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  • What I like most about the brand is that it is very convenient to use

    • by guinevere

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      As a married woman, I always get nervous when my menstrual period is delayed. After my three kids, I am not just yet ready to have another baby. Instead of looking up the internet for the early signs of pregnancy, I use a pregnancy test kit in order to ascertain whether I

      really am carrying another baby or not. For this I trust Medic Pregnancy Test.

      This pregnancy test kit is very easy to use. I just put a urine sample (most preferably taken during the first pee in the morning) in the slot allotted and wait for about less than one minute. What ...

      • I like most about the brand is that it is very convenient to use. You don’t need to understand the science about the test in order to ascertain the results. Compared to other brands which I used, Medic remains most reliable. Another brand (whose name I cannot remember already) gave a faint
        line in the test region and thus I mistook the test to have a negative result. But I was wrong for a check with the OB confirms that I was two months pregnant during that time.

        For your peace of mind, use Medic Pregnancy Test kit and stop relying on the pregnancy symptoms alone.

    samantha says :

    Hi, about two weeks after (possible) date of conception (around March 19) I used the Medic pt because I noticed that I’ve been feeling very tired and nauseous. I got a positive result. How accurate is this at the second week? I got two definite lines but dontreally have other signs such as breast tenderness so I’m pondering on wether it gave me the correct result
    Galega says :

    Two weeks is the sufficient time for hCG hormone to show up in the urine. I think the positive result is a clear sign pregnancy. Other symptoms will come over time.
    Olive says :

    HI Samantha Is it past your menstrual period already? Try to take another pregnancy test a day after your missed period. That usually gives a more correct result. Because what you may be experiencing now are pre-menstrual signs. sometimes pre-menstrual signs are often thought as pregnancy sign. And if you are taking certain medicines, it usually affects your hormone, sometimes HCG. But best to got to your OB. I hope this helps.
    Lacey Reyn says :

    Considering its been two weeks I would say the positive is most likely correct since sometimes you can tell if your pregnant after two days However the store bought tests have every now and again been known to give out false positives and negatives. I would recommend seeing your gynecologist and having them give you a 100% trust worthy answer. The few symptoms could be your own mind convincing you that you are pregnant if you are overly worried however it could just be too soon for the other symptoms to be showing. Overall if you are unsure and don’t absolutely trust the test go see a doctor. I usually take 2 or 3, not only because I have OCD but also because of math. If you get the same answer 3/3 times its probably correct At any rate if you are pregnant, congratulations
    T. A. Writer says :

    By the second week after the possible conception date, your body has already started producing quite enough hCG to make a test positive (25 mIU/mL or so). Not all pregnancies are the same, so you can’t rely on your symptoms alone. You may not ever get breast tenderness. Your positive result is most likely very accurate, probably like 99-point-something percent. You could always take a second test or just go to the doctor and have your blood tested now. Congrats on the pregnancy, but sorry about the nausea. I know what that’s like.
    shane says :

    hi, about 1month delay period, my period comes 18 of month but not. i wait until 1 week before use pt, and i use cheap 2pcs of pt but result is negative, then i wait until end of month i try again but its another brand medic pt but the result is negative again. what should i do ?
    Galega says :

    You are obviously not pregnant. Now, rule out any possibility of pregnancy and think about missing period. There might be some hormonal issues, like you are suffering from PCOS, which is leading to this problem. You should consult an OBGyne and proceed accordingly.
    Maria says :

    Hello My LMP is sept 13 - sept 16 had sex on sept 23 only. Had blood test last saturday oct 10 it shows less than 5. Tested medic preg test this morning shows negative but no AF and on 6th day progesterone today. Can i be pregnant?
    Galega says :

    Negative test means that you are not pregnant. Medic is quite accurate in predicting pregnancy. You can repeat test after one week, but I think that will also come negative.
    jewel says :

    When is recommended to visit obgyne
    Galega says :

    I think you are talking about the initial stage of pregnancy, otherwise there may be hundreds of reasons behind visiting an OBGyne.

    If you have missed period after having unprotected physical relationship after last menstruation, you should first check with a home based pregnancy test kit, like Medic Pregnancy. If the result is positive - two lines - immediately visit an OBGyne. If the result is negative wait for few days. If there is still no sign of menstruation, visit an OBGyne.
    Lav says :

    Hi. I am using a birth control pill for almost 2 years.. Lately i finished my pack of pill but my menstration didn t come.. After 4-5 days delayed i took a Medic pregnancy test and it was negative.. Bt there are some symptoms of being i really pregnant?? I’m delayed till now and it’s been two weeks delayed..
    Galega says :

    Since there are pregnancy symptoms, you need to repeat the test. Use the first urine of the morning for test. That will give you perfect result.
    Jace says :

    Hi It’s my first time to try Medic PT and I’m on my 5th day of missed period. It showed two lines but the test region is a faint line. Does it still mean the result is positive?

    Thanks :)
    Galega says :

    Yes, the result is positive.

    Even if the second line is faint, the result indicates positive test for pregnancy.
    Kenzii says :

    Hello there I just want to ask something. Last week I had oral sex with my boyfriend, then suppose to be these days should be my menstruation but it is almost 2weeks but not yet come. For now, I am 1wk and 5days delayed. Im not an irregular period host but this is my first time that my period comes very late. I will take the pregnancy test tommorow but is it possible that I am pregnant?
    Galega says :

    Oral Sex can never lead to pregnancy. That is simple Biology. You may not need to go for pregnancy test if there was no physical intercourse during last cycle. The reason behind delayed period might be something else.
    Vivian says :

    Hello. Im 29 31-day cycle. I had spotting of reddish brown on my 19th to 22nd of my cycle. And now im 7days late of my period. And experiencing lower back pain, lower abdominal cramps, headache, gastric pain, breast soreness, fatigue, frequent urination. I took hpt this morning and it came out negative. What do you think i should do next.
    Vivian says :

    And also when i sneezed yesterday, there s a vaginal discharge came out, it was milky white discharge.
    Vivian says :

    MY LAST period was on june 10.
    Vivian says :

    Please help me with this. Im really confused now. I would really appreciate your advices. Thanks. Ill wait for your reply.
    Galega says :

    You are not pregnant. Trust pregnancy test kit. You can repeat test to have better assurance. However, I think you are not pregnant as you had done test with the first urine of the morning.
    vida says :

    does not look like you are pregnant, only a few days late. and since previously your periods were on time, and this time their timming is wacked, so you are experiencing a lot of pain, but these are period pains. my daughter is always late, and when she does get it, she shows all the symptoms you just mentioned. so dont worry , but also go to a doctor, you might be getting hormonal imbalance. better get a check up done.
    joy says :

    Which line should appear first, the control line or the test line? Thanks
    Galega says :

    Control line will appear first. Test line will depend on the presence of hCH hormone in the urine. Test line may be faint or even darker than the control line depending on the amount of the hormone.
    frances says :

    hi.. please help me , I’ve already used 3 pt yesterday around 5pm.. the 2 pt shows positive result .. and the other one pt medic shows that the one line is faint .. is it possible that i’m pregnant??? please answer ..
    Galega says :

    You are pregnant

    There isn’t any scope of confusion here. Faint line is also an indication of pregnancy. I don’t know why you repeated the procedure for three times. One positive result should have been enough to fix an appointment with an OBGyne.
    frances says :

    so should i consult an OBYgyne ? am’i really pregnant now ? :)
    Galega says :

    Yes, Frances, you are REALLY pregnant. I don’t have any doubt about this.

    You must consult an OBGyne immediately and go for some necessary medical check ups.
    Ashley Dee says :

    It s quite possible that you are indeed pregnant. Take 2 more tests to be sure.
    Pooja says :

    Even if the second line is faint, that means pregnancy. There is absolutely no doubt about her pregnancy.
    Galega says :

    The question is not about possibility here. One thing that must be very clear at the outset is the fact that if the second line is faint, then still you are pregnant. It is just low amount of HGH hormone in the urine, for whatever reasons, which doesn’t allow the second line to bright as per expected lines.
    cath says :

    My last period was aug 10 and I had unprotected sex now and then. I took the pregnancy test yesterday and its negative but i felt like vomiting last night so i took another test early morning and still negative. I do have an ovarian cyst but never missed my period even it comes in shorter time like 2-3days only. Could it be pregnancy or what? Thanks
    Galega says :

    It is hard to say whether it is pregnancy or not. You should wait for one more week and then only repeat the test. If the result is still negative, then there is no possibility of pregnancy.
    Kkk says :

    Hi my last menstruation was feb 2-6 then i had sexual intercourse on feb 17 which is im supposedly fertile and we did it unprotected but was withdrawal. I was supposed to have my period on march 4 then its now march 26, 22 days delayed. I took Medic PT today in the morning and showed negative, i didnt see if theres a faint line cz i threw it after seeing the negative results. Is it possible i am pregnant.
    Galega says :

    You should repeat the test. Faint line also indicates pregnancy. Use the first urine of the morning (mid stream) for more accurate result.
    Kkk says :

    I checked the results after 5 mins and its still negative, I didnt see a faint line. And i did it first thing in the morning when i woke up.
    Galega says :

    That is a clear indication that you are not pregnant. There is no need to go for another test.
    Marinel valdez says :

    Hi,i had unprotected sex during my ovulation period,(july 21,)however i took emergency pills 3days after(july 23).I am expecting my period at august 4,I missed my period for almost 4 days,i had medic pregnancy test early in the morning(august 8),it shows negative,but i dont have my period yet,then after two days(august 10),i took another pregnancy test using medic,it came up negative also,im confused since still dont have my period,is there a possibility that im pregnant?
    Marinel Valdez says :

    My last menstruation was July 9
    Galega says :

    You had taken pills three days after making unprotected physical relationship. It works for upto 72 hours. In all probability, the emergency pill didn’t provide you protection. Hence, there is possibility of pregnancy in your case. Now, coming to test. If pregnant, the test should now have shown positive result. You have done two tests after the expected date of your period. I hope you are doing it with the first urine of the morning.
    Marinel says :

    Yes i do,when we had our intercourse,we did pull out method
    Galega says :

    Withdrawal method is also safe - not 100%, but to an extent. Even in this case, you should not worry about pregnancy. You are safe.
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