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  • Taking the time to wash out clothing I no longer needed had cost me money, time and energy
  • I think that is why when I go for walks I often see large piles of clothing sticking out of people's trash cans
  • I have also noticed that now the Salvation Army doesn't even have their Pick Up number listed in the phone book

    • by Bookwyrm

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      A few years ago I had a lot of used clothing, lightly used shoes and assorted items that I no longer wanted and needed to give away. The Salvation Army seemed like the perfect solution. I had seen their trucks driving around the city on several different occasions and I had presumed they would be glad to get the donation. Well, I was wrong. I had gone through a lot of effort and expense - washing and drying all of the clothing - for nothing, as they never came on the date they had provided me over the phone.

      I really disliked how the man on the phone lied to me. He had told me that the truck that picks up donations would arrive on a specific date. I had moved all of the items onto my front porch on the morning of the scheduled pick-up, as it was nice weather. It added up to be a lot of boxes and bags, too, so it was hard work moving it all. The day grew late and the stuff was still on

      my front porch, so I called their number again. I talked to a man and he promised me that the truck was just running late and not to worry, that they would come to pick the donation up. Several more hours passed and still no one had showed up to get it. Now it was really getting late, around four PM or so and I was beginning to think they won’t come at all. I called them again and this time the same man made a show of talking to the truck driver, telling him to go get it. Well, it was just that: a show. It grew dark and their truck never did come at all. I ended up hauling it all back inside and not knowing what to do with the stuff.

      I also dislike all the work I had gone through for nothing. Taking the time to wash out clothing I no longer needed had cost me money, time and energy. I also had gotten up extra early on the day in question to move the stuff outside ...

      • as I was unsure exactly what time the truck would arrive. And I got nothing in return for my effort and generosity. I think that is why when I go for walks I often see large piles of clothing sticking out of people’s trash cans: they call someone to come get the stuff and then they never show up on the scheduled date. I really think that is horrible, as I do not like waste. People should not have to toss clothing out just because it is too small or their kids outgrew it or whatever.

        And if you don’t have a car it’s rather hard to give used clothing and other items away, especially if you have lots of it. Yes, I could take a few bags at a time on the bus but that would end up costing a lot of bus fare, more than it would be worth. And carrying it on foot is out of the question, too. All of the thrift stores are far away and many of them do not accept donations at the store

        at all. Only one does and that store is over twenty blocks away. Besides, I couldn’t carry glassware and ceramics that far anyway. It would be way too heavy.

        This is a terrible way to run a business! Since when do businesses conduct themselves this way? Even worst is they gave no excuse or reason for their actions. The Salvation Army is always claiming that they help people, but they really don’t. And even though they never took my donation they still send letters through the mail asking for money donations for this or that. That really annoys me.

        I have also noticed that now the Salvation Army doesn’t even have their Pick Up number listed in the phone book. That alone says something I think.

        The upside to this is, well, I can’t see an upside at all. I still see their trucks running around though so I suppose they might go by someone, but maybe they only want brand new stuff donated by stores.

        This is a horrible waste of money and time, as they never come when they say they will.

    Patricia says :

    Serious amount of up-to-date gently used and new clothing women shoes, coats, boots, etc. Too much to deliver. Will Salvation Army pick-up at my home?
    Galega says :

    That is what they are supposed to do. All items should be worthy of using at least for few more months. Remember they are not doing any for profit business. They are asking for donation. You can call on their number and the executive will fix a date for pick up.
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