Million Dollar Baby, Directed by Clint Eastwood
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  • The story is very interesting from the beginning to the ending

    • by krishnakomali
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      The movie ‘Million Dollar Baby’ is really a million worth movie. The story of the movie was narrated mainly around a lady who struggles a lot to become Boxing champion and the problems she faced after becoming the champion.

      The central idea of the movie is to show the other side of coin. By this I mean the other side of a boxing champion.Main characters of the movie are Fleek, Maggie and Scrap. Clint Eastwood who is also the director of this movie performs Fleek character, Actress Hilary Swank acts as Maggies and Morgan Freeman acts as Scrap.

      Actors: Clint Eastwood ( Freek) Hilary Swank ( Maggie) Morgan FreeMan (Scrap)

      Freek is old but energetic professional coach with a firm look He trains boxing to couple of students in the Pit Pat gym owned by Scrap ,a friend to Freek. Maggie ,A lady of 31 years old approaches Freek and requests him to take her as his student and asks him to teach her boxing . But he refuses as he does not like to teache girls. He strongly belives that girls are unfit for boxing. Though Mr. Fleek refuses to teach her boxing , Maggie joins in the gym by paying her savings money to Mr.Scrap. The nextday when

      Freek sees Maggie kicking the boxing bag he raised with anger on Scrap who let her to enter into the gym.He does not respond properly when Maggie calls him ‘ Sir’. He clearly says to Maggie that he cannot be a boss to a girl. Still Maggie treats him as her Boss and practices even during the nights with permission of Scap. One day Mr. Freek comes to meet Mr.Scrap and finds Maggie kicking the speed bag. He comes to Maggie and explains her about the consequences to be faced if she wants to become a champ. Maggie explains him about her personal problems such as her father’s death,his mother’s obesity etc..and her keen interest in boxing . At last the coach who disagrees to train a 31 year old lady earlier decided to train her. He trains her all the boxing techniques. One day Maggie asks Mr. Flake whether she is eligible to participate in the match. As a response Mr. Fleek ,handsover her to another coach who trains girls and takes them to the matches. Maggie was not happy with that. Yet she participates in the match under supervision of another coach. Mr. Freek comes to watch the match , there he observes Maggie fighting with her opponent and doing some wrong steps. He intentionally comes to the Maggie’s side and tries to tell her how ...

      • to control the opponent. But the ring master asks him whether he was her coach, Mr.Freek says yes. Maggies cheers out with happy and follows her boss’s instructions and wins the match. After that she participates in many matches and becomes the world champion under golden guidance of Mr. Fleek. She earns millions of dollars and presents a big house to her mother and family members. The life goes fine and Maggie becomes famous celebrity and earns lots of name and fame. She thinks that the life is happy. But One bad day Maggie hurts badly due to her opponent’s mistake in the match and as a result her spinal cord breaks. She is admitted in to hospital. Later when she finds that her spinal cord is damaged and hence she cannot move and even cannot take a breath without oxygen cylinder, she burns out with tears. Mr.Fleek shouts on Mr.Scrap who forced her to train Maggie. He feels that it was all happened just because of him and if he would not have train her, this all would not have happened. But Maggie says to Mr.Scrap that this is happened all because of her negligence and she also tells that Mr.Fleek told many times to be attentive all the time and to keep her hands in attentive position always.Mr. Fleek looks after Maggie in the hospital, he takes
        care of her. No one comes from her home to look after her. Her mom comes to the hospital not for Maggie but for her million dollars money and asks Maggie to sign on some documents. Maggie hates her and asks her to get out. She discusses with Fleek about how easily people could change if on losts his fame and name . Meanwhile Maggie had to lost her leg because of infection. Maggie tries for suicide by bitting her tounge. But doctors saves her. Mr.Fleek who obsevers and understands the maggie’s condition and with her permission he simply disconnects the oxgen and lets her to permanent sleep.Later he goes to place which nonody knows for piece of mind and never returns back.

        The story is very interesting from the beginning to the ending. Clint Eastwood not acted but involved in the character.Hilary Swank performed very well as boxing baby. She acted such a way that I could not stop my tears when she agrees to disconnect her oxygen connection . Each and every dialogue that she speaks when she is on the hospital bed ,directly touches our hearts. The director Clint East wood succeeded in showing both sides of Boxer’s life.

        The story is based upon stories from ‘Rope Burns’ by F.X.Toole and directed by Clint East wood, produced by Albert S. Ruddy,Tom RosenBerg,Pal Haggis. It is Warner Bros Pictures, A timewarner company’s Product.

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