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  • Not because it doesn't work, but it doesn't work as well as I thought it would
  • To me, those would be the best way to eliminate or cut down significantly on the odor
  • But until then, I think I might just have to go out and buy more boxes of baking soda or train my cats to use the regular toilet

    • by onerios13

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      I own two cats, and if anyone else also owns cats, you know that some funky smells can start to emanate from the cat box after a few days. Of course, I always try to clean the box before it gets to be too nasty or have my poor furry babies avoiding using the box altogether and instead do their business on my leather couch (yes, that has happened, and no, it was not pleasant). But even so, there comes a time when no matter what you do, unless you just throw out everything in the box or dump a pound of baking soda into the box, to keep it from smelling up the entire house. And I do despise that ‘old woman who has a hundred cats in her house’ smell. Yuck.

      I have tried almost everything to minimize that horrible acrid cat urine smell and have invested quite a bit in nice perfume-y candles and lovely scented room oils to

      just using a whole bottle of Febreze to freshen the air and cloak those evil smells. But really, in the long run, none of them have been truly effective. So one day when I was at my local pet store, I spied a spray bottle with those magic words ‘Pet Odor Eliminator’ on it and grabbed it as fast as I could. Then I marched over to the counter and even though it set me back a few cans of cola and bars of chocolates, bought it right then and there. I liked it for two reasons: it came in a light lemon scent and if you’re like me, I normally associate the smell of lemons to the word ‘clean’. And second, it was all natural, so I could basically spray it anywhere and it wouldn’t harm either the people living in the house or my animals.

      As soon as I got home, and after cleaning out the litter box, I ...

      • started spraying it EVERYWHERE. And yes, it does have a light refreshing smell of citrus, but if you spray too much, it does get a bit thick and slightly choking. But it does cover up the odor quite nicely. However, the covering of the wicked smells doesn’t last very long I’m sad to say. Usually, it’ll hold them off for a day or so, but if not used regularly, it doesn’t do much, but like I said, if you use it too much, then the scent can actually become nauseating. Now of course the sixty thousand dollar question is would I use this again if I ever ran out? And quite honestly, I would have to say no. Not because it doesn’t work, but it doesn’t work as well as I thought it would. And secondly, the scent although pleasant the first few times you use it, quickly becomes unbearable after those first few times.

        But if you’re a lover of

        citrus and like to spray instead of dumping baking powder or any other powder to dampen the offensive smell that all cat boxes have, then by all means, try the product. Like I said, it’s not that it doesn’t work, but to me, it just wasn’t enough to make a great impression. But again, it is all natural, so if you are afraid of chemical smells or if it will do damage if used long term, have no fears because this is completely natural. But if I had the money and could spend it, I’d go ahead and get something where the litter box cleans itself, or even those cat toilets that flushes itself after the cat uses it. To me, those would be the best way to eliminate or cut down significantly on the odor. But until then, I think I might just have to go out and buy more boxes of baking soda or train my cats to use the regular toilet.

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