Kingdom Hearts for PS2
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  • Kingdom Hearts has to be one of the best, most addictive, and certainly strangest action RPGs available for the Playstation 2
  • This is mostly the issue in Atlantis, when in Mermaid mode

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      In all honesty, no one could have seen such a strange combination coming if they tried. Honestly, when I picture Final Fantasy, Disney isn’t really the first thing that comes to my mind. But, for some strange reason that continues to elude the common man, it works. Kingdom Hearts has to be one of the best, most addictive, and certainly strangest action RPGs available for the Playstation 2.

      Story: 9/10

      The story follows a young boy named Sora, who dreams of leaving his home on Paradise Island and seeking out some real adventures with his best friends, Rikku and Kairi. But, following an incident with several dark creatures, known as the Heartless, the island is completely destroyed. Cast into another world, Sora runs into none other than Donald and Goofy, who team up with Sora as the three of them go in search for King Mickey, and the source of the Heartless, as well as Sora’s two friends.

      It’s a pretty brilliant story that encompasses the dark drama of the world of Final Fantasy and the beautiful, friendly world of Disney. You meet faces familiar to fans of either Disney and Final Fantasy, and the story itself feels very whimsical

      and free. While the exposition does not go extremely deep into the origins of the Heartless or in fact everything that is happening within the game, it does give us enough to keep us entertained. And all the characters in the game feel true to their personalities within their original universes. The original characters feel just as fleshed out and fun as the others as well.

      Gameplay: 10/10

      My god, is this game ever fun! It starts like a basic platformer, running and jumping, but combat is just the best. Sora automatically locks onto a target nearby and can string together long combos with his powerful weapon, the Keyblade. He can also cast several magical spells, such as fire, blizzard, thunder, and so on. He also can have two partners on his team. Most of the time it will be Donald and Goofy, but almost every other world, you run into another partner who can join you, but only in that world. For example, Jack Skellington will be playable in Halloween town while Tarzan can be played in the jungle.

      In addition, your partners are pretty smart, able to look after themselves while in combat, and they’ll heal you and ...

      • keep you with you most of the time. The only time you ever really run into trouble is during boss fights, where it sometimes pays to use more strategy than brawn.

        All the menus are easy to navigate and it feels pretty reasonable, switching from melee to items to magic while fighting. The level up and skill systems are self-explanatory, making this a nice game that doesn’t get too complicated for younger players as well. The difficulty is still fairly reasonable as well, so it won’t bore older players either, and some of the puzzles and extras you can unlock do require some thought to find.

        Graphics: 8/10

        The game looks wonderful. Every environment accurately depicts the world of Disney that it is representing, and all the characters are wonderfully detailed and move very fluently.

        A few minor criticisms: A lot of the minor character’s lip movements don’t really look as detailed as the rest of the character, and every now and then, the environments are very clear about where you can and cannot go. This is mostly the issue in Atlantis, when in Mermaid mode. Still, it’s very minor and the game still looks great, especially the cutscenes, which all

        play out very cleanly.

        Sound and Music: 9/10

        I’ve never heard anything that could invoke such a plethora of nostalgia from within my mind. A lot of the tracks get me thinking back to the old Fantasia movie. It’s all that good. It feels epic, playful, and well orchestrated, and conveys the mood of each area quite well.

        The voice acting is also superb. All of the Disney characters sound fantastic and very close to the original voices. For never having voices before, a lot of the Final Fantasy characters sound pretty reasonable too. Sora’s voice sort of bothers me, but it’s alright. It isn’t painful to listen too, which is good since Sora happens to be one of the more talkative characters in the game.

        Overall: 9/10

        This is pure and simple evidence that opposites do attract. No one would have guessed, in their wildest dreams, that this would, or could, work. But it did. Kingdom Hearts is one of the best games available and if you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, go out and find it. It’s a classic in its own time and it gives us a burst of nostalgia, wrapped up in something completely new. It’s amazing.

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