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  • This episode was a real SCI-FI experience

    • by lorelai

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      Frank Parker is a very strange man, he seems to be crazy but in the same time you can rely on him. He works for NSA on a backstep project and he gets sent seven days in the past in order to change some events that led to a disaster. In this episode some scientist want to provoke a small earthquake in Los Angeles in order to study it but in the end the earthquake causes a big tsunami that takes away 9,000 lives. Parker gets sent to the past to stop the scientist from provoking the earthquake. He travels trough time by getting lunched into the space.

      This time he enters some kind a red nebula and there he se some kind a creature. When he lands on the earth the sphere is damaged and he didn’t go back in time. Everybody knows that Parker is not normal so they think that he was hallucinating. They start running tests on him but something is wrong with his perception of time.

      Donovan wants him to try to fallow the lights on the flour and although he never changes the speed the lights are turning on, to Frank it seems that the lights are coming in an incredible speed. Than Olga gives him half an hour to do a test but when she comes back he barely had time to lift the pen. Franks understands something is wrong especially when Olga comes into his quarters twice doing and saying exactly the same thing. He thinks he has brought the creature with him but nobody sees the creature, until Olga gets actually attacked by the creature.

      The team thinks something is wrong with Parker and they want to send Donovan back in time to prevent the earthquake but something damages the sphere again. Then they all see the creature and try to catch it but it blocks in time everyone except Olga, Donova, Dr. Mentnor, Dr. Ballard and Parker.

      Parker decides to backstep and to take the creature with him, but the creature doesn’t ...

      • want that so it messes up with time again making Olga a very old lady and Dr. Mentnor a small boy again, Donovan gets blocked in time and he repeats the 10 seconds all the time. Dr. Ballard wants to explain Parker and Olga that Parker has to go to the nebula again and leave the creature there but the creature has mess with him to so his time runs slower than Parker’s and Olga’s and he talks so fast that they can’t understands him.

        But then Parker gets the idea to record him on camera and play it slowly. Somehow Olga and Parker manage to get the creature to the sphere. He starts a backstep and when he gets to the nebula the creature attacks him and Parker seriously risks ending up in space himself, but he manages to go back in time and go back to earth to save Los Angeles from a big wave. This episode was a real SCI-FI experience.

        Usually, it’s all about going back in

        time kicking some asses and saving the world by doing that but this episode was totally Sci-Fi. The idea of a creature that can bend time is really cool, it sounds like a plot for Star Trek episode. Although Parker gets considered to be crazy he isn’t really. He has problems with the authority but they can still count on him when they need him.

        He gets send in time and he always accomplishes his mission. No wonder they think he is crazy considering that he remembers everything that happened in the last time line, so sometimes he takes little revenges. Like in this episode, in the first time line one of the security guards punched him in the nose. As Parker’s time was going faster than their Parker never even saw the guard’s punch coming.

        Although the guard didn’t remember that happened in the first time line Parker did so when he sees the guard he punches him back. No one, of course, knows what was that all about so they just say that he’s crazy.

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