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  • Well, a few months ago I had a horrific experience with abscessed tooth
  • I know that sounds weird, but you really could only apply it to the outside of the tooth, and while it will numb the gums perfectly, it won't do much if the pain is INSIDE the tooth

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      Well, a few months ago I had a horrific experience with abscessed tooth. The pain was so great that I would literally cry myself to sleep and almost swallowed a whole bottle of Crest mouthwash in order to rinse out the germs that were accumulating at the back of my mouth.

      About the only time I ever got any relief was when I took dangerous amounts of Ibuprofen to staunch the pain, and on one episode, when the pain was under a little control, went to my local drug store to get something that I hoped would help more than just the pills and mouthwash.

      A friend had already suggested that I use Secrets as that had helped

      her numb her tooth pain some years back, but I honestly didn’t think a lozenges was going to give me any real benefit, but I still snagged a tin but also bought the Kanka Soft Brush Gel, by Blistex. It looks a lot like a Sharpie pen, where you twist the bottom part so that it delivers the anesthetic to the soft brush top where you can then brush it against the part of your tooth that is in wretched pain.

      I can’t tell you how excited I was to see that this was an anesthetic, even if it was a tad pricey. I thought oh praise be! Finally, I can get some rest and not want to ...

      • bash my head into a wall. But such sweet dreams are readily and quickly dashed, I’m afraid. However, I don’t want you to think that it didn’t work. It did. Boy did it work, but not the way I wanted it to.

        First off, that soft brush will numb EVERYTHING it touches. I mean almost like you got a shot of Novocaine through your lip and the inside of your cheek. But for some odd reason, it did NOTHING for the pain. I know that sounds weird, but you really could only apply it to the outside of the tooth, and while it will numb the gums perfectly, it won’t do much if the pain is INSIDE

        the tooth. Also, another complaint is the way the twist is designed. I could never get the right amount. Either it was way too much or I didn’t get hardly any of the Benzocaine to appear on the tip.

        Overall, the Secrets worked MUCH better. This stuff is just too messy, hard to handle and really didn’t do much for the pain. I’m sure if you’re got sore gums or lips, or even cut the inside of your cheek, this would be a fantastic product to use. But if you’ve got a toothache and it’s not just nerves hanging out, then don’t get this. It will be a waste of money. Spend it on a tin of Secrets instead.

    Clyde Tigner says :

    I have used the Kanka Pen many times to numb and help heal my mouth sores. It was especially relieving when I was taking medications that limited my secretions. The dry mouth these medications caused was unbearable to me, and I had not only lots of sores in my mouth. The Kanka Pen was like a heaven-sent solution to this problem for me. Whenever I applied the gel to my mouth, I could feel the pain go away. I didn’t care about the rest of the numbness - the pain was gone. Not only this, but also within a few hours of applying the gel my sore healed up and went away I would highly recommend this to anyone who experiences what I did It is wonderful

    I have tried other preparations that put an annoying coating in my mouth - they are awful and I won’t use them unless I am so completely desperate and can’t find a Kanka Pen.

    I am having difficulty finding these in the stores right now, and I am becoming very frustrated over this. I consider the Kanka Pen essential to have in my medical closet. In fact, I have lost pen after pen as I have carried them around in my pants pockets and they have fallen out.

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