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    • by krishnakomali

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      I would like to describe about the product that made my father-in-law most happiest person . The name of the product is Acc-Check Compact glucose monitor . My husband purchased this product in Dubai for his father who is a diabetic patient. As my father-in-law is 67 years old. And that too diabetic. After using this product he felt very happy as he need not go to laboratory every time to test his glucose. Let me take a chance to place information about such amazing product.

      Acc-Check Compact Blood glucose monitor is specially designed for the diabetic patients who check their blood glucose on their own regularly . Accu-Check Compact exactly looks like your mobile phone and gives accurate result on

      testing your blood sample within 8seconds. Don’t you find it amazing? Now you no longer have to go the laboratory ,give the blood ,and wait for hours to get the test results. Now with this accu-check compact device you have got everything on your fingertips. This device is safe and easy to use. Product description: Accu-check compact device looks like your mobile phone and easily fits in your palm.

      It has a L. C. D. screen to show the test results. A drum of 17 test strips are given with this device. Test strips are conveniently loaded in the drum.

      Apart from this Accu-Check softclix lancing device (also called prick pen) comes along with this device to collect the blood sample from fingertips ...

      • or earlobe. The collection of the blood with this device is pain free and it collects just 1. 5uL(millionth of a Litre) of blood . The depth of lancet pencentration canbe adjusted to suit individual skin requirements. 17 test needles are comes with this pack. These needles are previously sterilized.

        Function of the Device: A Drum loaded previously with test strips is inserted in the Accu-check compact device. When you press the specified button of the device ,it ejects a test strip from the drum automatically. When you place the blood sample which you have already collected from your fringertip using softclix lancing device, it gives the result. Operation of the Device: Operation of Accu-Check blood glucose monitor is simple and

        easy. 1. Load the Drum that contains 17 test strips into the device.

        2. Press the Button specified(test strip will be ejected automatically). 3. Collect the Blood Sample using softclix lancing Device(prick pen). 4. Place the sample blood on the test strip.

        5. Press the button specified 6. Obseve your test result(I,e. glucose in your blood) on the monitor. That’s all. Don’t you think it easy.

        Advantages I found with Accu_check compact device: 1. Blood collection is pain free. 2. Handling of Individual test strips as in other devices is not required as the strips are previously loaded in the drum. 3. Immediate results without any cumbersome preparations.

        4. Easy to carry anywhere as it is designed small 5. Economic as it cuts of your laboratory charges . This product made my father-in-law happy. Don’t you think this as a good news for all diabetics.

    John Morris says :

    I have an Accu-Chek Aviva, s n 52511995742. How do you change the time display? Thank you
    Galega says :

    You can set the time display by pressing the button (which is on the head of the machine). After that press Increase or Decrease on the front menu. For pictorial display of setting time display see this User Manual (Page 10):
    chitra says :

    what is the difference between accu-check and the laboratory test results. why do you find the difference between these two types.
    Galega says :

    There are many reasons behind this.

    First, Accu Chek is supposed to give you some idea. It is something that you use to get`almost’ exact information. The accuracy of laboratory test is definitely going to be better.

    You, a non professional, use this machine. Laboratory test is done by professionals.

    At the laboratory test, high end machines are used to get accurate results.
    Cathy says :

    I have an Accu-check compact with the barrel of test strips. I keep getting and E5 message, but since I can`t find my booklet, what does this E5 mean? Thanks
    Galega says :

    E-5 means that the code key you are getting is from expired test strips. You are required to check the code number of the test strips and see that it should match with code key number. You are also required to check the time and date (that should be correct).

    Click here to read the entire list of error and other messages. Click on the Error to get information about that (preserve it since you have lost your booklet):

    The code key is from an expired lot of test strips. Ensure the code key number matches the code number on the test strip container. Make sure the time and date in the meter are correct.
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