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  • A non-issue, really, in terms of the taste
  • I highly recommend Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for it's versatility

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      My first recollection of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly was when I was 7 or 8 years old. First off, let me say that Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has been a staple in my cache of make-up and home remedies. Okay, back to my earliest memory of Vaseline. It during the winter months and very cold outside. I was getting ready to go outside and play in the snow with my next door neighbor friend. My mother instructed me to put on a pair of warm pants under my snow suit before I went outside. The only ones that I could find were a bit snug. I haven’t worn them in a while, but I figured I could still get them zipped. well, I sucked in my little gut and zipped up those pants as hard as I could. Here’s were it gets unpleasant. I guess I didn’t suck my stomach is good enough, so lo and behold, I zipped

      up my skin and stomach fat. I was terrified and hysterical to say the least, as well was my mother. In her hysteria, though, she managed to retrieve the trusty jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. She slathered the viscous Vaseline all over the zipper and my skin and gingerly eased out my skin. I have never been so relieved in all my days. It seemed as the zipper miraculously loosened it’s death grip on my stomach skin and gave me a reprieve. That incident is burned into my memory.

      Fast forward to when I was old enough to wear mascara. None of the make-up removers that I tried was as effective in removing the waterproof mascara that wore everyday, except Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. With it’s distinctive, kind of weird petroleum/rubber band scent, it melted off that mascara like nobodies business. I continue to use Vaseline everyday to remove my mascara and my 15 year old daughter does the ...

      • same, albeit not as thorough as I do. When she wakes up in the morning, she still has some remnants of her mascara intermingled with the greasy Vaseline on her face.

        Vaseline is an important component of my nightly “get ready for bed” routine. I feel as though it frees me from the grips of the heavy waterproof mascara that has been my eyelashes constant companion for years. I feel liberated after Vaseline has removed my mascara, even a little sleepy. The greasy, burning and slightly irritated feeling of my eyes after they’ve been doused in Vaseline seem to cast a sedative - like sensation over me. I sleep like a baby. In addition to using Vaseline on our eyes, my daughter and I use it very often during the winter to prevent the elements from wrecking havoc with our lips. It’s not too terribly palatable, but it’s not disgusting either. A non-issue, really, in terms of

        the taste. It keeps my lips supple and smooth. Speaking of winter, the cold, dry air can do a number on your legs too. Sometimes my legs itch so bad, I want to scratch them off. A lick of Vaseline is all it takes to ease the itch. It keeps them soft and irritation free after shaving too. I highly recommend Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for it’s versatility. It has many uses. It’s not expensive and a small jar can last for months.

        Let me not forget to mention that when my daughter was a baby, after her bath and diaper changes, I put a dab of Vaseline on her diaper area and not once, ever, did she get diaper rash. In fact our pediatrician once asked me what my secret was for preventing diaper rash. My reply was just keeping her clean, changing her diaper often and Vaseline. I am a very satisfied Vaseline Petroleum Jelly customer.

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    Chandan Shrivastav says :

    I’ve picked up is to apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your legs and then you can just shave over the Vaseline no water needed so it’s a quick and easy way just to quickly on your way out the door shave your legs and it also leaves your legs incredibly soft and smooth obviously because it’s the Vaseline and again I like to use the aloe fresh range for this because I find that it’s incredibly soothing leaves my skin feeling soft soothed incredibly smooth Vaseline as that can dull your blade so just a very thin layer is all that’s needed.

    Vaseline has very many beauty users but it’s also something that is a necessity family. I find that there are so many amazing uses for Vaseline with my child like to apply a little bit of into any scrapes or bruises little scratches if my son falls just apply a little bit Vaseline to the area and it also helps to stop the bleeding very quickly. Healing the cuts it’s also essential during winter when your little ones have colds and flu and like they get little dry rough noses, I just like to apply a little bit of Vaseline around Feeny’s nose just to ensure that it stays well moisturized and doesn’t get too dry of course you can use. Vaseline as a bug cream you simply apply a little bit of Vaseline to your baby’s bottom when you’re changing their nappy and it just helps to sort of create a barrier between any moisture in the nappy and your baby’s skin.
    Laura says :

    Best skin protestant from moisture. We all dread the part in which we prepare for a colonoscopy. But here is secret to make it less painful. Protect the skin with petroleum jelly before your going to the bathroom. Re apply with toilet paper after each trip to the bathroom. Also works when you have diarrhea due to sickness. Be pain free and get the medical care you need. There is no reason to be uncomfortable when you have Va seline
    Erin says :

    re : I highly recommend Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for it’s versatility
    I have terrible eczema and my Dermatologist told me to use vaseline to actually hold moisture to my skin. She stated it won’t add moisture, but it will keep all the moisture I have and not allow my skin to dry. She even uses it. It will not clog pores. I love this stuff
    Vlythe Gelo S. Guiritan says :

    re : I highly recommend Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for it’s versatility
    I hear people talking about Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that is good for dry skin. My lips started to crack and it makes me so worried and conscious. It stings when my lips stretched. I then tried using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly instead of lip balm and after week of using it, the crack in my lips were gone. It becomes better than before. More soft and pink. Like its being renewed. Try it, and you’ll know what I’m saying.
    Audrie Woods says :

    re : I highly recommend Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for it’s versatility
    Vaseline is the safest and best product for dry cracked lips or dry skin. It is pure petroleum its not made with water or red 40 color and hard to pronounce ingredients. Just pure petroleum that is not an allergic type of product its used on babies to prevent diaper rash from a wet diaper. If using it for your body beware it takes more effort to rub it in to your skin ,because it is not creamy like lotion. Hospitals, Nursing homes,Daycares trust and use Vaseline petroleum jelly and doctors recommend too.
    Kiran says :

    I agree with what you have written. Its been used from years.
    quick note by anonymous :

    I actually just discovered that using vaseline petrolleum jelly will bring back my baby pink lips. I tried putting generous amount on my lips at night and brushing it in the morning. It feels like I exfoliated my lips and It really looks just like baby’s lips. I usually have cracked lips that it sometimes bleeds and it really sucks.
    Galega says :

    That’s good. But, I would still suggest you to not overdo this. Trying to exfoliate your lips regularly is not good idea. Once dry flakes are gone, stop doing it.
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