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  • The emergen-c kidz cost about $10 for a box of 36 packets which is not a good value compared with chewable childrens vitamins that are $6 for a bottle of 60-100

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      Emergen-C kidz comes in single serving packets of powdered multi-vitamin that you are supposed to add to your kids water. They are marketed with the idea that they are a fun fizzy soda pop kind of drink. They come in 3 flavors strawnana berry blast, orange pineapple and cherry yumberry. It says on the packet to mix it with 4-6oz of water depending on how strong you want the flavor to be. I mixed them with 6 ounces and it fizzed up like it is supposed to but it seemed kind of thick and when I tried a sip of

      it, it tasted like a crushed up childrens vitamin, like a flinstones crushed up an added to the water-very chalky.

      I gave it to my 2 and 8 year old kids and neither of them liked it- any of the flavors. I gave them more of the orange pineapple flavor later mixed with 6 ounces of orange juice instead of water and I didn’t tell the kids it was in their juice, I just told them it was a new fizzy orange juice and they seemed to tolerate it, I wouldn’t say they liked it but they did drink it ...

      • all without making faces or spitting it out. I haven’t given them more and ended up giving away the rest of the box to someone else to try.

        Kids vitamins are expensive so I try to get something that is a good value for the money. The emergen-c kidz cost about $10 for a box of 36 packets which is not a good value compared with chewable childrens vitamins that are $6 for a bottle of 60-100.

        Overall I would say that this is a product that is not worth the money. Just for the fact that you don’t get very

        much product for the price. If the kids really liked it I might have been willing to pay a little extra, but probably only a few dollars. It would cost $20 for a two month supply something I normally pay $6 for.

        If your looking for a new vitamin that is more kid friendly or you happen to have a picky child that dosen’t eat healthy and needs extra vitamins. I would suggest going with gummi viatmins or the gumball kind, maybe even meal replacement drinks like pedia sure before buying emergen-c kids, it’s just a waste of money.

    only1flower says :

    You also have to consider that Emergen-C has twice as much vitamin C in it then most children`s vitamins at least that has been my experience NOT all vitamins are equal. I would rather pay the extra for this and have my kids getting more of what they need then pay less to get less.

    Joanna says :

    Hi Only1flower,

    You are exactly right. My sister has 5 children and they seem to pass colds around like they do toys. When she saw this on television she began to give it to her two oldest (ages 9 and 10) in hopes that it would boost their immune system. Three weeks later, both kids were in the hospital for vitamin C poisoning. As it turns out the Flintstone kids vitamins that she was giving them had vitamin C in it as well.

    I would definitely caution all parents to be careful giving this too their children. It might be good for a day or two to help fight off a cold, but should only be used under the supervision of a pediatrician.

    Vanessa says :

    I agree with only1flower, that you have to consider the quality. But you might want to check with your pediatrician on this one because excessive quantities of vitamins might not be healthy for all kids, and these are NOT for every day use.

    Graeme says :

    so you bought something based on “sugar pop flavour”? gee I wonder why it doesnt work 0___0

    Brian David Parker says :

    I would strongly recommend the chewables in the grape flavored taste and I take this once a day and have not had a cold in a very long time. I checked with my Pharmcist and they swear by this working for those that hate getting head colds a lot.

    Joanna says :

    Hi Brian,

    I am definitely in agreement. My pharmacist recommended this too me, but I am much more fond of the cherry flavor in comparison to the grape. I also found that taking this with some Echinacea during a head cold really cuts the time that I am sick in half. It works wonders.



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