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  • Of course I went to try it out, and I was really grateful that I decided to try it, because I learned so much at Bizzy Body
  • I like their slimming therapies as it help increase metabolism at the same time strengthening my muscles

    • by shinl

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      I am not fat (trust me, I’m not lying). Seriously, my height is 167cm and I weigh only 48kg. However, I do have a bit of flabbines on my stomach and thighs which I really want them to get away. I always wish I can “scoop” these fat and place them on my boobs - that would make me really voluptuous and hot. Too bad there’s no technology avaiable in the market that can make my dream come true, so the image of sexy me only

      appears in my dreams.

      Anyway, whatever said and done, I would love to get rid of that excess fat I have. Thanks to my friend who is a part time model, I got discount vouchers to Bizzy Body. Of course I went to try it out, and I was really grateful that I decided to try it, because I learned so much at Bizzy Body!

      Bizzy Body told me that I had been using the wrong method to lose weight. They say in ...

      • order to burn fat, I must first get healthy. How to be healthy? I need to detoxify my body. They have a lymphatic drainage program that help me purify my body system. They also suggest another alternative for me, which is to go on juicing and fasting. It sounds too dreadful to survive a week on vegetable juice only, so I opted for their program to help me purify my body.

        After my body is purified, they proceed to slimming therapies to help me

        burn fat. I like their slimming therapies as it help increase metabolism at the same time strengthening my muscles. You know, I don’t want to look slim and weak! I would to be slender and strong. Thanks to Bizzy Body, it is achievable!

        All I have to do is to sleep through the therapies to lose weight. Well, admittedly I can’t sleep during therapies like body wrapping as I feel a little suffocated, but all in all, this is a real easy way to lose weight.

    Mel says :

    My experience with Bizzy Body is not a good one and I want people to know so they don`t get conned like me. I`m also not fat but I my arms and thighs problem areas are big flabby. The consultant told me their treatments include reshaping of body parts and can see instant results, so can help my problem areas. Until now 9 treatments I have lost some weight and inches from other parts but my arms and thighs are still big. I believe the weight I lost is due to the strict diet plans which gave me constipation , not from the treatments. I even use their slimming gel for over a month but don t see any difference on these areas. And they keep pestering to buy other products which I don t think will work either. I have dieted before and achieve the same results as Bizzy Body - arms and thighs still big. I paid RM4000 for treatments which I expected to break down or loosen the fat in my problem areas but it didn t. Instead they put me on strict diets which I can do at home for free DON T, DON T, DON T be deceived by their sweet talk and promises, all you need to do is Google sugar blockage diet, fruit diet, or low-carb hi-protein diets that is what they will give you. Bizzy Body treatments products are not going to give any extra help. Btw, I heard from someone else their 15 inch guarantee is only if you pass their urine tests. I followed their diet strictly and still did not pass the test So they will use that as an excuse not to give me free treatments to achieve the 15 inch guarantee.
    shinl replies :

    Most centres do that - after all, they are designed for people who either don`t have the will to exercise or don`t have the determination to stick to a diet ie people like me . Of course, for those with a strong will, I believe they do not have to rely on centres like Bizzy Body to maintain their ideal weight
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