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  • The episode starts in a really interesting way, not because of the event that takes place but what’s interesting is the dialogue between the 2 protagonists

    • by lorelai

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      The episode starts in a really interesting way, not because of the event that takes place but what’s interesting is the dialogue between the 2 protagonists. This is the first episode of this show and the producers want us to remember the names of the characters so as they talk they pronounce the name of each other frequently. The dialogue sounds rather funny because you hear all the time Sam…Maya…Sam…Maya and than again Maya…Sam etc. But that’s really a great way to make the audience remember the names of the protagonists. Maya and Sam Tyler are two detectives, the work at the police station 125 and they are trying to catch a serial killer. The traces lead them to Colin Raimes’ apartment, when the police are about to break the door Colin arrives with grocery bags, he sees the police and starts running but Sam catches him and arrest him for abduction and murder of Laurie Stewart. Back at the police station Maya and Sam are questioning Raimes but his lawyer brings in a video which shows Raimes at the casino in the time when crime happened so they have to cut him loose.

      After a while Sam receives a phone call from Maya who tells him that she is in the park following Raimes, she thinks he is coping someone because he wants to prove himself. The phone call gets interrupted and another detective informs Sam that Raimes has a twin brother who is a gambler. Sam realizes that it wasn’t Raimes at the Casino but his twin brother and he runs with his team to the park but Maya is gone already. He finds her bloody jacket. Sam goes to the apartment of Raimes to look for her and while he is driving

      we hear music from his iPhone Life on Mars of David Bowie. When he goes out of the car another car strikes him and he remains lying on the street.

      The song continues playing. He has visions of a red dress running in the woods and then he wakes up in the neighbourhood that he is not familiar with. A police officer approaches him and tells him to move his car. Sam says that the car is not his but then the officer takes out papers from the car which state that the car belongs to Sam Tyler. Sam says that he was driving a jeep and the officer asks him if he was driving a military vehicle. Than Sam says he needs his cell and the officer asks him: You need to sell what? It is kind a cool to see how much things changed in 35 years some of them got new meaning and some of them didn’t even exist before.

      Than when Sam turns around he sees the Twin towers. He sees that people around him are wearing different clothes but then he realises that he is wearing the same kind of clothes. In his pocket he finds his police ID which expires in 1974 so he goes to the police station There all the other policemen think that he was transferred from Hyde as they were expecting Sam Tyler from Hyde. He meats everyone, the boss, Lu, 2 detectives and No-Nuts a woman who works in police Anne but the rest of the police man don’t take her seriously as she is a woman. The detectives are working on a similar case as the one Sam was working on before the car stroke him. They have found a woman in the ...

      • East River Park with no sign of sexual assault.

        Sam finds some kind a strange hair under her fingernails. He thinks he was sent to 1973 to stop the killer while he is still young so that he can’t kill any more women. Anne takes him to his new apartment, 1 room, TV and the bathroom he has to share with the whole flour. The detectives have found a friend, Dora, of the killed woman who was the last to see her but the girl doesn’t want to talk. Lu gets upset and grabs her for her elbows and although she asks for a lawyer she doesn’t get one. Sam yells on Lu but he sends him out.

        But Lu manages to get the information from Dora; the woman was with a dark long haired man. Sam tries to explain to Lu that the hair under the fingernails wasn’t human but synthetic and that the man is going to take the girl as he as already had to deal with him but Lu doesn’t believe him. He thinks that this entire thing about 1973 is in his head so he decided to walk until his mind looses ideas of making up new stuff. He and Anne get to the record shop and they enter it because Sam hasn’t seen a similar shop since he was a child. There he sees the synthetic hair and realises that it is the acoustic paddy. That’s how the killer keeps his victims silent he sound proves the room.

        Dora is gone and they find a complaint from Collin Raimes’s grandma on a noise from a neighbour’s house they bring the grandma to the station but she says that the noise is gone and the she can’t hear a thing

        coming out from that apartment any more. The apartment belongs to Willy Cramer. They go to Willy’s apartment and find that it is all sound proved and they also find Dora. The same situation repeats as the one with Collin Raimes. William arrives home with the bag of groceries and when he sees the police he starts running and Sam runs after him. After a few minutes of running Sam catches Willy and places him in the police car.

        We see a boy waving to him. The boy is Collin Raimes. Collin lives in the same building and he likes Willy. The same night Sam goes to talk to the boy and he tells him that he shouldn’t look up to Willy and that it is OK to be afraid. Sam hears Maya’s voice coming from the radio he tells him she is OK and she wants him to come home. Its a cool first episode although I must admit I was expecting Sam would return to the present in the end to save Maya as he already had figured out everything in the past so Maya’s voice and Sam driving to the next case in 1973 at the end kind a surprised me.

        I really wonder what’s going on and how and why did he end up in 1973. It would be really cool to be able to travel trough time, although I guess the adaption to the new-old world wouldn’t be easy. I likes the game with words cell and sell and jeep and military vehicle because it actually shows us how much the world changes in just 35 years so imagine what’s going the world be like in 100 years or in 300, and it also shows us that it wasn’t easy for Sam to adapt to all that.

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