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  • Often times characters will make the common sense decisions, or devise these strange plans on how to get out of a relationship, or avoid some awkward interaction with someone

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      Seinfeld was a comedic TV Show that is now over, but while it lasted had an excellent run and was very enjoyable. It stars Jerry Seinfeld, who is a famous comedian in real life as most of you should know, and who also plays the role of a comedian in the show.

      Seinfeld has a unique sense of humor and a unique set of characters, and together thy team up to make the show very entertaining. There are four main characters, Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine, George, and Kramer. George is a short, bald-headed, short tempered, and cheap man. Kramer is Jerry’s crazy neighbor, period. Jerry is a local comedian who slowly gains recognition as the show progresses. And Elaine is the only gal in the main group, who lives a little farther away and who initially got into a relationship with Jerry, adding all sorts of comedic features as the show progresses, as they are exes, but still maintain friends. The show is based in New York and revolves around Jerry mostly, and his interactions with his friends and more importantly the rest of the city.

      What really makes the show funny is to observe each of the group members actions relating to the public. Each characters has this

      strange set of personality flaws, that eventually leads them to some awkward situations that are inevitable, and you are also able to watch them sabotage their relationships. For example, George is very cheap, and is really up tight about certain subjects and is really set on being correct at all times. Kramer is just plain crazy, and George and Elaine have more subtle but still noticeable issues.

      The presence of a ‘normal’ person in Seinfeld is a quite rare event. Even the clearly normal characters to start turn out in the end to have some crazy flaw that makes them irregular, of course including all of the main characters. This is funny because it is also similar to real life, as although you may see people that can be easily defined as ‘normal’ everyone has their own set of strange features, and whats great about Seinfeld is you are able to see how those features are brought out and exposed, for all characters.

      Seinfeld also embodies the commonly known phrase that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Often times characters will make the common sense decisions, or devise these strange plans on how to get out of a relationship, or avoid some awkward interaction with ...

      • someone. What is great about this is it almost never works out for that character. The small percentage alternative to each of these plans finds a way for it to work itself out and occur, usually leaving the characters in a horrible position leaving them in some social disaster, looking like a fool.

        There are also a series of rituals and common events that occur, such as Kramer’s surprise entrances and how certain people manage to work their way into events that you know aren’t going to work out for them. For example, George is neither capable of properly maintaining a relationship or a job, and after he finally gets into either of them, you are able to observe what new way he is able to mess something up for himself, and it is always a surprise, even though the end result is already known by the audience.

        The sense of humor in this show is what really makes it great. The type of comedy revolves around irony as well as other small things. There are always dual plots in each episode, where two different things are occurring with different characters, which are usually similar in a way, and then by the end of the episode they

        intertwine in some sort of hilarious combination. The show is also about the unexpected occurring. While this may take place in New York and the plot may usually relate to petty matters, the characters usually end up in some surprise situation, where there is some extreme strange occurrence that baffles one of the characters, and its always fun to watch its ironic aftermath and the characters discussion of it at their favorite coffee shop.

        One of the last features that I have grown to enjoy about this show and how it works is Jerry’s comedy sessions. At the beginning and end of each episode, you are able to see Jerry at the local club, performing his comedy act. This is great, because first of all it is funny, and second of all, all of his comedic acts are derived from the actions of that episode, so it is quite clear where fictional Jerry retrieves his material.

        In the end Seinfeld is a hilarious show, and you may find yourself quite addicted to watching its episodes. I’d suggest you give it a look, the show won’t let you down.

        Pros: Characters are hilarious and fun to watch Type of humor is great: Irony, twin plots, and unpredictable results

        Cons: None I can think of…

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