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  • Let's discuss first what i like about this network
  • Now going to the things that i don't like with this network
  • My prepaid load lost 10 pesos so i called customer service and man i was really disappointed

    • by kingpong

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      Globe is one of the biggest cellphone carriers in the country. In fact, it is one of the pioneers in making the SMS (popularly known as texting) technology popular and accessible in the Philippines. I have used another carrier for a few years before and Im only changing because I want to do banking through SMS.

      The sim card for the prepaid account for this mobile is comparable with all the other network

      in terms of price. Let’s discuss first what i like about this network.

      First, SMS messages and calls don’t get delay. The network is not congested, well not as congested as my former cell network.

      I can also do mobile banking. Imagine paying your bills or reloading your prepaid Globe account with just pressing a few buttons every time.

      They also offer flat rate calls and unlimited texting for a very low price.

      • Now going to the things that i don’t like with this network.

        Their customer service sucks big time. The line is always busy.

        The only time that you can contact them is on the wee hours of the day. The customer service representatives do not know what they are talking about and the tools that they are using are ALWAYS experiencing downtime.

        I remember my first days using my Globe. My prepaid

        load lost 10 pesos so i called customer service and man i was really disappointed.

        The agents (plural since i called a lot of time) don’t know what their saying. They don’t even have a tool to view if you are subscribed to a certain promo.

        Until now i still don’t know where my 10 pesos went. Globe is a fine cellphone network but they really have to work on their customer service.

    jannet says :

    Hello i have a Globe sim that i bought in philippines 2 years ago now i`m in italy the roaming expired,the question is when i go in philippines in march will my globe work with a normal load or should i do something to reactivate my sim?????? Thank you
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    Hi jannet. Globe SIM cards will expire if no reloading was made after 120 days from the last load expiry and without doing any chargeable transaction. if this is not the case and your account has enough balance (you have to maintain at least Php 50 to keep your roaming services active) and that it is only the roaming service that expired, you will encounter no signal outside of the Philippines, but once you get back, you just need to restart your phone and you should be able to use the SIM again. But you really don’t need to wait to get back top be able to use your sim just call Globe Roaming Hotline at 6327301212 to have your roaming activated again. Hope this helps.
    kingpong replies :

    Hi, if you bought a prepaid sim and did not load the sim for two years then the sim is definitely deactivated. Telecomms here in the philippines deactivate sims after 3 month if do not load them credits. Its not worth the hassle to reactivate the number since sim cards here are very cheap. You can buy a simcard for 20 philippine pesos. hope this helps
    Alfred says :

    Is it possible to send an email to be received in cebu city as a text on a cell within the globe network.
    MEV says :

    I’m not sure if its possible. But you can try
    Jennifer says :

    How to activate my internet in my Nokia C3 cellphone?
    MEV says :

    Hi Jennifer,

    Go to setting — configuration— personal Account — Add new WEB. Call 888 for further instructions.
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    Hi Jennifer. If you would like to receive the internet settings from Globe you can text GO(space)Nokia(space)C3-00 to 2951. you should have atleast P1 balance but the request is free of charge.
    If you would like to do it manually just follow the steps below:
    choose menu, settings and then select. scroll down then choose Personal settings then select.If it says empty choose add if it does not say empty choose options, add new and then select.
    Choose Web then select.Choose Account name, Select, enter MyGlobe INET, and choose OK.
    Choose User name, Select, enter nothing, and choose OK.
    Choose Password, Select, enter nothing, and choose OK.
    Choose Use preferred access pt., Select, No, and then Select.
    Choose Access point settings, and then Select.
    Choose Proxy, Select, Disable, and then Select.
    Choose Bearer settings, and then Select.
    Choose Packet data access pt., Select, enter and choose OK.
    Choose Authentication type, Select, Normal, and then Select.
    Choose User name, Select, enter nothing, and choose OK.
    Choose Password, Select, enter nothing, and choose OK.
    Choose Back three times.
    Choose MyGlobe INET, Options, Activate, and then Select.
    Return to the Start screen.
    Start screen.
    Switch off the Nokia C3 and restart it in order to activate the settings.
    You can now start using the internet.

    Note: these are settings for Globe Prepaid accounts. By the way it would cost you P5/15 mins to browse the internet. Make sure that you turn off the packet data when not in use.
    Rutchie Abesta says :

    I have problem with my globe roaming sim because it can`t recieve a call even it has enough balance..please tell me what to do…..
    MEV says :

    Try to contact their customer support hotline at 888.
    Josephine Kay Guintu says :

    Hi Rutchie. These are a few things that you can try doing. First, check with the local network Globe partner that you are using if there are problems within the network. if there is none, do some troubleshooting on your phone. Turn it off then on, try reinserting the SIM and battery (if applicable), try selecting a different Globe partner in your location by doing manual selection of network in your phone settings, insert your sim to a different phone, and if possible try another globe sim on your phone. if all fails you may call the Globe Roaming Hotline at 6327301212.
    jan says :

    Since 2 weeks I have been trying to reach 2 tel.numbers in the Philippines. Only twice I was able to talk to those persons. I told those people that I called many times and also many times the tel. was ringing when I called, but they had never heard the tel.ringing. I also have sent many messages but they never received one. They also tried to call me many times . My tel. hasnt been ringing at all and never any number on the display of my landline phone,neither on my cellphone. They also have sent me text which I never have received. I have asked my provider whether there might be something wrong here. They checked but there was nothing wrong here. I am very much wondering what is going wrong. If necessary I will give you the tel.numbers involved. Hopefully there is an solution for this problem. Thank you so much in advance.
    Azriel says :

    My complain about thia network’s cellular services is that their number prepaid or postpaid line has got a lot of spammers. A day has never gone by without me receiving a message pretwnding to be y relative asking for money, or a mesaage telling me i won a cash prize hence upon dialing a certain no. It would mean you have transferred a load to them. I reported and sent screenahots to this company but it seemed as though tjey are not doing anything about it. So this company really has not much concern for their subscriber.
    Gold says :

    If you still receive spam messages, you may want to report it to Globe will promptly respond by deactivating numbers proven to be repetitive sources of the unwanted messages. Please pass around to anyone with the same concern. Thank you.
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