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  • Also, every weekend(beginning on early Friday) Bungie adds an extra Double Experience Playlist to the mix of playlists
  • This game is definitely a milestone in the Xbox 360's history, and will no doubt be played for as long as the company still exists

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      Honestly, what is there to say about this game? You’ve heard of it, I know you have. And chances are, if you have a friend with an Xbox 360–or if you have a 360 yourself–you’ve played it. But here’s the background info anyways: The human race came into contact with two different alien races, one known as the Covenant, the other known as the Flood. The Covenant built 7 giant rings known as “Halos” that were created for the soul purpose of “cleansing the universe,” which translates as “destroying every living thing in the universe.” The Covenant believe that once they figure out how to use them, they will destroy the unworthy, while the humans believe they will destroy everything. They were originally built to destroy the other alien race, The Flood, which are pretty much just “space-zombies.” The main character, Master Chief (Spartan 117 or John 117) is the only “Spartan”(superhuman) of his kind left, and is used by the UNSC(Human race’s space army thingy) in order to eradicate enemy Covenant, Flood, and the Halos themselves.

      Wow. I’ll take a breath now.

      I even left out some not-so-major parts of the storyline.


      may play the game in a variety of ways. If you’re a loner, you can play Single player by yourself, on one of the four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. Or you can play with up to three friends, with one of you being Master Chief, one of you being the Arbiter(A covenant divinely-appointed character that virtually changed to the humans’ sides in Halo 2), or two other alien characters that… Were just kind of thrown in. This co-op can be done with 3 other players either online or through system link, and co-op with 1 other player can be done in either of those ways also, but can also be done on the same Xbox. I highly suggest doing Legendary with at least one other friend.

      Once you get bored of Campaign, or once your online buddies go to sleep or go eat dinner or whatever, you can go try out Matchmaking! Now this isn’t matchmaking in the sense that “e-harmony” is matchmaking, it’s just online multiplayer matches. There is a variety of available playlists one can pick from, including (but not limited to) Lone Wolves(free for all), Team Slayer(two teams ...

      • of 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 kill each other for points), Team Snipers(same as team slayer, just with only sniper rifles), and Team Doubles(2 teams each of 2 players play team slayer, oddball, or capture the flag against each other). In addition to playing these playlists alone, one can join most of them with a friend or two. After a few years of Halo 3 being out, my friend and I STILL play matchmaking at least a few times a week, and will likely do so until the next Halo installment comes out.

        The matchmaking never gets old mainly due to the fact that you always play against–or with–new people, that have new strategies and new mistakes, and so on. Also, every weekend(beginning on early Friday) Bungie adds an extra “Double Experience Playlist” to the mix of playlists. They change it up almost every weekend, and usually include such things as Infection(Zombies), Team Control(capture points and try to keep them), and so on.

        There are so many different things one can do in this game, there’s no way I could list all of them efficiently in one sitting. The other two main

        things that are cool about this game are Forge and Theater. Theater allows you to go back and watch everything that happened in past games that you’ve played(Yes, Matchmaking games, Forge games, and Campaign games). This allows you to go back and relive those moments when you “ran over three dudes in one boost” or “shot two guys with ONE sniper bullet” or “accidentally drove 2 teammates and myself off of the cliff.” Forge mode lets the player edit ANY of the multiplayer maps. You can delete, move, and add a VERY wide variety of things. Two maps, Foundry and Sandbox were designed specifically to give players tons of room and items to play around with. You can spend 10 hours in forge just on two or three levels and STILL not be bored.

        This game is definitely a milestone in the Xbox 360’s history, and will no doubt be played for as long as the company still exists.

        Heck, people still play Halo 2 online on the original Xbox.

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