Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii
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  • Mario galaxy is definitely one of the best looking games out there on the Wii

    • by Amorda

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      In past games, Mario has traversed through many different environments ranging from deserts and sewers to ice lands and castles. This time, however, the epic quest of saving Princess Peach is taken to the sky and past the ozone layer. And this time around players must explore and conquer galaxies in order to obtain stars. All of this may sound complicated to the novice Mario fan. However, the one of many great things about this game is that it can please both seasoned players of the series and those who are just starting out.

      In the beginning of the game, everything seems dandy as usual. Peach invites Mario to a party because she has a present for him. By the time you arrive on the scene Bowser and his son are already in position to snatch the not only Peach, but the entire castle. After the entire ruckus subsides, Mario meets a Luma (A star creature). It turns out that there are tons of Lumas and they are all led by Rosalina. Upon meeting Rosalina on her observatory, you learn that Bowser has

      stolen a bunch of “power stars” from her. These stars are used to control the observatory (Which is also a ship). Therefore, to power the ship back up, Mario must travel from galaxy to galaxy and gather power stars to reach Bowser’s Hideout and rescue the princess.

      When it comes to the actual game play and controls, there is not much to complain about. The game play is as simple and fun can be. Being that the game takes place in space, gravity takes a toll on the environment. For example, most planets allow you to walk on all sides without falling off. In other words, you can go upside down without having to worry about dying. Launch stars also give this game a new and fresh feel. By using a launch star, Mario is literally catapulted to another planet.

      >From Mario 64 to Sunshine to Galaxy the controls stay pretty much the same. You can run, walk, perform several variations of jumps, and spin. The simplicity of the controls allows an easy learning curve. In the beginning, the platforming is not that difficult.

      • However, that is not to say that it will stay that way. Even the most experienced player will have to stay on their toes if they want to achieve all 120 stars. The one thing that players may have to get used to it the usage of the Wii remote to gather star chunks while controlling Mario at the same time.

        The only gripe I have about the overall controls Mario’s swimming technique.

        Swimming in Galaxy does not offer the concise accuracy that Mario 64 did.

        Thankfully, there are not many levels where swimming is involved.

        Every galaxy and level that you encounter is amazingly detailed and fun to explore. The environments range from a giant beehive to random fruit floating in the sky. Mario galaxy is definitely one of the best looking games out there on the Wii. The bosses are just as much fun to toy around with. The first boss that you will encounter is a giant piranha plant monster with an eggshell over the top of its head.

        In addition to the game’s fantastic environments and character design, tons

        of fan services are incorporated in Galaxy. Luigi even makes a guest appearance. Being that he always gets into some sort of trouble, it is your job to find him in various levels. You will also recognize your favorite tunes from older Mario games as you play through. In addition to the old school gestures, there are plenty of new aspects that make this game fresh. For example, in the game you can unlock two new mushrooms that allow you to turn into Bee Mario and Boo Mario. Bee Mario allows you to fly, but as soon as you hit water you transform back into your old self. Boo Mario allows you to travel through grating to get to, otherwise, unreachable areas. Watch out for the sunlight, though or you know what will happen.

        All in all, the game is wonderful and there is really nothing bad I can say about it. In order to complete the game only 60 stars are needed. However, if one was to unlock all 120 stars you would be able to play as Luigi. What more can a fan ask for?

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