Donation Pickup Service from Purple Heart
Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation, 5380 South 13th Street Milwaukee WI 53221 Phone: (414) 281-4281

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      Every so often I get the urge to clean my closets and other rooms of the house, collecting items that I don’t want anymore but that are still in good shape. I pack them in boxes and bags, setting them aside. I know that the Purple Heart will call asking if I have anything to donate this month.

      I like that the Purple Heart comes out to pick up my donation of clothing, shoes and other household items. I don’t have a car so finding a way to give stuff away without actually tossing it into the garbage can is difficult. Most places want you to bring it down to

      where they are and I can’t do that. Some of the places are not even on the bus line or are in a totally different area. For example, I once saw a non-profit advertising on the printed McDonald’s tray paper asking for used clothing. I had jotted the number down and called them. They were a good distance away in South Milwaukee and not near any bus. But when I called them, they said they don’t do pick-ups and I have to bring the stuff to them. Worst, they were only open two hours a day as it was a volunteer run non-profit. And taking two small bags at a
      time on the bus to far away thrift stores would not be practical at all. It would take me forever and the bus fare would really add up fast.

      I also like that they actually show up when they say they would. Last month I set some items out on my porch and by one in the afternoon in was all gone. They had been so silent I hadn’t even heard them taking the donation. Nor were they fussy, picking over items or saying they didn’t want this or that. They took everything I had set out for them, which was very good. I knew it had been them because they ...

      • Donation Pickup Service from Purple Heart
      had left their card behind.

      This truly is a great service they offer, as it keeps useful items out of trashcans. I don’t like tossing stuff out if someone else could use it. It’s better for the planet and the environment, too. And I know not everyone can afford to buy brand new stuff so it is a good way to help people.

      I think it’s great that I can rely on the Purple Heart to pick stuff up, as then I don’t have to worry what I’m going to do with the stuff. It’s very worry free really. I know they call every month and that I can always call them.

      It’s also good to know that they are a responsible business and that they act responsibly, keeping their word. In my experience not all donation pick-up services do that. Many say they will come and then they don’t.

      The downside is that they call every month asking if you have anything to donate. I suppose this might annoy a few people but I don’t mind. You can just tell them “not this month” and they accept that.

      I think this service is of great value to people who don’t have cars and need a way to give stuff away. They will happily take it all and it won’t cost you a single dime.

Pat Bohach says :

Do you accept old televisions as donations?
nicholas nkhwazi says :

Yes they do take pretty much anything at purple heart. A television can definitely make a difference in any particular area of the charity
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