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  • I would highly recommend Budget is you are moving weather across town or across the country

    • by ebailey1127
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      I recently moved and I used Budget Truck Rental. I was able to make my reservation online and use an online coupon to receive 10% off.

      The web site is very

      user friendly and you can reserve or just get a rate quote.

      They have locations across the US and their rates are quite reasonable.

      I looked at a few other truck ...

      • rentals and Budget was by far the least expensive.

        The site allows you to reserve the truck and any other materials you may need, furniture blankets, boxes, appliance dolly, etc.


        offers in town and one way rentals.

        The customer service is excellent and available 24 hours a day.

        I would highly recommend Budget is you are moving weather across town or across the country.

    Brian B says :

    Reserved a truck Budget 3 weeks in advance. When I went to get truck was not available. Was given a larger truck instead, sounds good but when you take it 1,200 miles the extra fuel is $ 400. Also the agent gave me the oldest truck on the lot so budget would replace it. The truck hadn’t been maintainted properly and due to old suspension the truck almost bounced off the road whenever you hit a bump. If you value your safety go someplace else

    RS staff says :

    Thanks for the info Brian. Could you please provide the address of the location you rented from ?

    Brian B says :

    All-Seasons Ice Arena ( Budget rental) 31W330 N Aurora Rd Naperville, IL 60563

    Joanna says :

    Hi Brian,

    My husband and I had a very similar experience and decided we would never use them again. We have since used U-Haul. They were cheaper, the truck we got was brand new, and we got a promotion for a $ 50 gas card.

    I would definitely suggest using them if you ever need to rent a truck again.



    David Pfaff says :

    Reserved a truck and hauler through Budget 3 weeks in advance. When I went to get truck was not available. Budget never calls, and reserves the right to not have available and will have to attempt to locate one and mess up all your moving plans. Do not depend on this company to reserve a truck for you, you will be disappointed.

    Daphne says :

    My experience was the same as David. I reserved a truck about a month in advance, and called to confirm a couple of days prior to pick up. When I get there the truck was not available. What ticked me off was that no one called to tell me so. YOu get what you pay for and I see now why Budget is so much cheaper than other truck rental companies. After Budget made a lame attempt to try to find me another truck (whatever), I just decided to go across the street to UHAUL and got a truck that day through them. And the UHAUL clerk told me that the GET ALL OF BUDGETS disgruntled customers all the time. The Budget location that screwed me over was: BUDGET TRUCK UNIVERSITY, 3716 W. W.T. HARRIS BLVD., SUITE C, CHARLOTTE, NC 28269, May 18, 2013. But do yourself a favor and avoid Budget Truck Rental at every location. Go with another company.

    Kevin says :

    I am shocked that this company is still around ,they were ready to tell you whatever you needed to hear but were not able to hold up their end of the agreement. We were told that we could rent a truck for my daughter in another city we explained to them that we could not be present , we were assured that all she had to do was drive in pick the truck up and drive away …. that was not the case , when she arrived (40 miles from her home ) she was told she was wasting her time that I had to be there in person to pick up the truck ,they need to invest a little more time and money in training employees .
    In the end we called U Haul and got prompt service and they were very professional .

    Tim says :

    re : I would highly recommend Budget is you are moving weather across town or across the country
    I completely agree the ones around central wisconsin are so sweet and happy on the phone and they make it seem like their company has all the answers, but in person they are rude, dirty, expensive, and have absolutely no answers but they know exactly how to charge extensively. A one day rental with 50 miles costed me almost $ 200. I couldn’t believe they quoted me at $ 45.

    Derrick says :

    re : I would highly recommend Budget is you are moving weather across town or across the country
    We reserved a Budget truck and car carrier for 6/9/14 a week in advance, when we got there after calling on 2 separate occasions and told everything was a "go", nothing. We were told they could get the equipment in about 4 hours, after we told him we needed to be out of residence in 3 hours. The attendant did not show remorse or empathy. We are never using them again or recommending them to anyone

    Shanna Raines says :

    re : I would highly recommend Budget is you are moving weather across town or across the country
    Budget Truck Rental- Austin to Phoenix
    We would have been better off if we were in the position of not getting a truck as has been the problem with a lot of the reviewers I have seen. We got a 24′ truck, reserved it online. My boyfriend s dad picked it up from the rental agency. He missed the writing on the window that stated "exhaust manifold bolts broken off". My boyfriend moved to Phoenix for a new job and flew back in to drive back. We hired moving labor and with his dads help the truck was loaded by time his flight arrived.
    40 miles out of town it broke down. This is at 11 am, he immediately called the roadside assistance. From the original call at 11, the mechanic arrived around 1 or 1:30 The gentleman who came out while it took him a long time to get there, he was very polite and helpful. He diagnosed it as a water pump failure and… of course there is no replacement part. We were told that Budget will have someone come tow the truck back to the empty house and they will hire movers to transfer our belongings form one truck to the other. The mechanic left and assured us the tow truck would be there in an hour to hour and half. Over two hours later he shows up.. and again.. took a long time to get there but he was very nice as well, he was from Austex Towing. We called Budget more times than I care to count during our almost 6 hours on the side of the road waiting and waiting.
    I have never ever come across a company who cared less about their customer or the fact that their faulty equipment had him stranded on the side of the road for hours. They had to look for a truck and could ONLY email their inventory department, they are not allowed to call them. The roadside assistance rep we were speaking to used the word unfortunately like it was the only word she was allowed to use. We asked to be transferred to a manager to get some kind of resolution as we at this point are STILL on the side of the road and were desperate to find out if he was going to be able to still make the trip and what the alternative was.
    Gilbert, who is supposedly the manager for that emergency roadside assistance had the same attitude. We are waiting for the inventory department, we asked if he could call a competitor truck agency and get us a truck, he stated we could call them but he would not, they don t do that. It did not matter how many hours we had been on the side of the road or that he would be missing a day of work at a new job, our situation did not affect him at all. I told him I would be leaving a review and he said something along the lines of please do. After reading all the other reviews I can see why he didn t care. Also, that same Gilbert is handling our continued work order today.. when we found that out our hopes of him actually getting a truck today and driving as far as he can dwindle to nothing. This man should not be in any position to speak with customers or manage any kind of department.
    This started Saturday morning at 11am, it is now Sunday morning at 12:00 and guess what? They are STILL waiting to hear back from their inventory department. We have had many promises of call backs and yet the only one as of yet was when he pleaded with Amber a rep in the roadside assistance to please call him back personally. She actually did and she was the first one to do so, although her response was they still have not heard back from inventory but she was working on it.
    How do you deal with a company that does not care what position their lack of service and faulty equipment has put you in? He explained the job, the extra money for our dog being boarded and he got back unfortunately we are waiting to hear from inventory . We feel completely stuck and discouraged. Please do not rent from this company. I look at reviews on almost everything and I did not do it for the truck rental. I went to consumer reviews while we were stranded on the side of the road, if I had done that to begin with I would never have even called them. Please visit that site and check over the reviews.
    Update Sunday Night- Replacement truck came in time. Called Budget about the people who were going to transfer the furniture from one truck to the other, they were five minutes away. Called back 30 minutes later and they were 15 minutes away. Thirty minutes after that the guys who would be doing the transfer called and said they were 30 minutes away, they got caught in a storm. They replaced our 24 truck with a smaller truck without telling us, the movers had to work hard to get the contents of our fully loaded 24 truck to fit into this smaller truck. He is on his way and I really hope this is the end of our ordeal with Budget Truck Rental. They will not discuss any type of reimbursement until after the truck has been returned.

    Kevin B says :

    I had the exact same experience with Budget Truck. This was my first and LAST time to use Budget truck. I reserved a 24 ft truck a week before my move and then 2 days prior, I called the pickup location to verify and could get no one to answer. So, i called Budget directly and I was told “if I had reserved the truck on their online portal, then the truck would be available”. Well, I still had concerns, so the day before I tried to call the pickup location again and after about 10 calls throughout the morning, I decided to call another nearby location to find out if the place was even still open for business. My call was answered and the person there told me definitely, my selected pickup location was still in business. So, when I arrived to get my truck they had only a small 12 ft truck And, the guy said I could take that one otherwise he couldn’t help me, aside from providing the Budget Truck reservation number. Wow, really 1.5 hours later, I was able to get the truck I reserved but I had to drive an additional 40 miles round trip. Never again. Uhaul is the way to go

    Julie says :

    I reserved a truck from bakersfield, ca on wible rd. The truck drove horribly and the passenger front tire bounced like a basketball at even low speeds. Upon inspection, it looked as though there were two different sized front tires, so we stopped into a pep boys to have someone look at it. After checking the tire pressures, we found out the right front tire was 90lbs OVER inflated. They took out some air, but at this point pep boys said the tire was damaged by being driven so long and so over inflated. The truck continued to drive like crap. When we returned the truck to our arrival destination, we were told by the employees there that we should never have been rented such a terrible truck. When i called customer service, i was told that because i didnt call roadside service, there is no proof that this happened and there was nothing that they were going to do. I spoke to a manager and he said the same thing. We should have waited until the tire blew and caused damage and called roadside assistance because then there would be documentation. He offered me an $ 11 refund. When i stated that it would have been better to receive damage to the truck, my property and maybe even ourselves, the manager replied “yes, it would have. ”
    I now see why this company is called budget. I will NEVER rent a truck from them again and will tell everyone i meet the same thing. Horrible experience.

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