or map.

      One of the security guards was nearby and, seeing that we were carrying our daughter with us, walked over and, not only did she give us directions about where we were supposed to go, got on the elevator with us to the second floor and escorted us to the registration office. I didn’t expect that; especially since we didn’t even ask her for help. The registration process was quick and took us about 2 minutes to fill out the remaining paperwork that was needed for the test (we did a lot of it on the phone a couple

      weeks earlier when we made the appointment). We then were asked to sit in the waiting room.

      I do think the waiting room was a bit on the small side but they had plenty of toys and activities for kids to do while waiting (not that our daughter is able to do anything like that). They even had some computer games for them to play. At this point, I figured we were going to be sitting for a while. This is because we were early for our appointment and because there were so many people there.

      But, I think we waited all of 5 minutes before the person running the test came to get us. We had to go through the sweat test with our oldest daughter too and that was a terrible experience. We were shoved into a cramped and stuffy room for the test and were made to wait for an unbearable amount of time for the results with no information about what was happening and what everything meant. That didn’t happen this time around.

      The woman doing the sweat test (they take sweat from the child and measure the salt content) was very friendly. She talked to our daughter while attaching the electrodes to help keep her calm (it is painless but she didn’t like a stranger messing with ...

      • her arms) and worked quickly so she could be comfortable again. I should mention the room was much more open this time around and had a great view. When she was done with the first part of the test and was waiting for the sweat to collect (about 30 minutes) the genetic counselor came in and talked to us about what the test was for.

        She explained the gene that was discovered in screening and, unlike when our daughter went through this, took the time to tell us it was a different variation of CF so, even if my daughter did have it (other than just being a carrier) it wouldn’t be as bad as what we read. I can’t tell you how much having her talk to us helped. Like I said before, the last time we were left alone and knew nothing about what they were testing for other than the horrible things you read about. She made us very comfortable to the point we didn’t feel as much anxiety.

        We still wanted her to come back as negative obviously but weren’t as worried as we were when we first got there. We ended up waiting in the room a total of 2 hours because we decided to just stick around for the test results. Those came much quicker than

        expected and, even with the negative result, the genetic counselor still took the time to talk to us about what being a carrier meant and what it will mean for our daughters later in life (mostly if they decide to have kids of their own). If we decide to have another child (which is unlikely) she also offered to contact our insurance company and talk to them about paying for us to be screened prior to my wife getting pregnant.

        That way, if only one of us is a carrier, we wouldn’t have to put another child through this. After our appointment, we did take the time to check out the rest of the hospital; mostly because we were hungry. It’s obviously not a place I really want to spend a great deal of time at but I will say they go out of their way to make the families of their patients comfortable. For example, they have this section called “Wisconsin Avenue” which has everything from a food stand to a barbershop and small theater for kids to watch cartoons.

        That was pretty cool and we were sure to take pictures; even though this wasn’t a vacation destination or anything. I hope I never have to take my kids to another children’s hospital again. But, if I did, this is one I definitely would try to get them into.

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