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  • Then on the 3rd month, I noticed some changes on my skin face

    • by Joyce

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      Cosmo skin is a glutathione supplement. I’ve been taking this food supplement since last year, not to whiten my skin, but to get rid of skin blemishes and pimples. I heard from clients’ testimonies that this supplement effectively smoothen face and eradicate blemishes, so I

      gave it a try.

      For three months, I religiously followed the regimen of taking 1 supplement at least once a day together with a vitamin c supplement. Then on the 3rd month, I noticed some changes on my skin face. My acne and pimples completely healed and the blemishes and scars due to swelling acne, visibly gone.

      I experienced a very smooth and young-looking skin after continued intake of this supplement. It is noticeably true, because my colleagues and friends often gave me a compliment with my clearer skin and they even ...

      • Cosmo skin glutathione
      ask why, when I told them about the wonders of cosmo skin glutathione, they also started taking the supplement.

      I have never been happier with my skin now. For the past 20 years of my life, I am an acne and pimples sufferer which really did

      not leave my side until next year when I started taking this supplement. Right now, I maintained at least 1 capsule a day with vitamin C to be more effective. It thoroughly cleanses my skin and created radiance with a pinkish effect on my face.

Amile says :

I wonder if taking a whitening supplement is fine when I am taking other medicines like for cough and cold. Please advise. Thank you.
Galega says :

There is no problem in taking Glutathione while you are suffering from cold and cough, or taking medicines for cold and cough.
maja says :

What if your taking diane contraceptive pills?would’nt be fine to take glutha?will there be side effect like it may affect the effectivity of the contraceptive?
Galega says :

There is no problem in taking Glutathione capsule and Diane simultaneously. Glutathione won’t lower the effectiveness of your contraceptive pill.
Elisa says :


Asking it’s safe I have gallstone? I turn yellow during I taking mefenamic more than 2 years ago.
Galega says :

I would not suggest you to take Cosmo Skin in the current medical condition. It contains very high dose of Glutathione which can be detrimental to your health. You should better first get gallstone removed/treated before taking any over the counter product like Cosmo Skin.
Luzminda ochoa says :

Hi, just want to know if it is goid to take cismoskin glutathione caps since i am taking hypertension tablets? Pls…
Galega says :

I don’t think it proper to take Glutathione in the given medical condition. If you still want to take it, then please speak to your doctor first.
Lyn says :

Is this ok for a person who is on daily thyroxine? Please email me at heart_ielnyl[at]
Galega says :

There isn’t any clinical studies done to establish any relationship between Glutathione and Thyroxine. I would suggest you to speak to your doctor who will advise as per your current medical condition.
Shirley says :

Is cosmo gluta effective for melasma?
Galega says :

Glutathione may not be proper medicine/supplement for the treatment of melasma. You should consider speaking to a good dermatologist and follow his prescription.
quick note by anonymous :

i recommend cosmoskin,for the first bottle i already found taking twice a day religiously with 2 capsules of cosmocee.the result is really amazing. my face gets smoother and whiter also in my shoulder level. now im on my 2nd bottle and so excited to see changes in my skin day to day.
princess says :

this is really amazing it really works. i err you guys to try this.
Jen says :

Hi since i take 2 gluta caps a day is it always together with vitamins C ? Is it fine/ safe taking it twice also same as gluta? Thanks
Casp says :

It depends on the dosage. Vitamin C helps you to absorb glutathione more. I think 500mg is enough. Vitamin C is water soluble so you can easily excrete it through urination. No need to take an extra dose. You must also consult with a physician regarding this matter.
Galega says :

I would strongly suggest you to take one capsule of Vitamin C - 500 mg - daily. I even won’t suggest taking 250 mg twice along with your Glutathione capsule. That may lead to unnecessary fatigue. There is no problem in taking Vitamin C supplement only once a day while taking Glutathione twice a day.
Heart says :

Hi i’m 20weeks pregnant. Is it safe to take cosmo skin glutathione while im pregnant?
Galega says :

High dose glutathione is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding stages. You should avoid it.
BING says :

Hi needs to check if it’s OK to take this even if I do have a hyperthyroidism. IV before is OK according to my endoc
Galega says :

You must not take it without getting consent of your doctor.
Lazar says :

Can i take cosmo skin glutathione while taking of whey protein powder supplements?
Galega says :

Yes, you can take both Glutathione and whey protein simultaneously. Keep individual doses in mind.
Lazar says :

I used this for 3months with 1000mg vit C but no changes, what do you think?
Galega says :

Three months is sufficient time to have some effect, even minute. But, you are not seeing any. I think you should now discontinue it as sticking with it will only burn your money. Target radiant and glowing facial skin rather than whitened face.
Lazar says :

What should i do?
Galega says :

I would suggest you to discontinue it now. Further use will only be waste of your money.
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