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  • But the Luden's always tasted absolutely delicious, even better than most hard candy, so I'd always select one their boxes before any other cough drops
  • However, recently because of the fact that I've been stuck in the house for seven months while being unemployed, I think my immune system has taken a beating and has not emerged the winner in the bout

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      There are certain things in life that can remind you of the sweetest, most precious memories of your youth. One of those things for me is Luden’s Cough Drops. I will always associate Luden’s Cough Drops with my father because when I was a kid, I had horrible throat problems, and not just your usual throat and chest cold and cough. I mean, it was almost guaranteed that each year I’d get Strep Throat. And those of you that have had it know that it’s just about the most awful condition imaginable. I remember going to the doctor and he just shaking his head as he stared down into my swollen tonsils. He told me that they were as big as golf balls and that it’d be awhile before they healed as he couldn’t give me anything like penicillin as I was highly allergic to the antibiotic. So I’d just have to suffer a full week of having my

      tonsils the size of giant walnuts and pray to high heaven that I’d be able to talk without pain after seven days.

      But when I was feeling a tad better, my father would take me with him to the store and get a box of the Luden’s Cherry or Lemon Cough Drops. I had tried other ones before, like Sucrets, but as a child, I hated them as they tasted just nasty and I wanted nothing to do with them. But the Luden’s always tasted absolutely delicious, even better than most hard candy, so I’d always select one their boxes before any other cough drops. Now, I have to be honest and say that they did rarely if ever took the infection or even the pain away. Rather because they tasted so good, it was just a pleasure to have them in my mouth, sucking on the sugar treats and enjoying convalescing in that manner. But it was always my father that bought me them as my mother, who was much wiser than my father, refused to get them for me as she knew they didn’t do as good a job as Hall’s or Sucrets. But my daddy would always be sure to get them even if I couldn’t go to the store because he knew his little girl loved the taste of them even if they had really no medicinal powers.

      Since being an adult, it’s been years since I’ve had that kind of throat problems and I’ve had a fairly healthy constitution. However, recently because of the fact that I’ve been stuck in the house for seven months while being unemployed, I think my immune system has taken a beating and has not emerged the winner in the bout. I say this because I’ve only been back to into the workforce about four weeks when I have had the most devastating encounter with the flu/sinus bug. I have ...

      • Luden's Berry Assortment Throat Drops
      had fevers and chills and the most awful of all, all the signs that I’m starting to get Strep Throat. Overall, it’s under control and it’s not progressing in the wrong direction. But it hurts to swallow anything large and the left tonsil is swollen to the point of being very uncomfortable. So while I was at the store stocking up on my usual over the counter arsenal, I spied a pink plastic bag of Luden’s Berry Assortment Throat Drops.

      Before I could even register what it was, I grabbed it and put it in my basket and took it to the check out counter. This bag is far fancier than the simple white boxes that I used to get of their cough drops, and each individual drop is now covered in a plastic wrapper rather than just hurtling free throughout the wax paper lined box, but it’s still the same good ole Luden’s my daddy bought me when

      I was a little girl. And instead of the simple Cherry or Lemon flavor they used to come in, this bag now has Cherry, Raspberry, Grape and Strawberry flavor to tempt even the most discerning palate. My personal favorite one is still the Cherry, but the Raspberry is quickly taking over the lead. And something else hasn’t really changed either. And that is they still don’t really work to diffuse the pain in my throat, but the sweetness, the rich, fruity flavor of the drops are still a delight to the tongue. I guess that is why I ca forgive it’s non-medicinal effects, because they are still very yummy to eat, and they do keep my throat moist so it doesn’t dry up and hurt more. But mostly, it reduces me to the moments when I waited eagerly in my sick bed for my father to come home with a white box of sweet cherry flavored cough drops and a warm caring hug.

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