Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs
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  • I don’t like giving my son oral medications really coz I know no matter how safe they say they are, it would always have some side-effects one way or another

    • by patofgold23

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      My son have had allergies since he was little, until now he is in his teen years, it just wouldn’t go away. Constant sneezing and nasal congestion and all the discomforts colds can bring are part of his daily life, and it concerns me a lot. I am a nurse, and I always want to treat my son the most natural way possible. We have tried herbal concoctions, steam treatments, some old grandma’s colds recipe which contains some foul-smelling and bad-tasting flowers and leaves she sort of half-cooked and squeezed the juice out. She said it worked really best during their times, but the smell and taste, just wouldn’t work for my son.

      So okay, I guess I have to try oral medications. I don’t

      like giving my son oral medications really coz I know no matter how safe they say they are, it would always have some side-effects one way or another. I tried many different brands with caution but nothing seem to work. I came to a point that I am willing to try anything.

      Then my mom from California suggested that I let my son use Zicam Cold Remedy Gel Swabs. She said she’ll send me a box, and if it works, then she’ll send some more. Nothing else worked, and I was willing to try anything so I said okay, it’s not anything he needs to take orally anyway.

      When the package was shipped in, I was sceptical at first and read the label, the instructions, ingredients,

      • everything… I opened the box and found 20 individually packed plastic sealed medicated Gel Swabs inside. The instruction says that at the first signs of cold, apply the medicated swabs about 5 seconds on each nostril (make sure you don’t insert more than ¼ inch past your nasal opening). We gave it a try right away coz as usual, my son was having colds… We took one swab, snapped it open … wow it’s easy to snap it open… and did exactly as the instructions said. We re-dipped the swab into the tube and applied gel on my son’s other nostril. It was very easy to do. It’s very external, so i feel so safe giving it to my son.

        My son liked it coz

        he felt relieved right away. And unlike other medications, it has no odor or bad taste (the gel is clear so it won’t stain in any way too). He liked the product coz it’s easy for him to slip in his pocket and put it on anywhere, even when he is in school, and doesn’t make him feel drowsy at all, like most cold medications do. Being external, I feel safe, coz I know it’s not habit-forming.

        My son is now less bothered by nasal congestion, so he sleeps better. That makes me a happy mom. Thank you so much for coming up with Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs, a homeopathic medication just right for my son. Now, I never have to worry when he gets colds again.

    Steve says :

    Hi, I wholeheartedly agree, there`s nothing like Zicam Cold Remedy Gel Swabs to alleviate cold symptoms. Sometimes the cold just goes away within 24 hours. Most of the time, I get a shortened cold with mild symptoms. It important to follow the directions carefully like you do. Some people want to stuff the swab up their nose, which is totally unnecessary, and not a smart thing to do. You can still purchase Zicam Cold Remedy Gel Swabs at until they run out.

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