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  • I recommend using MyDSL only if you did a harddrive install

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      Ok first of all if the name DamnSmallLinux is offensive to you, sorry, it wasn’t my idea to call it that. DamnSmallLinux is a small but efficient linux distribution that runs right off the cd! You don’t need to install it to the hard drive, just burn it to a cd, and put it in the cd-rom drive, and restart your pc. Your pc then should boot into DamnSmallLinux. You can surf the web, play some preinstalled games which include games like solitare, mahjong, and a tetris like game.

      (These games look a bit different than the Windows version). This version of Linux does not alter your harddrive in any way, so as soon as you take out the CD , your pc is once again back to it’s old settings, and if you had Windows, you can continue to use Windows. The iso image is only 50 mb, so even if you have dial up it’s still possible to download it, without leaving your computer on for a month… But if you have dial up just go to their homepage and buy a cd, it

      will contribute to the project, and you’ll be able to get it a lot quicker (rather than waiting over 48 hours or maybe even more).

      If you have DSL or anything faster you should be able to download it within less than an hour. Main benefits of using DamnSmallLinux also known as DSL : It’s only 50 mb, so it doesn’t use much RAM, and you can actually run DamnSmallLinux on a PC that has only 16 MB RAM! (Won’t be able to do much though) If your pc has 128MB RAM or more DamnSmallLinux will run efficiently, and most likely better than Windows!

      Another good feature is that you don’t need to install it to your harddrive, it can run off a CD-ROM or a usb drive. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and it’s been great.

      New versions are released every now and then. If you need help, their forums are very useful, and as a matter of fact, most linux forums have a DamnSmallLinux section now. DamnSmallLinux runs better off the harddrive than on a CD, and with the included ...

      • tools you could have Windows and Linux on the same harddrive! (I don’t recommend doing this is if your not familiar with dual booting with Linux!) *Back up all your data on your windows partition, before doing so!* Aside from browsing the net, you can also type documents, and read pdf files.

        You are also able to chat on AIM and ICQ using NAIM (which comes intergrated with DSL). DSL also has a MyDSL extension which allows you to easily add new features such as new themes, games and so on. I recommend using MyDSL only if you did a harddrive install.

        When you do the harddrive install, it installs as Debian, a popular linux distro. I highly recommend DamnSmallLinux for anyone wanting to learn Linux or for who wants to see it in action. The only way it can alter your harddrive is if you attempt to install it to your harddrive.

        Other than that, it won’t install anything, or even touch your harddrive at all. The more ram you have, the smoother DamnSmallLinux will run. If for some reason DamnSmallLinux displays low resolution colors,

        most likely it’s your graphics card.

        You’ll have to use a compatible card or update the drivers on DSL to make it look full resolution. You’ll learn how to do this as you get more into it. Overall I give it a 10.

        Up to this date it’s the smallest, easiest, and most efficient Linux distribution out there. Don’t get me wrong, there are better Linux distros out there, but they aren’t as small or easy to use as DamnSmallLinux. If you got an old pc with about 32MB ram or more that has a CD-ROM drive then give it ago, and install it to it’s harddrive.

        If you play around with it, you’ll discover more features and uses! Also if you like the distro, and have a pay pal account, why not donate a $1 or more to the project. It will motivate them to add more features. Remember this version of Linux is a free download (CD’s may not be free because of shipping charges, and the fact that they have to make some profit of it) So this means it’s not illegal to give it to your friends and family!

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