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  • The voice acting by the characters is no doubt the best in the series
  • Sadly, a lot of parts in the game are repetitive and boring (much more so than the backtracking in the earlier RE games)
  • This being said, I believe RE5 has lost that Survival Horror feeling and replaced it with Survival-Action

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      Resident Evil 5 (or RE5), the latest installment to the ever-popular Resident Evil game series, was released more or less 3 and a half years after RE4. And since then, it has received mixed reviews, and a lot of people have been asking questions about it.

      First off, let’s start with what’s easily seen: the graphics. And there’s only one way to describe it: beautiful. The level of detail is simply stunning. And the “smoothness” of the movements/ motion of everything in the game is very realistic, from the characters to the environment. Capcom sure wasn’t joking around when they wrote (at the back of the CD box) the lines, “Intense visuals so real, you won’t be able to forget them,” and, “Powerful lighting effects create tension in both harsh sunlight and extreme darkness.”

      Next up is the SFX/BGM. It sure adds

      to the atmosphere of the game. I myself am using a 5.1 surround sound system, and it makes the sound effects so real that I almost feel like being in the video game world itself. The voice acting by the characters is no doubt the best in the series.

      Now, the storyline. (I’m sorry if this part is gonna be somewhat short, I don’t want to put spoilers.) It starts off where RE4 ended: the Ganados were taken care of, but Wesker succeeded in securing a sample of the Las Plagas for his *twisted* research and his quest to gain more power (Woo! Wesker’s a busy man. Next up: world domination!). The rest of the world, being scared of having a “Raccoon City/ Umbrella Incident Deja Vu” has established the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance, or BSAA. Chris, by the way, is ...

      • not alone in this adventure. He is joined by Sheva Alomar, an African Agent from the above-mentioned organization.

        Gameplay is where people have mixed opinions. RE5, in a manner of speaking, was generally designed for Co-op play. You have to interact with your partner, whether it be AI (for single-player mode) another player beside you (offline co-op), or over the net (online co-op). Also, the fancy upgradable inventory from RE4 was scratched and replaced by a 9-slot one. By the way, does not pause the game when you check your items, so you have to be quick especially when there are enemies lurking about, since they are much smarter here.

        Sadly, a lot of parts in the game are repetitive and boring (much more so than the backtracking in the earlier RE games.) RE5’s “replayability” is way lower that other REs. There

        are no multiple possible endings, no puzzles (the “puzzles” in this game can hardly be called such, since they’re as easy as the lower levels of Tetris), and certainly none of that “what the heck is behind that door?!” resident evil feeling. Instead, you get more of a “there’s a freak behind that door, and I’m gonna kill it” feeling. This being said, I believe RE5 has lost that “Survival Horror” feeling and replaced it with “Survival-Action.” This, however, is just normal in any survival horror game. (At the beginning, you are scared to your wits, because you know very little of what’s going on, but, as your awareness of what’s happening expands, the more you are aware of what is gonna happen and what you’re gonna do.)

        Nevertheless, Resident Evil 5 is still a great game, and a great addition to the series.

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