Sculpey Glaze Gloss
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  • Overall, this is a really nice glaze, and I definitely recommend this

    • by Kelairyy

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      This is great glaze for a finishing touch on pieces made with clay! Basically, once I’m done baking my clay items and am finished with it, the clay feels a little rough. To give that finishing touch that I want with everything, I just put some of the Sculpey glaze on. There are two kinds, the gloss which gives it a nice shine, and satin, which has no shine. This was around three to four dollars for 1.2 ounces.

      I really like the Scupley Glaze Gloss! I use a small paintbrush to apply glaze over my clay charms once I’m done painting them (or when I’m done baking if I used colored clay and don’t need to

      paint it). The consistency is perfect! It’s really easy to put on a perfect coat because it’s not too runny or thick. It is really easy to apply a coat without making a mess everywhere. All I do is use a paintbrush and dip it into the glaze and apply it onto the clay piece. It is really easy to wash off the brush if I wash it right after I use it. If I wait too long to wash it, the brush will become hard and not easy to use. I really like the gloss version because it gives a really nice shine that is perfect for a finishing touch.It really isn’t too noticeable; the shine
      is really faint and not ostentatious or tacky looking. Also, the glaze is really nice because it serves as a kind of protection for the clay so it’s not as easy to break I suppose and also, it’ll be easier to clean if I accidentally get something on the clay. This is really good if I have a lot of fingerprints on the clay. Once I’m done baking and painting it, I just add some glaze, and the fingerprints are gone. It’s great! Also, if I put a wire loop in the clay to make it into a charm, the glaze serves as a kind of glue to help it stay in the clay and not fall ...

      • Sculpey Glaze Gloss
      out after I bake it. The price is really affordable for what I get. The quality is really nice, and I use this glaze after I make anything out of clay so it is really useful. This is self drying. It dries really quickly, so that’s great when I need to finish my clay piece quickly!

      I usually use colored clay so I don’t have to paint my clay after I bake it. However, sometimes when I don’t have a certain color, I’ll just use a white or tan colored clay and paint different colors on it later. However, if I paint the clay pink or red and use this glaze after, it turns the pink or red

      color into a weird orange color. Definitely not what I want. It is kind of annoying, so I always make sure I use red/pink colored clay or use a different glaze if I painted the clay red or pink. Also, on the bottle, there is a warning saying that this is an eye irritant so you have to be careful with this. I have never had any problems with this irritating my eyes, but obviously, keep it away from the eyes. Also, the vapors may be harmful, so it’s not good to keep this jar opened for a long time.

      Overall, this is a really nice glaze, and I definitely recommend this. I’m on my second bottle already. Love this stuff.

Madison says :

The instructions on the Sculpey Gloss Glaze bottle say that it drys completely in 24 hours. But you said that yours dried quickly. So your glazed project took less than 24 hours to dry? I really need help, because I am making a project and need to glaze it, but I don’t have 24 hours to wait Thanks
Amy replies :

It dries pretty quickly, maybe 5 minutes, but I would wait longer to be sure. You can always reflect it in the light to see if it still looks kind of wet to give you a hint as to when you can touch it again without messing it up.
j. bernardo says :

Hi there, would like to ask.. when to use sculpey glaze? do i paint my baked sculpey first? or do i apply the glaze first then paint over it. i plan to use water based acrylic paints. thanks
ani says :

glaze is the last step, after you have finished baking everything you apply it.
Chris says :

How long does it take to dry, normally? Thanks
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