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  • Unfortunately, when the date came on the calendar and I retested I was still Vitamin D deficient
  • I like Vitamin D supplements that don't stick together, that absorb, and that taste nice

    • by Michigan_Mother

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      My doctor started my on Vitamin D 50,000 IU gel caps from Teva Pharmaceuticals when I was first diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. Although I spend a lot of time outdoors, I also use sunscreen religiously and the sun was not able to get to my skin to convert Vitamin D in my system as it should. I was told I would need to take the Vitamin D capsules once a week for three months and then retest to see if my deficiency had been corrected.

      Unfortunately, when the date came on the calendar and I retested I was still Vitamin D deficient. In fact, my level after taking Vitamin D 50,000 IU once a week from Teva Pharmaceuticals was exactly the same.

      Taking the medication for a full three months had not changed my results at all. I was very disappointed in this result. My doctor didn’t understand it because three months of therapy is the golden standard for Vitamin D supplementation at such high weekly doses and should have corrected my deficiency.

      All of my other labs were normal, so we looked at the medication itself. Vitamin D 50,00 IU manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals comes as a bright green gel capsule. It’s so bright green that when you shine it up to the light you could mistake it for a Christmas tree bulb. We suspect that I was intolerant of the dye in the Vitamin D from Teva Pharmaceuticals, but could not get anyone ...

      • at the company to give us much information on it. I have difficulties with other dyes, and sometimes it causes problems with medication absorption in my system. So, we ended up switching Vitamin D formulations and my levels resolved themselves.

        Another thing, besides a complete lack of efficiency, that I disliked about the Vitamin D 50,000 IU gel capsules manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals was that they were very sticky. Each month I would get four gel capsule in a bottle. Since most prescriptions are larger than four pills, I had a lot of wasted space in the pill bottle. However, even on the first day getting them home from the pharmacy the four pills would stick together and that made them hard to

        get out of the bottle. When I asked my pharmacist about it, I was told that the gel caps just came that way. They suggested maybe popping them into the freezer after parting them, and keeping them in the freezer.

        When I was taking them I was always afraid they would gum together so badly that I would tear them apart and have a bigger mess. Fortunately that didn’t happen, however, it also didn’t give me a lot of confidence in the manufacturer. I like Vitamin D supplements that don’t stick together, that absorb, and that taste nice. The Vitamin D 50,000 IU gel capsules from Teva Pharmaceuticals tasted like medicine, but did not prove to be an effective medicine for me.

    drema sigler says :

    I have only taken one of the above two weeks ago. I was to take 1 per week. Starting the evening that I took the pill I had uncontrollable bladder issues. It was so bad that I went to a walk-in clinic over the weekend to check for a bladder infection. The urine test culture showed normal. For an entire week I could go nowhere that didn`t have a bathroom as I would have the urgency even after urinating. I was averaging at least 5-6 trips to the bathroom per hour. My doctor and pharmacist have declared that they have never had anyone complain of this even though frequent urination is listed as a possible side effect. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated as I`ve had to cease taking the supplement. There has to be reasons it is listed as a side-effect and testimonies from people who experienced this. I`m just desperately trying to find out if it truly was the Vitamin D that caused such a reaction because I really want to correct the deficiency. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
    Galega says :

    You should have written your age and the disease for which the doctor had recommended you Vitamin D 50,000 IU.

    Many doctors count stomach problems with high dose of Vitamin D and one of its possible side effects. I have also taken Vitamin D 1,000 once without any overt or covert side effects. But, yours dose is 50 times higher than what was mine.

    In the current situation, you are required to urgently consult your physician.
    Sara says :

    I was recently put on this supplement due to extremely low vitamin D (lots of patterned aches paired with lethargy led to my dr. testing me). The Pharmacist said that Teva contains Yellow number 5. which I thought the FDA made illegal back in the 80’s as it was a proved carcinogen and would build up in tissues and cause cancer. I don’t understand why they add these toxic substances to meds.

    I am allergic to a very different med that also has Yellow number 5, I believe I am allergic to the other medications active ingredient, but the Pharmacist mentioned to be aware if I develop similar drug reaction since contains same die.

    I took the first pill on Saturday at noon. Sunday evening, I noticed frequent urination. Although nowhere as frequent as Drema. But still 2xs an hours is not usual for me. Monday I noticed continued frequent urination about the same intensity. Monday late afternoon, I felt urge to vomit, but did not. 9 hours later I vomited up a portion of my late dinner. I am wondering if this is related to the Ergo Vit D 50000mg manufactured by Teva? And if I should discontinue taking. I will be monitoring closely and check with my doctor. But I thought I would but this out there for information purposes and any helpful comments are welcome. Thank you.
    Galega says :

    I have previously heard many people complaining about stomach pain because of high dose of Vitamin D. Since, you are taking a very high dose (50,000 IU), you can get some sort of side effects. But, I never encountered a person complaining about increased frequency of urination because of this. We all are different with our own peculiar mechanism, so I suggest you to discuss this stuff with your doctor who had prescribed you Vitamin D.

    One more thing, since your doctor has asked you to take 50000 IU, you are certainly deficient in Vitamin D.
    Robin says :

    re : Unfortunately, when the date came on the calendar and I retested I was still Vitamin D deficient
    About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with a Vit D deficiency. It has occurred about 3-4 times since that time. In each instance I was put on weekly dose of 50,000 IU of Vit D for 12 weeks, manufactured by Teva. Typically, between weeks 2 and 3 I started feeling noticeably better.
    A couple of months ago I was diagnosed once again and given the same prescription, but for a 15 week supply. I am currently on week 11 but am still experiencing Vit D deficiency symptoms. I asked the pharmacy to check to see if there had been a recall on this item and they told me there had not. (Once, Teva recalled their Vitamin D due to broken glass in the capsules.)
    I am convinced when I return to the doctor I will still test low for Vit D just as the woman who commented above and am seriously wondering about the efficacy of the current batch of this product.
    Bill Maus says :

    Are there any known side affects? I am a diabetic and since I started taking the vitamin D 50,000IU I have started swelling in my feet and legs.
    Nitesh Mainaly says :

    Swelling, especially in the feet, is a common side effect of vitamin D toxicity, or the intake of too much vitamin D. I suggest you lower your dosage immediately.
    Galega says :

    If high dose of Vitamin D is taken for long duration, lots of side effects might happen. However, in case of Vitamin D deficiency, high doses can be taken for short duration under the supervision of a doctor. The problems you are having might be because of this high dose. Why did you take 50, 000 IU? Were you Vitamin D deficient? If you are not Vit D deficient, there is no need to take this dose. Remember, 4000 IU is termed is perfectly safe for a normal person. I suggest you to stop taking this supplement and contact your doctor.
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Vitamin D toxicity can also cause kidney and liver damage. It can also cause a condition known as hypercalcemia where the body deposits too much calcium into the blood. This can cause a variety of health problems as this calcium is deposited into various areas of the body like the kidney, liver, and lungs. You should seek medical attention immediately.
    Paladin says :

    Thanks so much for the information. I was about to start this but I found that it contains Gelatin which maybe from animal source and I cannot have any of that.

    By the way, I think it is to be expected from TEVA, they are a cheapo outfit anyway. Make lot of generic stuff. I do not know if there is a difference between D2 and D3 to make up the deficiency. A lot of health stores do sell D3 up to 10000 UI tablets which can be chewed easily.

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