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  • That is why I decided to take oral contraceptive pill
  • I can say that I never experience any bad side effects of this pill even the first months of taking this pill

    • by amazingme

      As of now, my husband and I don’t have yet any plan of having a third child for financial reasons. That is why I decided to take oral contraceptive pill. And the Trust pill is the one that fits for me and for my health. I have been using the Trust pill as oral contraceptive for almost five years now. I can say that I never experience any bad side effects of this pill even the first months of taking this pill. I have tried already two brands of oral contraceptive pill including the expensive one prescribed by my OB-gyne. But these brands brought unwelcome side effects especially to my health. I just found myself in Trust pill and this is really what I trusted most.

      Of course, Trust pill truly prevents pregnancy. I just only make

      sure that I am taking each tablet properly. I am not used to get familiar with its contents but I perfectly sure that it is recommended also since it a part of Trust Family Program. What I really like most about this pill is that it never gives me bad side effects unlike the other brands I have tried. I just feel normal, no headaches and no muscle pains either. It does not also affect my food appetite. It regulates my menstruation cycle. And it is not true that pills may lessen sex drive because this one never affects my sex life. I have never experience appearance of skin rashes or irritations, though I am not aware if this pill makes my skin glow just like what others say about taking pills. Trust pill is ...

      • also for all ages. I start taking this pill in my early 20’s, and now I am in my early 30’s, I am still taking it without giving me worries. I remember also, there was a time that I forgot to take two tablets in two days. At first I was so worried that I might get pregnant that time since I lose the two days already. Then I tried to take three tablets the following day. And you know what, nothing happens. My period came to its expected date and I got relieved. As a matter of fact I did this for a couple of times but I am avoiding it as much as possible because this is not recommended and is not the proper way. I just would like to tell that even though
        I forgot to take for two days, this pill can still save you from pregnancy.

        Because I am really after about my health, I always see to it that I am regularly visiting my gynecologist for a yearly check up and do the papsmear. For a woman like me who has a partner and gave birth already and taking pills for a long time, is required and is a must to have a papsmear at least once a year. Though this pill gives me nothing bad, I am still securing myself and seek for professional advice especially I am entering into my early 30’s. So for women who want for a better oral contraceptive, you must try the Trust pill. It is very inexpensive and you can buy it at any drugstore without prescription needed. This is really into our budget.

    ritchie says :

    I`ve already took 9 tabs of TRUST pills but still afraid if i am safe now to make love with my husband.
    amazingme replies :

    Richie, your safe na for 9 tabs…
    Galega says :

    The rule is quite simple:

    If you have started the pill from the first day of your menstruation, you will be safe from day ONE.

    If you have started on any other day than the first day of your period, you will not be safe for the next seven days.

    In any case, you are safe since you have taken pills for 9 days. Just ensure to take one pill daily at around the same time.
    Mary Anntonette A. Cerezo says :

    hello.,.,i`ve been taking trust pills for almost a year now.,.,my husband ia a seaman. at first when my husband is away, i tried not to take it, but my period seems to be delayed and it looks different.,.,.so i decided to just continue taking the pill even without contacts for some period of months.,.,it is safe?
    amazingme replies :

    Yes. it is still safe to continue the pills even without contact. Sometimes it has the tendency to delay the period but I think its normal because it happens to me most of the time. I am taking that pills for almost five years now, on and off without problems. I do regular papsmear also to secure my reproductive health. I recommend you to have papsmear at least once a year or every two years. That could make you feel secured while taking pills.
    Galega says :

    I don’t think it to be a good idea to stop and again start taking pill on your will. There should be some rule you need to follow.

    First thing is to complete the pack before quitting the pill. Whatever the circumstances might be, don’t quit Trust or for that matter any other contraceptive pill without completing the running pack.

    Second thing is to start it on the first day of your menstruation, when you are going to start it again.

    And, please be in contact with your doctor.
    fkc says :

    hello i am using this brand for almost 2 years already and i don`t have any problem with it.. but 3 days ago, my 2-yr old son found the pills and thought they are candies he swallowed i guess more than 10 pills i am so worried, I have been monitoring him until now but Thank God he seems normal and well… I just need some more infos of what are the possible side effects of the pill if accidentally swallowed by children? please help, i don`t have peace of mind…
    amazingme replies :

    fkc, advice you to bring your kid to the doctor for medical checkup. In that way you can have peace of mind.
    fkc says :

    thank you amazingme I also have something to ask, do you experience bleeding after few days of not taking the pill? because with my experience, I had not took the pill for 4 days then on the 5th day, I was bleeding.. I search on the net and found out that bleeding is an expected occurence if you suddenly stop the pill without finishing the whole pack.. should I worry? Or this is just normal and will just pass through?
    amazingme replies :

    As I recall, I did not experience any bleeding when I stop taking the pill. When you are in the brown tablets, supposedly your menstruation must come within that period. But if you prefer not to take them and take a rest like what some others do , I guess bleeding is normal when you resume taking the pills. I experienced that before because sometimes I skip taking the brown pills and within that period I had this mild bleeding. If you are not still comfortable with your bleeding, visit your gynecologist and she can explain to you everything.
    fkc says :

    thank you amazing me one more concern, right after that event, I immediately stopped taking the pill without finishing the whole set, after 4 days I was bleeding just like I am having my menstrual cycle.. should I worry or this is just a normal reaction because I stopped taking the pill abruptly? what should I do? should I resume taking the pill?
    amazingme replies :

    The whole set of pill must be taken all or wait for the brown tablet before you stop taking it. If you experience bleeding better visit your ob-gyne and explain what you have experienced.
    Galega says :

    My sister who is a well known gynecologist was once confronted with the same question. A toddler had swallowed birth control pill (not Trust, but estrogen based like it). She frankly told the parents that there is nothing to be worried about. Just watch the kid for two days - 48 hours. There might be some problem like diarrhea or abdominal upset. Apart from that, there isn’t any long term problems. Even with the amount of pill taken by your kid - 10 pills - should not be a matter of concern if no problem happens in his abdomen. Even these stomach problems go away with little medical intervention.

    What if the kid is a girl? Will there be a little vaginal bleeding? This is also a common concern. NOT. Even in this case.

    Just ensure that this should not become a repeated activity. Keep pills away from your kids.

    Trust pills or any other pills available in the market today contains very low amount of hormones.

    You may be surprised that if the kid takes iron based placebo pill. In that case, you need to consult a pediatrician.
    mia says :

    I haven`t take a pills starting January, 2011. Im kinda worried coz no monthly period until now.. My husband is a seaman and he`s away with me at the moment. Do I need to take the pills continously? In previous year I took pills even without him but now I decided to stop. Is that the right move? The problem is no monthly menstruation happen to me for 3 months.. Need your advise please. Thank you..
    amazingme replies :

    Mia, when you started taking the pills, make sure to finish all the tablets until your period comes before you stop. This is to make sure that you are safe before you rest from taking another pack. Do not stop taking pills even if your partner is out. Make sure to finish all the tablets first before you stop.
    Galega says :

    If you are not going to have any physical relationship in near future, then there is no problem in stopping Trust. Please ensure to quit Trust only after completing the current pack. It is never a good idea to stop Trust or any other contraceptive pill in the middle of the pack.

    Further, you should contact a doctor for your menstruation problem. You haven’t gotten period since three months which isn’t normal for a Trust users. It is better to have an appointment with your OBgyne and discuss this issue.
    ramon says :

    it is true that taking trust oral contraceptive pill gives addiction or agressive on sex? they told that at the age of 35-40 they starting increase sexual desire. ty
    amazingme replies :

    Ramon, I have heard such kind of sexual aggressiveness addiction thing when one taking pills. I`m turning 33, with a healthy sex life with my partner and so far I don`t feel any changes in my sex life. Probably for some it could be true, but I guess it`s all in the mind.
    Galega says :

    Trust, or any other similar oral contraceptive pills, has nothing to do with your sexual drive.

    Many women feel more sexual drive, though. It might happened because of placebo effect. In some women, it may work because of estrogen (rare case).
    mhae says :

    hi…im mhae im 19 years old…and i have a big problem with my face.. coz of acne..and pimples…evrytime i see my so depressed… i have use so many pimples medication but it doesnt work.. one day my friend told me why dont you use a pill..??? but i said what kind`a pill??? pls.answer me…tnx
    amazingme replies :

    mhae, you can use Diane-35 pill…concern like yours mostly use Diane-35. It is much costly Php400 than Trust Pill Php35 but they said it is true that it can treat acne but I haven`t tried myself co`z I am using Trust since the beginning. You can buy Diane35 at any drugstore.
    Galega says :

    One of the many reasons behind pimples breakout is hormonal disturbances. General medicines available in the market for pimple problems generally don t work in this case. Estrogen based contraceptive pills can help you to get rid of this problem. As you might know, Estrogen is a female hormone. You are generally required to take three packs regularly to get rid of pimples breakout.

    Since you are only 19 years old, it is better for you to contact a doctor and discuss this issue. Hopefully, the doctor will advise you the most suitable pill to tackle pimple breakouts.
    cheska says :

    amazingme, i`ve been using trust pill for 10 months, but this april 2011, i still dont have my menstration period and im on my 4th brown tablet..this is the first time that i encountered this. please help..thanks
    amazingme replies :

    Hello Cheska, in my experience that`s normal. Delays happen to me most of the time. As long as you know that you never miss any tablet you have nothing to worry about.
    Galega says :

    You are only on 4th brown tablet. I don t see any reason to worry about here. Having slightly delayed period is quite normal even while you are regularly taking a contraceptive pill. Continue to take it as you were taking. You should get your menstruation within one week.
    raquel says :

    what if i miss one pill
    amazingme replies :

    Raquel, if you miss one pill then take two pills on the following day…
    me.glenrose says :

    you should take the missed pill as soon as you remember it or take 2 pills consecutively on the next day. But try to remember it next time, because the risk of getting pregnant on missed pills are high if it’s been more than 12 hours.
    tinab says :

    Yes, I agree. Take your missed pill as soon as you remember, Even if you have to take two pills. You should continue to take your pills as normal. You shouldn’t be concerned about EC unless you had unprotected sex. If you just so happen to miss more than 2 pills, then you just should take the last missed pill right away. It’s important to know that you can easily get pregnant if it has been over 12 hours, so be careful and mindful.
    Laila says :

    I missed 1 pill.. i took 2pills the next day.. the next day we had sex with my husband without protection is there a tendency get pregnant??
    Galega says :

    You should be safe in this given situation. However, please remember that the protection level isn’t optimum in this case.

    If you have missed a pill, you should take it as soon as you remember. You can take 2 pills within 24 hours.
    jade bienvenu says :

    good day. i hope you can help me. i tried to used trust contraceptive pill the last time my husband was here. i start taking it 12 days b4 my period coz it was great timing my husband will arrive at my period day. so i started taking it 12 days before my period. is it okey? and another question too is that, if ill take the bc pills first pill on my first day of period, how long should me and my husband wait to have a safe- unprotected sex? how many days to wait? is it true too that when you take pills on your period you are protected immediately? thanks i would really appreciate it. hoping to hear from you soonest. more powers
    amazingme replies :

    Jade, I guess 12 days before your period is fine. Re your second question, at least you already taken 7 tablets from the first pill before having a safe- unprotected sex.
    Galega says :

    There is no problem in taking pills even after your menstruation. In this case, you need to stay away from unprotected sex for seven days.

    In the second case, if you start Trust pill on the first day of your period, you may be protected from the day one. As you might know, biologically also, there is little possibility of pregnancy during the first seven days after starting of menstruation.
    florence angela lara says :

    i want use trust contraceptive pills…but i have a irregular delaying days before i have my period.. i should i do then?is still ok to use the pills?
    amazingme replies :

    Florence, Trust pills are also good for women with irregular mens period because I was one of those before. But if you are not sure, you can visit your OB-gyne to look for pills that might suit your needs.
    Galega says :

    Trust pill is good for tackling irregular menstruation.

    However, you must first visit an OBGyne and go for some medical check ups, like pap smear test before starting Trust pill. Let your doctor prescribe it with necessary suggestions.
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