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  • So I asked around and when I went out, I was amazed at how easy you can get it coz any globe outlet, prepaid load retailers and convenient stores sell it
  • I learned that the same rate applies if you want to call Canada and Hongkong

    • by patofgold23

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      Here is something from Globe Filipinos would be so happy about…the Globe tipIDD Card. A prepaid card you can use to call your loved ones abroad for as low as P2.

      50 per minute.

      I first learned about Globe tipIDD Card from the noontime show Wowowee.

      It sounds impossible to call U.


      for 2.


      So I asked around and when I went out, I was

      amazed at how easy you can get it coz any globe outlet, prepaid load retailers and convenient stores sell it.

      Well of course you can get it directly from the globe office too.

      The card is sold in three denominations, 100, 50 and 25 pesos, but all cards offers the same rate so I tried the cheaper one first.

      You can use the card ...

      • with any Globe or TM mobile phone so there is no need for you to get to phonebooth.

        Just follow the instructions at the back of the card, which is so easy, and you easily get connected.

        I tried to call my mom in California, and when she picked up my call, oh wow! The reception is soooo good, like I am actually making

        a local landline call! I learned that the same rate applies if you want to call Canada and Hongkong.

        Globe tipIDD Card allows you to make calls to many other countries to at a different rate yet still very affordable.

        Globe tipIDD Card is a very great product - - - a very convenient and affordable way to stay in touch with your loved ones abroad!

    Ria says :

    not working. your regular load will indeed be deducted.hope you guys can be more transparent. dont come fooling people around.
    John says :

    You have to dial 12800 before the number, or you will be charged the regular load. If it’s a landline you should dial: “12800 country code area code phone number”. If it’s a cell phone dial: “12800 cellphone number”.
    Marijun says :

    is this right?

    12800 1 (860)574 6721?
    carmen says :

    how come my tipIDD card would not recognize teh number 1286 which it says to dial it first? What can I do and how can i use it?
    John says :

    I’m not sure where you get 1286 from. You have to dial 12800 first.
    jan says :

    It says at the back of the prepaid card the only instruction jow to load
    berna says :

    trish says :

    i have used my globe tipIDD card and followed the steps prior calling in the US, but why is that my regular load is being deducted? it seems that the globe tipIDD is not working. need instructions. thanks.
    Pam says :

    agree- my regular load was deducted instead of tipIDD, I need precise instruction please.
    imy tuliao says :

    I hve idd globe tipiddcard 100.but I’m diskapointed coz evrytym I call my sister in kuwait my regular liad is deducted.she’s using mobile number can u help me so I can use it to mke it wort it…..
    Zhan says :

    I use tipidd card then i follow the instration at the back but why i cant call the number i cant to call,so bad I cant use my tipIDD 100.pLs give me advice pls..
    quick note by anonymous :

    I use IDD card quite awhile.. After browsing, asking, searching on how to use this card, I found out that you must have at least P 7.50 regular load in your sim, which is not indicated to the back of the card. I think that’s the problem.
    rouela saberon says :

    i need more instructions, coz my regular load is being deducted., thanks
    John says :

    To make sure the regular load isn’t being deducted, dial 12800 then the number. Be sure to include the country code, and area code.
    athan says :

    can you give us a sample john?
    cris says :

    i had a load of 2hundred in tipidd and as well as regular load of 70, but when i called up for the international call it seems my regular load was beding deducted and not the tipidd load
    sesh says :

    that was true that every time we use this globe TIPIDD card our reg.load have always been deducted i’m so much irritated w this it seems like reg.loads is much expensive than this TIPIDD card…is there any other way to avoid this prob.??? anyone can help??
    John says :

    Yes, you’ll have to dial 12800 before dialing the number.
    kristy says :

    how will i dial the local sim number that im trying to call abroad? can i call him directly? For example the number registered on my phone when he calls is 861478 . If i used tipIDD, can i just dial it directly on my phone? thanks
    John says :

    No, you can’t just call him directly, or you’ll be charged the regular rate. Since it’s a cell phone you’ll have to dial 12800 861478.
    kenny says :

    if the number i want to call in dubai using tipidd is 971529619853 what will i do? ive already dial 12800 together wd it but it didn’t work?
    Chona Angcon says :

    I used TIPID card for international calls theres no problem at all, but that was before,recently I bought TIPID card at it doesnt work anymore. all I hear is a busy line.I tried to call using regular rates, of course it went through. This TIPID IDD card is such a waste of money we cant even use it. Hope Globe will sort this out.
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