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  • It is FDA approved (so we know it is safe), and it is non-prescription (which is the best part of it

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      With my migraines getting worse and worse through the years, I came to a point in my life that I was willing to try just about anything just to try to get rid of my migraines. This is a terrible thing to have, and sadly, there is really no cure for this yet in the market…not for now. But I hope they can find the cure soon enough coz this is gonna drive me crazy!

      I actually even tried the bitter herbal concoction stuff just to treat my migraine, I listen to anything anybody suggests. You see, I must have tried any migraine medication available in the market. Say it, and I’ll tell you

      about it. For those who have migraines like me, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. In fact you must have come to a point you wished you had something else eh? Like me, you may have even tried everything on the market, and you may just pop any pain relievers in your mouth like they are jelly beans.

      I’m sure you must have came across Excedrin migraine at one point or another. And why not? Anybody who have heard of Excedrin would want to try it. It is FDA approved (so we know it is safe), and it is non-prescription (which is the best part of it!) - - - you have no idea how hard it is to get prescriptions for migraines — it is so easy to buy it over the counter.

      I did try Excedrin too… and you know what? I’m not even sure how effective it is. I’ve used up two bottles already (and mind you, each bottle contains 250 gel-coated tablets). The medication contains acetaminophen, aspirin and some caffeine in it. Sounds kinda good coz I have read some studies in the past how caffeine sorts of synergizes the effect of acetaminophen and aspirin when combined. That is why even before Excedrin came out in the market, I already purchase the 500-tablet bottle of Acetaminophen from Target. And on the onset of my ...

      • Excedrin Migraine
      migraine, I pop about a tablet or two and drink coffee. It does work!

      With Excedrin, you take the tablet, it should be like I took the Acetaminophen and coffee at the same time coz it already contains caffeine,eh? But somehow, it doesn’t work really that well for me, I still have to combine it with another brand of pain reliever to get the desired relief from pain I am expecting. The thing is, there are times that I take the Excedrin, and it works right away for me too. That’s the reason why even sometimes it doesn’t work for me, I still keep a bottle around coz it does come handy when there is

      nothing else I could take. Besides, it does work at times.

      I just do not like the fact that I have to combine it with other pain relievers just to get the desired effect coz it shouldn’t be that way. Of course, the FDA didn’t tell me to do that, I just sort of experimented on my own. The instructions said I should take two tablets on the onset of my migraines on a 6-hour interval as needed…and that’s exactly what I did!

      But I’m not discouraging you not to take Excedrin coz it is a good and safe brand. I guess it just didn’t work well for me, or my migraines are just worse than anybody else’s…

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