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Venice, Italy
  • After looking to some travel Agents, we found an interesting package to go to Venice
  • My 2 colleagues and I bought the ticket straightly, because they have limited seats, which were almost fully booked at that time
  • It seemed that she had already quite some times experience driving the long journey bus
  • I eat chicken and corn pizza, it was quit delicious

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      I was in Munich at that time, winter 2005. My colleagues and I want to go to Venice, to getaway from our routines after 2 weeks training in Munich. We chose Venice because people said it was a very romantic place to visit. We have to choose whether we go by train, airplane or by bus, because we have to save our money at that time.

      Based on information from some our colleagues in Munich, we looked for a tour bus agent who offered relatively cheap ticket for Venice tour bus. We went to Isartor by S-Bahn train, and along the street outside the station we found many travel agents who offered discounted tariff for bus tour to many destinations in Europe. After looking to some travel Agents, we found an interesting package to go to Venice. They offered around 60 euro per person for round trip tour to Venice. My 2 colleagues and I bought the ticket straightly, because they have limited seats, which were almost fully booked at that time. We got last row seats, but it was okay for us since we were in a hurry to continue to other destination. At night, the bus was ready to take us to Venice. Many people from different countries are on the bus. There are Americans, Indians, even Czechs. We had a chat each other happily at that time before the bus started its long journey. For most people in the bus, it was their first time to go to Venice. We exchange information about Venice to other passengers, so we can gather more

      information. At about 11 pm the bus started to go and all passenger cheers up and say Venice, here we come! The bus went to south east direction, heading to Austria. We spend night in the bus by chatting, but finally we slept, even we got a quite uncomfort seat since we were in last row. When the morning came, I finally awake and realized my self in a mountain area. I asked my colleagues where we were at that time, and based information for bus driver which was also as our tourist guide, it was in southern Austria. The area surrounded by green mountains, and there ware some snows in top of the mountains. It was a really fantastic view for me. The bus stopped at the rest area to give a chance for passengers to have breakfast, and to go to the toilets. What we just realized at that time the bus driver is a woman, wow! For a long trip journey and drive the bus, we hardly ever seen a woman bus driver. She was so fast to drive the bus. It seemed that she had already quite some times experience driving the long journey bus. We also take photos with mountains view background. It was so cold and fresh at that area, and we there were many bus also stop at hat place to have some rest. After healed some fresh airs and had some meals, we finally got back to the bus. It was a very nice rest since we seat in the bus for more than 6 hours.

      We ...

      • reached Italy by crossing very big highways from Austria. But we didn’t go through cities, for saving the time. We felt really tired at that time, wondering what time we will arrive at Venice. The bus driver told us that we would reach Venice at about 2 hours. Finally we reached Venice at about 11 am, after almost 12 hours long journey. The weather in South Italy was quite warm, compared to central Europe’s. After we got off the bus we did not feel cold at all, even it was quite hot. The bus driver told us we were free to go every where but we must get back to the bust by 10 pm. It was quite fair, so we had almost 11 hours to enjoy the beauty of Venice. From the Venice port, we go by water taxi to the island. The island itself surrounded by water, actually whole city is on the water! We travel around the city by water Gondola at that time. It was quite expensive, around 80 euros per one round. But it was okay for us, since it was only chance for us to go to this place. We moved around the city slowly, through the small tunnel between people’s residences, shop and restaurants. Along the way we found some orchestra playing the music outside the restaurant. It was so romantic. Some time we met also other gondola from the opposite direction, with happy couples inside. It seemed that there were many new couples who spent their honey moon time in this city. After spent 2 hours moved
        around the city with gondola, we go inside the city. We found many merchandise shop who sold shirts and bags with Venice picture. We bought some accessories and merchandise after we bargain the price. We also went to Plaza the Marco filed in front of the Church there. There were many birds flying around and many tourists feed them. We can but the bird’s food at that place. We also took our pictures there.

        After we have tired moved around, we felt very hungry. We went to small pizza restaurants, and found many kind of pizza. Since we did not know Italian language, and the shop servant also had limited capability of English, we chose random pizza. The taste was little bit different from the common pizza we used to eat, but it was okay since we were very hungry. I eat chicken and corn pizza, it was quit delicious. When the night came, we too water taxi to enjoy Venice at night. We took city pictures from the water taxi, and it looked like the city is full of light. We saw also tower of light which was very beauty at night. We also felt fresh wind, and we still can hear the music from the city.

        Finally it was 9 pm, we have only 1 hour to go back to the harbor, to get on the bus. The bus started to go back to Munich at 10 pm. It was so romantic and unforgettable moments in Venice that we would never forget. I will go there again if I have a chance in the future.

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