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  • The show is really getting more and more interesting and I am looking forward to the next episode

    • by lorelai

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      The episode starts with a woman in a red dress. She is crying and her son asks her to come in his room and sing the Sandman song to him, the woman refers to the boy as Sammy. Say Tyler wakes up in his armchair and he listens to a program about oil industry when for a moment president Bush’s face turns up on the TV. He goes out on the street and she a girl that is driving a bike and sings the same Sandman song. Sam follows the girl and sees a man hassling a lady. He arrests the man and while he is returning the hat to the lady he realises that his Mum, Rose Tyler.

      The man’s name is Nick Profaci and he works for the mob so the police let him go. The woman goes home too before Sam had possibility to talk to her so he goes and visits her. He says his name is Luke Skywalker. She tells him that her husband, Vic, had some money problems so that she took a loan from Profaci. Profaci works for a gangster, Elliot Casso, who gives them tips about crimes in exchange for the freedom to run

      his bookmaking operations without police interference.

      Profaci kills woman but the police never investigates those crimes. The detectives and Annie go to Elliot Casso’s club. Casso invites them to his private quarters where e has his own private party with prostitutes Adrienne and Jilly who work for him. Sam asks Croce to leave Rose Tyler alone and he promises that he would. Sam and Lu leave the private party and go back to the club when Profaci brings him bribe from Casso.

      Sam refuses and tells to Lu that he’s rather burn that money than spend it. Profaci goes back to Casso and tells him that Sam has refused the money so Casso tells him to press on Rose Tyler as Sam seems to care so much about her. Next time Sam sees Rose she tells him that Profaci gave her 3 days to return the money. When Sam returns home Adrienne, Croce’s girl knocks on his door telling him that she was running away from that place and asks him for a place to sleep for one night. Actually Croce sent her to drug Sam and take photos of them having sex and getting a fix.

      He manages to do that.

      • In the morning Carling finds him tide up to his bed. He goes to his mother house and wants to give her money but she tells him he worked things out with Profaci and that everything was going to be fine. Adrienne leaves Casso’s club and wants to go back to her mother. Sam finds her letter with negatives of the compromising photos included where she explains him where Casso keeps his stash of drugs.

        In the morning detective Skelton comes to get Sam as they have pulled out a body from the river. Sam runs there because he thinks that the woman is her Mum but it’s actually Adrienne. Lu and Sam decide to do something about it so they go to Casso’s club. While arresting Casso Sam sees his Mum amongst the prostitutes. She is mortified, Profiaci says that she was about to set her debt.

        Sam is scared at first but he realizes that Rose did it because she was scared for her son. In the end we see the same scene from the beginning; Sam’s Mum comes home crying while Lu is burning the money he got from Casso. There’s this really cool scene, Sam is in the

        disco and he sees Jim Croce. He tells him that he adores one of he adored one of his songs as a child. Croce is surprised and he tells him that that is not possible as the song just came out that year.

        Then Sam advises Jim to stay away from small plains as Jim Croce died in a plain crash in 1973. Jim advises Sam to stay away from hallucinogens. That was really funny and even made me chuckle. Sam Tyler is in a pretty difficult situation, he wants to tell his mother who he is but he can’t as he knows how incredible his story sounds. But he can only treat her as his mother, and she finds that strange and at a certain point she even thinks that he’s stoking her.

        This was a good episode, the producers started giving us some pieces of the puzzle, Sam’s Mum, than a story about his dead being a salesman never being at home and leaving them in the end. Sam even thinks that he is there, back to 1973, because he is supposed to help his mother. The show is really getting more and more interesting and I am looking forward to the next episode.

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