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  • I suppose that, for the most part, this claim is true, but I'll explain why I don't recommend this product
  • The only other thing I like about this mascara is a potentially huge plus to people who have problems with wearing mascara because it bothers their eyes

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      This mascara comes in some odd shades like “Purple Amethyst” (purple) and “Raison Quartz” (red). For the record, I bought Purple Amethyst. It claims that it will make your eye color look more intense. I suppose that, for the most part, this claim is true, but I’ll explain why I don’t recommend this product.

      I have only had this mascara a few months, and the tube is already beginning to crack. I store it with my other make-up, which has suffered no ill effects from being in a tupperware bin in a closet, so I’m guessing it has a lot more to do with the fact that everything about this mascara is ‘cheap’. The only redeeming factor that this mascara has - and it’s a compelling one for some people, I admit - is the fact that it seems to be one of the few mascaras claiming to be “hypoallergenic” that actually is.

      Except, of course, the price.

      THE PRICE:

      /> This mascara runs for about $8.00. This is a pretty ‘average’ mascara price, but I do not feel that it is on par with its competition. In everything from packaging to smudging, Almay Intense i-color Thickening Mascara is sub-par. This is a $3.00 mascara with an $8.00 price tag.

      THE PACKAGING: This mascara comes affixed to a cardboard tag. There is one mascara tube and a mascara wand. The mascara tube comes with an extra (wand-less) cap. This puzzled me at first, but I soon came to understand why it came with an extra cap. While the mascara wand looked o.k. in the packaging, once I got it out I discovered that it was a hard pointy rubber torture device. The bristles are short and spiky, they have no give, and if you aren’t careful, they hurt! I immediately tossed the wand that the Almay came with and used the wand from my last tube of (Maybelline) mascara. Much ...

      • better. I almost feel as if they gave you an extra cap because they knew just how bad their mascara wand was.

        THE EXPERIENCE: We have already established that I hate the mascara brush. What about the mascara itself?

        I would hardly call it “thickening”. In fact, it’s very thin. Worse than just being thin, it’s thin and clumpy. All that this mascara does is tints and slightly darkens your lashes while clumping them together.

        The color is very nice, however. I actually like the color a lot. It’s a very nice, subtle deep purple. You don’t look like a clown, either. It gives just the slightest tint to your lashes, and it does what it says - my hazel eyes actually look slightly more vivid when I use it. It’s a shame that almost everything else about this mascara is disappointing.

        The only other thing I like about this mascara is a potentially huge plus to people who have

        problems with wearing mascara because it bothers their eyes. This mascara does not bother my eyes at all. Most mascaras bother them at least slightly (I put up with it) but I have not felt a single itch or tingle from the Almay mascara. In fact, I accidentally fell asleep with it on, and whereas any other time I fall asleep wearing mascara I wake up feeling like someone rubbed sand in my eyes, I didn’t react to the Almay at all.

        CONCLUSION: I would not recommend this mascara to anyone. It’s overpriced for the quality of product that it is. It’s thin, it clumps lashes together, and the mascara wand is terrible. The color is very nice, though, so that’s a shame. I would say that its only really redeeming quality is how gentle it is on sensitive eyes. If you have sensitive eyes and haven’t been able to find another product, you might give this a try. Honestly, I’d hold out for something better.

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