Nestle NAN premium starter formula for newborn
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  • I have been using this formula milk for my newborn son
  • One disadvantage of this form formula is that it does not dissolve well in hot water compared to other formula milk brands

    • by Sweety

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      I have been using this formula milk for my newborn son. Initially he was completely fed for a day or two after he was born with this formula milk. Later he was started on breast feeding and limited this formula milk as an addition.

      This formula milk really helped me in combination feeding my newborn son.

      This formula milk suited my son and now he is about two months old. Increased the quantity of feeding though I did not increase the number of feedings. My son seems to like it and he seems used to its taste.

      One disadvantage of this form formula is that it does not dissolve well in hot water compared to other formula milk brands. The spoon provided in the formula milk tin can be modified as the ...

      • Nestle  NAN premium starter formula for newborn
      one provided causes the powder to get spilled away when transfered to bottles.

      I have used the same formula when my son had higher jaundice levels one week after birth. I gave about two feedings of this formula during those days and within another

      week the jaundice levels came down.

      I would also prefer the NAN formula to be made available in smaller sized tins of 400 gms along with the current 900gm tins. A lot of formula gets wasted after suggested 28 days in case of combination feedings.

rakhi says :

what is the difference between nan 1 and nan 1 pro?
Tania Buckingham says :

This I too would like to know. Nothing on the web page states the difference….
Galega says :

Give Nestle Nan 1 to your baby, if she needs only milk. Give Nestle Nan 1 Pro, if she urgently needs vital nutrients apart from milk.
sandhya says :

Hi, my baby is 5 months old, I am using pre nan’ but most of the Itime he will take breast feed, 3 r4 times I will give pre Nan 30 to 45 mi so the tin will not get over but 3 weeks. So please let me know whether I can use it after 3 weeks or not. (On the tin they have given use before 3weeks after opening it or before expiry date whichever is earlier.) Please reply.
Galega says :

For the long term health of your baby, you must use it before 3 weeks of opening it.

The intestine of your baby is still developing. It needs special care. The product opened for too long may be harsh for the stomach of your baby.

Further, it would be better if you can keep your baby only on breast milk for the first 6 months. Breast milk is known to have everything that can help baby to fight lots of diseases without compromising with the health.
Samson paul says :

I need to start feeding my son of about 2month NAN MILK because her mother now has to go for work maternity Leave has elapsed can you send tto me the type of NAN MILK SHOULD I START onwards till i say now it is enough may 3years to come. I will appreciate your time table. Rgds SAMSON. fROM TANZANIA - EAST AFRICA- DAR ES SALAAM
Galega says :

You should better consult a pediatrician than asking for suggestion from this forum for a 2 month old baby.

There are many issues which needs to be taken care of.

First, if possible, keep your baby only on breast milk for 6 months.

In exceptional circumstances, outside milk formula is prescribed by doctor. However, the baby needs to be examined first. Colic problem is quite common among new born baby. Providing outside milk can aggravate this problem.
JhayR says :

Hi, my baby is 5 months old,and have a 6.5kg is it normal weight for 5 months? And my baby is not a premature but I am using pre nan but most of the time he will take breast feed, 3 or 4 times. Please let me know whether I can use it after 3 weeks or not. Please reply.
Galega says :

Yes, your baby’s weight is normal. Though, she should get little bit more pound for optimum growth.

The ideal weight for 5 months baby is 6.1 - 9.2 kg. Hence, she is within this range, though at the lower end.

There doesn’t seem any problem in giving her Pre NAN. However, I think it will be better to rely completely on breastfeeding, if the milk output is normal.

Consulting a pediatrician will also be prudent in this case to discuss these issues.
aachi says :

Hi, I would like to know why there is a price differ on Nestle nan 2. I purchased at two different places. Pharmacy cost 32.00 and supermarket kaufland cost 25.00. Is there any possibility of non genuine product? Like duplicate. Please reply. Tq
Galega says :

You should check the date of manufacturing also. It is possible that Nestle has hiked the price at some point of time and you are seeing the same products with different price tag.
portia says :

What is the difference between nan1pelargon ana nan 1optipro
Galega says :

Nan 1 Pelargon is an acidified Infant formula while Nan 1 Opti Pro hydrolyzed formula. You should give any of these two to your baby only after consulting a pediatrician.
Pallavi says :

Hi , my baby is 1.5 months old . I mistakenly gave her nan milk from the container which I opened 1.5 months back Later I saw on the container that powder should be consumed within three weeks of opening I am worried Will it be harmful ? Any thing required to be done now ??
Tori says :

Hi, Pallavi,

As long as it smelled ok and looked ok, I would imagine you’ll be fine. The expiration estimates are usually pretty conservative. That said, keep an eye on your baby and monitor her for symptoms that could indicate an issue. If you notice anything unusual, take her to the doctor ASAP.


Galega says :

If the container was packed air tightly, then there is unlikely to be any problem. It is also about the amount you have given to your baby. It seems you realized the mistake just after one serving. If this is the case, then there should not be any thing to worry about.

If there will be any problem, you will see that within one hour of feeding the expired NAN to your baby. After this duration, you can stay assured that your baby is fine.
addy says :

i started nan1for my child at 3mth because she refuse suckling the breast and expressing it doesn’t bring enough milk.At 4mth she started having Eczema like rashes now it is severe at 6mh and she has reduse drastically in size am worried what should i do .am thinking to stop the nan
Galega says :

You should immediately discontinue Nan and consult a pediatrician. Breast milk production can be safely increased with herbal products. One should give any formula milk to a baby before 6 months of age only in exceptional circumstances and also after taking consent of a pediatrician.
Siana says :

Please I would like to know if I can feed my two and half old baby with both nan 1 and breastmilk
Galega says :

The startup formula can be given to baby below six months of age in exceptional circumstances.

By exceptional circumstances, I mean unavailability of breast milk because of various reasons and when the mother is simply not able to produce sufficient breast milk. In that case, one must take advise of a pediatrician before starting it.

Breast milk is the best source of nutrients for your baby and ideally it should be the only source before 6 months of age. If you are producing sufficient amount of breast milk, then avoid giving this or any other formula milk to your little baby.
Payal says :

My three month old baby taking nan pro milk with the ratio of 120ml/ that she is not gud.she is doing poty after every feed.what should I do.n poty is also not gd means it’s not as common as it sound be.pls suggest what I do
Galega says :

I don’t see any problem with the dose you are giving. It is possible that she is just not able to digest the ingredients. Your pediatrician may properly diagnose the issue.

If you are producing sufficient amount of breast milk, then there is no need to give your baby Nan Pro Milk formula. Breast milk is the best source of nutrients for baby, and if possible, it should remain the only source for optimum health till six months of age.
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