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  • To counter this problem I purchased Volini spray for all types of pains and sprains

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      Every one of us has some day or the other, had sprains and aches in the body parts. It is to irritating when a part of the body aches. It seems as if life has gone dull, then. What we usually do is rush to a doctor and pay heavy fees for the prescription and then consume medicines that spoil the taste of the mouth.

      What I generally do when having a sprain is rub a pain reliever cream on the spot. It gives some relief but

      spoils the hands and clothes. After rubbing the cream, I wash hands with water. This practice is not advisable as the hands also get heated up due to the massage and then immediately cool down by water, thereby affecting the hands.

      To counter this problem I purchased Volini spray for all types of pains and sprains. I always keep this spray bottle handy. The spray has to be done on the affected portion of the body and no rubbing is required at all. The spray automatically penetrated ...

      • in the skin to provide the needed relief. But mind you, care has to be taken not to spray this product on any open wound at all.

        Last month I got a sprain in my knee and sprayed the Volini spray for much relief. I continued the spray process for a few times a day before the pain finally vanished off. I am really thankful to the renowned company Ranbaxy to have produced such a handy and effective product.

        Recently while traveling in a train, an elderly person

        fell down in our compartment and had a serious pain in the back. Everyone was running around for a doctor in the train, but could not find any. It was then that the Volini spray bottle I was carrying, came to the rescue of the elderly person. I sprayed the medicine on his affected part on the back, covered it with a thick cloth and told him to lie down and take rest. The uncle was fine till morning and thanked me.

        I thanked the Volini spray in return.

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    Lalitheswara Raju says :

    A couple of months ago, I had a fall and fractured my ankle. Had been on cast for 6 weeks with the help of walker. Yesterday, I took a little strain of walking down and up of ramps with walker, I experienced the effect on my chest and to get rid off the pain I sprayed Volini on my chest. I could see hell last night with bruise on my chest and severe pain disturbing my sleep for three hours. Somehow, I managed to control the pain with holistic medicines today, but still the pain though minimal is persisting while taking breath. I now just browsed the side effects of this spray which confirmed my suffering. I advise all to be cautious while using this product.

    Galega says :

    It is intended to be used for joint and muscle pain. You made the mistake of using it on your chest. Volini should also be not used on stomach and head.

    nidhi pandey says :

    which one is more effective volini spray orvolini gel for shouder pain ??? suffering from shoulder pain (probably in joint ) since 2 days .

    Galega says :

    Both have similar ingredients. I have used both gel and spray. In my experience, spray works better and gives quick relief.

    Rebecca Lee says :

    Is it available in United States? If not can someone recommend a similar product? My husband has bad shoulder arthritis and needs some relief.

    Galega says :

    Volini is manufactured by Ranbaxy, an Indian pharmaceuticals giant. Ranbaxy has a very impressive sales figure in the USA, including that of Volini Spray and Gel. You should easily find it in the retail stores there.

    If not, look for any Diclofenac based spray for pain relief. There are lots of products.

    Pankaj says :

    Is this product really work I ask this bcoz I buy a volini spray worth Rs. 100 - for my joint pain after viral fever. But I assure you that this product is a worthless and able to give 0 releif. I will try to make aware all of my freinds that do not use Volini, its a vein product made by Ranbaxy.

    Galega says :

    Hi Pankaj,

    I have used Volini. In fact, my dad who constantly suffers from joint pains keeps Volini with him. It has worked for my family. It is also the most selling pain relieving medicine of India since last 10 years.

    What I want to say, that Volini is not as such a waste product. The reason for your bad experience might be something else. As the origin of pain. If you are suffering from arthritis, and the pain is because of that, then Volini may not help you.

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