Transformer : Their War Our World Movie
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  • I bought the DVD of first sequel of Transformer Movie
  • One of the most interesting robot’s duel scenes was in the top of the building duel scene

    • by milia

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      At the beginning I did not interested watching this kind of movie. It was my hobby when I was a kid, so it might be a little bit funny if I want to see the robot movie. Time to time, I also knew that there were many robot movie for children has very tricky animation, and a t first sight we knew that it was not real. Many of those movie usually came from Japan and for little kid movies.

      Last month I heard again the launch of second sequel of Transformer movie in the theatre. Many of my colleagues watched this movie, and they many of them got tickets in last minute, because they got it after a very super long queues in the theatre’s ticket box. Even they had this for hours. I heard their impression about this movie, and they sad it was a very fantastic movie. It’s just like the first movie,

      but with more shocking action and more fighting actions. Since many of my friends told this, I became curious about this movie. I bought the DVD of first sequel of Transformer Movie: “Transformers. Their War. Our World.” last week. I spare some time of the day to watch the movie, as I began to feel very curious.

      It was started with the background of the story, while in 1800s there was a sailor who traveled to North Atlantic Sea with his ship and his crews. He got stuck in the ice. At the beginning I did not feel it will impress me. Next scene we will watch Sam Witwicky’s daily life, who was the descendant of Captain Archibald Witwicky, the sailor in the beginning of this movie. This movie start to increase the tension after there were some small robotic creature infiltrated the US Government computer system. Then there was a robot from outer space who ...

      • tried to find the Captain Witwicky’s spectacles. The shocking and hide and seek began. I was also got surprised after Sam’s car, which was stolen, help him to escape from the evil robot and transform into a big high technology and weapons equipped robot. His car’s robot then fight with the bad robot and won the fight. It was truly like real machine made of robot’s body. I just amazed with the animation technology to create such a robot’s fight scene with very soft animation. When the robot interacted with Sam as a human, the animation was also looked like a real scene.

        After this first fight scene, there were many new robot came, and next surprise from this movie, the robot can transform itself into anything (any machine) they saw. The transformation itself was very perfectly showed; we can show the detail part of it transformation until the transformation finished. It can transform

        into trucks, Airplane, tank, even helicopter. There was also shocking and surprised scene when a cubic who was looked after by the evil’s robot, Megratron, and its army. The energy from the cubic can make one single Nokia phone turn up to be a small robot with a weapon!

        One of the most interesting robot’s duel scenes was in the top of the building duel scene. It was a very even duel between Megatron and Optimus. I saw they just really flied from one building to another, with kicking and punching action, and the building really destroyed because of their fight.

        It was an entertaining movie at the end, the good guys win, and Megatron and his army can be defeated. This movie was also featuring hot and sexy Megan fox, who acted as Sam’s partner, to fight against Megatron. I can not wait to see the second sequel “Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen” on theater.

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