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5815 Gulfton Houston, TX 77081
  • I moved there fairly quick and it was the best apartment we could find for our budget on short notice
  • I hated to leave Houston but I was happy to finally be free of Lantern Village

    • by Liberty

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      My first apartment in Houston was Lantern Village apartments. I moved there fairly quick and it was the best apartment we could find for our budget on short notice. Lantern Village apartments looked safe enough although it’s sort of on the ghetto side of town, well not that ghetto considering it’s really only about five, maybe ten minutes away from the Galleria mall. It was a good location for me, close to a lot of stores, close to a main highway and about 10 to 15 minutes drive from school.

      I lived at Lantern Villages for about three years before moving back to Austin. The first year was great. I had a spacious one bedroom with a lot of closet and storage space. There were several swimming pools too. I felt safe because there was a 24 hour guard on duty. After the second year it all started going down hill. The leasing and business office people have been nice but I

      can’t say the same for whoever answers the phone for maintenance. I’ve called only five times in the years that I’ve lived there and every single time I’ve gotten an attitude from the answerer. One time a woman answered and not only did she give me an attitude from the moment she answered the phone but she scowled me for calling so late. I wouldn’t have called if it wasn’t a 24 hour service! On my lease it even says that maintenance is 24 hours! The people who come to do maintenance have been nice is just the ones that answers the phone that I wish I could reach over and slap upside the head.

      I also learned of some of the ridiculous rules that Lantern Village has. One is that cars can’t be towed to the apartment, not even if it’s parked outside the gates. Then one time I had a flat tire and I’m a small woman, I’ve never changed ...

      • a tire in my life and had to wait for my boyfriend to get home to do it. I didn’t have that flat tire for more than a day and I get a knock on the door and the guard says that I have to get it fixed or they’re going to tow it. I told him my situation and he says I can call the maintenance or guard people to come help. Well I did just that and guess what? I get some jerk on other end telling me he can’t help and pretty much was yelling at me for even asking.

        Months later I have car trouble and need to get my starter changed. A security guard comes by and says that we can’t perform car maintenance on apartment grounds. I wanted to scream but we calmly said to them that we’d move the car if we could but it doesn’t even start. That’s why we’re trying to put in

        a new starter. Duh. Not much later I moved out. I hated to leave Houston but I was happy to finally be free of Lantern Village. I would’ve moved out sooner if I could’ve.

        Did I mention the bugs? Oh my god, there’s some serious roach problems at that place. It was fine the first year but after that it was like the roaches took over. They were every where and no matter how much we clean and how many times they spray the place those damn things just keep coming back. I still have nightmares about that place and all those roaches. I’ve never had rat problems but I have seen a dead rat a few times outside someone’s apartment.

        Lantern Village maybe affordable but it’s so not worth it. It sounds nice on paper but take it from a person who’s actually lived there, go find some other place to live. I hear now that the area is a mecca for gangs.

    karla says :

    what are the requirements for leasing an apartment at lantern village

    ConcernedCitizen1017 says :

    Please call Rosie Gonzales the property manager and ask her these questions:

    How thoroughly do they check Security Officers work history?
    I KNOW a Security Officer lied on his job application, but since they don’t check it. They didn’t catch it and hired him anyway. Incompetent.

    Are any of the Security Officers under HPD investigation?
    The answer is YES, but he is still working there. Rosie was offered an opportunity to SEE evidence of this Security Officers wrong doing and REFUSED to see it, siding with Mr. Cooley and the officer over Protecting the Residents and their children, especially young daughters, from the predators working in Security. From what THIS Security Officer told me he is not the only one engaging in sex with co workers, when they should be working some others are doing it too. Some of the female security officers / Supervisors are involved as well. The security officer that lied on his application also watches PORN while he is suppose to be working, the proof is available, SHEMALE, OBESE, GRANNY, TEEN, TEEN, TEEN PORN AND OTHER PORN. The proof is still available. It is date / time stamped, he was working/watching porn at the same time. Then he waves to the children/young girls as they get off the school bus and pass through the gate. What a false sense of security. When I told Rosie that I had proof of this security officer going into co workers apartments to have sex while they were supposed to be`GUARDING’ she denied it was happening Refused to see the proof. I am an eye witness to this Security Officer buying weed from another S Officer. This is terrible. No regard for the safety of the residents AT ALL. Don’t move here if security is important to you. Call and ask for Rosie Gonzales or Mr. Cooley. The proof is still available to whom ever wants to see it.

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