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  • The Geek Squad is part of the Best Buy chain
  • I'm not sure I like that, especially considering what happened today
  • What do I think of Best Buy and their Geek Squad

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      The FCC hired The Geek Squad to help people in America with the transition from analog to digital TV. This was announced in early June of 2009. The Geek Squad is part of the Best Buy chain. They do home service for computers and such, only it’s apparently expanded to home theater services and TV activities.

      When I called a few days to make an appointment, it was a ridiculously long process. I called the number provided in the information. An operator answered and wanted to know how to direct my call. I was then transferred to a DTV agent. The sole purpose of the DTV agent was to get my zip code and then transfer me to another number. Essentially, it was a convoluted way of getting me to my local store.

      I told the gal what I wanted. She then transferred me to another gal, who was completely confused because she was told I was wanting a TV installation. Uh, no.

      Then her system went wacky and she said they were updating and she couldn’t help me. She gave a long order number and told me to call the 800 number and they could schedule it.

      When I called the 800 number, there was no

      record of it in the system. Worse, they couldn’t schedule it because it has to come from the store. I had no choice but to repeat the entire process all over again.

      So, I call the number, get transferred to the DTV agent, give the zip code, get transferred to the store, tell the store what I want, and get transferred again to actually get the appointment made. If Best Buy is losing money, this system has to be one of the reasons why. I’ve never been through anything as convoluted as this ever.

      So now I’m talking to Jessica, or maybe it’s Melissa, and I made a point of asking her very specific questions because I had a definite concern. My roof top antenna has a twin lead wire coming into the house that is connected to my equipment. It really needs to be coax. I asked if they did that, if they had the cable to do it, and asked a third time if that was part of their service. I could not have spelled it out any clearer. Each time she said yes.

      So, what happens? The guy gets here and says no, he can’t do it. It’s not the right kind of ...

      • appointment. She scheduled it wrong. They don’t do that as part of the FCC service. I was so angry. I demanded to talk to his boss. That’s Jason, who’s a lead installer and not really the big boss, but he was better than nothing. My problem is that Jonathan S., the technician, and Jason were giving me two different stories, and when I’d point that out to Jason, he’d backtrack a little and alter the story.

        I feel very lied to. There was no caring, no responsibility, and no feeling of obligation on their parts. Their employee lied to me and they should be taking that up with her, not punishing me, their customer, for it.

        One more thing, these guys aren’t even my local store. Though the appointment was made through them, they are from further out. I’m not sure I like that, especially considering what happened today.

        When I called the 800 number to complain to a supervisor as Jason recommended, I kept getting the scheduling line, with a wait of up to an hour. I tried three separate times to get the operator to get me a supervisor directly, but she refused. This is not good customer service. If they’ve grown

        so big that to get a supervisor, you have to jump through hoops and answer about 5 questions to get to the right place, it’s time to restructure.

        As for what the technician did in hooking up the box, I actually think I knew more than he did. I asked him questions I already had an idea of the answer from online research, and he gave wrong answers. I just decided to let him finish and leave and I’d figure out the answers later. There’s a forum I’ve been participating in where the answers are respectfully and eagerly given by the members. They can guide me. This guy just wasn’t well versed in the process.

        So, first it took almost an hour just to make the appointment. Then I was lied to after asking 3 times a very specific question. Then I had a technician that knew less than I did and who refused to honor the promise made to me when the appointment was made. After that the lead installer gave me a lot of double talk, and finally, the 800 operator number refused to connect me with a supervisor.

        What do I think of Best Buy and their Geek Squad? Not much; not much at all.

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