The Aria Pro II JS Series Electric Guitar
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  • I bought this way back in the early 1990's when I just started playing guitar

    • by 6Clix

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      The Aria Pro II JS Series was the first electric guitar I ever bought. I bought this way back in the early 1990’s when I just started playing guitar. Back then, I didn’t really know much about electric guitars but at that time, I was looking for a guitar with at least 22 frets and a locking tremolo system. I was thinking of buying a Fender Strat that I saw in the music store but it only had 21 frets, and my brother who knew even less about electric guitars than I

      do, kept nagging me to buy the Aria Pro II so I did.

      The Aria Pro II JS Series electric guitar has 22 frets and a locking nut. It doesn’t have a locking tremolo bridge. Its bridge though is a bit similar to a Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge, minus the locks. The strings would then go out of tune if the tremolo is used heavily. I played in heavy metal bands so I did lots of dive bombs and the guitar would go out of tune every time I did one so

      I had to re-tune the guitar after every song or in the middle of a song if I could.

      The tone of the Aria Pro II JS Series is not really good. In fact it’s close to sounding horrible. It has two single coil pickups and a humbucking pickup at the bridge. The bridge pickup sounds dull and the bridge pickup sounds like the tone you’d get if you plug a guitar to a megaphone. And it sounds like that regardless of what amplifier is used. It has a five-position pickup ...

      • The Aria Pro II JS Series Electric Guitar
      selector lever and two control knobs for master volume and master tone. The Aria Pro II JS Series sounds bad regardless of what pickup configuration is chosen.

      The Aria Pro II JS Series has a very thin neck, which is good for playing fast. When I bought the guitar, its action was too high making the strings hard to play. I had to make lots of adjustments with the truss rod and the bridge to make the strings at least playable. Since I played in mostly rock and heavy metal bands,

      I compensated for the guitar’s lack of desirable tone by using lots of distortion, guitar effects, and equalizer.

      Overall, the Aria Pro II JS Series is just a bad guitar. I did a research on the internet about it but I couldn’t find any information about the JS Series. This guitar is probably so bad, even its maker Aria, had all information about it stricken off their records. I changed the bridge to a Floyd Rose Licensed double-locking tremolo system and its playability just got worse. I still keep the guitar though… for sentimental reasons only.

cms25731 says :

Wished I had read this b4 I purchased one. Was working on one and took a look at the wood and found that it’s made of compressed wood…kinda like paper…please correct me if I’m wrong. The neck/fretboard seems solid and usable.

I think I will rebuilt it or add a MIDI P/U like the Roland type internally just for kick….
6clix replies :


Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you are correct about the wood they used for the body. I installed a double-locking tremolo system on mine and had to carve out a chunk of wood from the body to fit the low-profile tremolo system and I was surprised that it wasn’t made of hardwood. I had to use lots of varnish just to make the wood hard. And again, you’re right about the neck. It’s pretty decent and very thin and is designed for shredding/fast playing. Adding a midi p/u to it is interesting.
Steve says :

I have the js and a 80s rs there is a big difference between the two .the rs is a much better built guitar.I did some work on the rs and it has a invader pickup it sounds and plays easy and bright.adding the pickup really livened it up .now that I’ve done some work to the js it’s so much better and for a used guitar under the 300.00 range it plays well.I had to sand it down and I’m really not sure what it’s made of but aria pros are not made of paper it’s a good brand ask around.fret work is really good the neck is incredable.I don’t think the arias from the 90s were there greatest but a good luther can set them up well.If anyone knows what kind of wood these are let me’s to heavy to be compressed wood or something that cheap.I will agree about the paint its terrible.also changed out the pots.don’t no what they were thinking there either.
Steve says :

I’m back i just got finished with the. Aria pro js3 .I changed to a neck and middle invader style single coils and a real invader in the bridge .changed the switch and the pots. The neck is so nice and the body came out like black glass.I cant put it down.if any of you guys out there are looking for a hotrod project this is a good one i couldn’t be happier.this model with some fresh upgrades and you got a real badass in your collection for all together maybe 450.00 . You can play light rock hard rock or pushes the tubes sooner and all you would need with a solid state is a tube screamer or darker and metal maybe a metal muff from ibanez or electro harmonics,if anyone doesn’t kno about aria they they build real nice basses and guitars there big promoter was yingwie malmsteen.the necks have always been one of their strong points.the fret Work is just perfect and they experimented with a lot of woods in the late eighties and nineties.for me the js3 is a now a guitar i can’t do without.I hope all of you come across a guitar that makes you wanna play more.This was one of mine.
gian says :

I was about to purchase it because you saved me
Steven J daemicke says :

Easily upgrade able and a good solid start for custom builds. The neck is so nice and the fretwork is beautiful. Yes the electronics are a bit weak but the body is easily paintable and with new pots and pickups you won t be able to put it down. Plus this is probably one of the cheaper arias so you won t break the bank off the start.If you have the money and want to buy a aria already to go. Look up the 80s models and if you can find a stock one try those.Yingvie malmstien Used to be the big name permoting arias in the eighties and for good cause . If you want a realy well built guitar you can modify the JS or look for a stray cat or knight warrior from 1985? I mess with a lot of guitars but always end up back with the arias.
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