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  • The plasma pulse rifles seen in the earlier films are gone and replaced by ordinary rifles like we have today, so this elimiated the wizz-bang effects that I think a lot of us liked

    • by Gonzo808

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      More than anything, the trailers for this movie ruined it for me since they gave so much away. You knew going in that Marcus was a Terminator and you knew that he was a good guy who was never a threat to John Connor. But, the spoilers weren’t fatal to my enjoyment of the film.

      This movie fulfills a demand made by fans of the first three films, in that they wanted to see the actual war where John led the Resistance and achieved victory over Skynet. Three movies and a TV series never answered that need of the fans, so this movie is supposed to be the answer to that demand.

      There is a lot of fighting in the film, with a lot of CGI used to make the battles more realistic. New Terminators are introduced, such as the aquatic models, Terminator motorcycles and even the T-600

      series. All of these new machines make the human Resistance’s fight all the more desperate and you can see how futile it must seem for humans, who reproduce one-at-a-time and it can take years before they are able to fight, versus Skynet which can make hundred of battle-ready Terminators everyday.

      In this film, John Connor is not the overall leader of the Resistance, but is a commander of an elie unit and is well-respected among the other members of the overall Resistance. This disagrees with the first film, which strongly implied that it was John who started and led the Resistance from the beginning by his own personal leadership in raising the human Resistance from the ground up. Kyle Reese said in the first film, “There was a man - a great man - who taught us to fight…” so the implication was clear. But, the fourth ...

      • film removed that canon statement with one of its own devising. It seemed natural that military leadership that would survive Judgement Day wouldn’t simply follow his orders right from the get-go, so John received a secondary status.

        While things have been added - new Terminators, humans wit their own aircraft, etc - other things were taken away. The plasma pulse rifles seen in the earlier films are gone and replaced by ordinary rifles like we have today, so this elimiated the wizz-bang effects that I think a lot of us liked.

        But, the film lacked the humor found in the earlier films, there seemed to be few of the lighthearted moments you’d find in the earlier films as well as the moments where John seemed to feel overwhelmed by the enormous responsibility that he was destined for after Judgement Day. Connor was just an ordinary soldier, looking for

        the end of the war, just as soldiers have always been throughout history.

        Despite the fast action in much of the film, I never found myself gripping the edge of my seat, as I did in the factory chases in the first and second films or the T-X chasing John and Kate in the third film. There was never a time in the whole film where I actually was worried about the main characters surviving or not.

        Yes, there are some unexpected twists in the film which will take you off-guard. There are surprises. But, nothing earth-shattering.

        Not a bad movie and I will watch it again, but I won’t go out of my way to do so.

        It is a given that there will be two more films and this was the first installment of that trilogy. We can only hope that the next two films will be done better.

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