Pynocare 40 Actisome
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  • With the experience I had and with the followed up paper advertisements, my mom seemed to have been convinced to use the product
  • I thought it as just us wo discovered the wonders

    • by Amaya

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      I have a scar on my face which I got from a vehicular accident when I was still in the fourth grade. From then on, I find it difficult to find the right treatment to erase it. It really was distracting to look at. It was just two months ago when I met a dermatologist who recommended me an oral treatment labeled Pynocare 40 Actisome.

      I was amazed because not only my scars were “erased” but as well as the dark spots. They appear the moment I had my job and my friends said that it could be a result of my stressful routine. I became distraught when the spots got bigger and darker. I used to

      spend a lot of time crying out of frustration because of what happened to my face. I tried every beauty product that has come out that may stop the worsening of my skin condition but to no avail. Hesitant to spend out money to buy the recommended product, one look at the mirror made me think that it would be worse to leave my face like that. I no longer thought twice and decided to take the product twice a day for just seven weeks. I was so happy with the results. I was so hesitant in buying it at first because it was really expensive. However, when I take a glance at the mirror, the scars
      and the dark spots seemed to outweigh my frustration on the price. But now, the effects are great. The dark spots quite faded away and the scar doesn’t seem so badly as before.

      I also recommended the product to my mother. She has always been looking out to a perfect product that might help clear her dark patches on her skin which she had ever since the day she left her youthful years. With the experience I had and with the followed up paper advertisements, my mom seemed to have been convinced to use the product. For just 30 days, she started noticing that the patches on her face lightened. Even my dad noticed the changed. The ...

      • Pynocare 40 Actisome
      treatment has really done wonders on us both. She have always had dry skin but when she recently used the product, her skin is getting back to normal. She’s happy to have felt once again the confidence that long had been gone several years ago while raising four kids.

      I thought it as just us who discovered the wonders. I was really flattered with the growing numbers who are now using the product. Somehow, it became a way of give back hope to women who believe that they can be more than what they are now. The product was thought to have solved a lot of skin problems such as melasma, dark spots and scars. That’s why

      I’m sharing the success of Pynocare 40 Actisome in order for other women to realize that there is still hope to gain a clear face in one simple solution.

      Melasma has already been known as a woman’s curse. We are more prone to these problems than men do. It is an increased pigmentation in sun exposed areas of the face due to overproduction of melanin in the skin. Prolonged exposure of the skin to the UV rays of the sun is the major risk factor. Other possible cause are cosmetics (especially peeling agents) and hormonal orientation. However, sun exposure is still the main cause. Prevention is better than cure. But when looking for an effective cure, try Pynocare 40 Actisome.

Akilraham says :

Pynocare actisome do also cure such pimples and acne?
Galega says :

Hi Akilraham,

Many people use it for acne and pimples. Some of them do enjoy positive results. However, this product is not supposed to heal pimples or acne. It is a way to remove blemishes or scars that is there on your face, or any other location of your body. If you have developed spots because of pimples/acne, you can use it to get rid of them. For only pimples and acne, please look for some other products.
Dave says :

Will it work for men too? If so, because I always get dark spot after my acnes are gone and it looks horrible. Will Pynocre be able to remove them?
Galega says :

Yes, it can also be used by men. It is not gender sensitive. You should take Punocre that should work in containing the onslaught of acne issues. It may also work for the removal of dark spots. You can also try Contractubex Cream topically to get quicker relief from dark spots.
Lovely daphne says :

Is it okay to take pynocare and fiber health at the same time?..
Galega says :

There isn’t any problem in taking Pynocare and Fiber Health, or for that matter any other similar supplement simultaneously. You can freely take both of them.
quick note by anonymous :

Does it need to take vitamin C? Or pynocare alone can lighten the dark spots on the face?
Japheth says :


You don’t need to take any vitamin supplement to lighten your dark spot, pynocare alone can ligthen the darkspot. But, for fast effect and better result I suggest to take vitamin contains C and E supplement along with pynocare. Both vitamin C and E can repair damage skin cells.
Galega says :

If you take a look at the ingredients list, you will find Vitamin C there. Pynocare already contains 60 mg of Vitamin C. You can avoid taking Vitamin C supplement. Further, since the dose is low, you can take external Vitamin C without any problem. It’s up to you.
Lanie says :

Hi,i’ve been using pynocare for almost 3mnths my dark spots totally fade out but i stopped taking it for about 2mnths it okay if i will take pynocare again?
Galega says :

There won’t be any problem if you start it again. But, do that only when you find dark spots on your facial skin. Otherwise, that will be useless.
Maricar says :

Im taking luxxewhite, is it okay if i use it at the same time?
Japheth says :

Hi Maricar,

Yes, you can take both supplements at the same time after meal. Since, luxxe white contain only gluthatione while pynocare 40 contains vitamin C, B and E so you’re not overdosing any vitamins or gluthatione in your body.
Galega says :

Pynocare is a strong depigmentation product. You should better use it all alone. I don’t think it to be a good idea to take Luxxe White and Pynocare simultaneously.

If you are taking Pynocare for whitening purpose (means planning to take it for extended period of time), then you must avoid taking Luxxe White simultaneously.
Pia says :

Hi I would like to ask if I can use this product? I have this dark spots in my legs I got it after I had an allergy. If I will use it how many tablets do I have to take in a day? Thank you
Galega says :

Yes, you can definitely use Pynocare in the given condition. Stick with taking one capsule a day. You can also speak to a dermatologist for more guidance.
Susan says :

Is this actisome pynocare product is suitable for erasing melasma?
Japheth says :

Hi Susan,

Yes, pynocare can be used in treating melasma. It can reduce the size and intensity of pigmentation. Just drink 2 capsules daily after meals. I also recomend to use a cream that contains hydroquinone, tretinoin and cortecosteroid that can lighten and soften your skin affected by melasma. I advice to consult a dermatologist for better prescription and inquiries.
ren rodriguez says :

hi is it okay if I take pynocare together with lactezin?? since lactezin is an anti acne pill? I have acne prone skin plus post inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to those pimple marks/scars.. that’s why I want to take pynocare for those acne marks/darkspots that seems to be red on my cheeks.. thank you
Galega says :

Yes, Pynocare and Lactezin can be used simultaneously. There shouldn’t be any problem.
quick note by anonymous :

how much does it cost?
Jenn D says :

The prices I found vary a lot. It seems to depend on where you’re buying it and how much you’re getting at once. For example I found a 60-capsule box for $ 60. And a 40-capsule box for $ 45. Looks like it’s around $ 1 per capsule.
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