Sprint/Nextel Cell Phone Service
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  • After hours spent on the phone the problem was resolved but we ended up canceling our service
  • Again after several calls, we received the appropriate credits (I think)

    • by Cj Jones

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      My wife and I signed up with Sprint a few years ago because I was able to receive a discount from work. We had used sprint previously about 7 years back or so. Our first expereince was not that great. In our area, the area code had changed and Sprint advised that we had one year to contact them to adjust our phone number. Three months later they had given our phone number to someone else. After hours spent on the phone the problem was

      resolved but we ended up canceling our service. We figured that their service would have improved over the years we were gone and because of the discount were willing to give them another chance.

      The second go around was not that much better. At first they mailed our bill to the address where we had lived the first time we were with Sprint (although we had signed the contract using our current address and hadn’t lived at the other location in about 4 years).

      • We received a call on our phone that our service was about to be turned off due to non payment. After a couple of calls (It never takes just one!) we finally were able to get the bill sent to the correct address and we were assured that there would be not late charges. We finally got the bill, and while the late charges had been credited, we were not receiving the correct discount and we were being charged for services we had not ordered (I double
        checked the signed contract to make sure it was not a mistake on my part). Again after several calls, we received the appropriate credits (I think). It got the point where it felt like I was doing the job of their customer service team.

        As far as the phone and the service go, the phones have been reliable and we haven’t really experienced a problem with dropped calls in our area. However, because of all the hassle with their customer service reps I don’t plan on renewing my contract.

    cm says :

    so you haven`t renewed your contract with them?

    Cj Jones replies :

    No we won`t be renewing with them.

    Violet says :

    My experience with Sprint was a NIGHTMARE.. keep in mind please, that my experience with them took place in 2005.. before the “Smartphone” era.

    I downloaded several gaming applications with monthly renewal subscriptions. I decided about three months later that due to losing my job, I needed to cut these services. There were no “Discontinue” or “Uninstall” links or functions.

    Then I got my bill and I was livid.

    I was charged for supposedly downloading some of these apps four or five times within the same month. I decided that I wanted to do an early termination of my contract.. I contacted Sprint and this is what happened..

    First, they told me that I would have to use a computer to access the Internet where I could then unsubscribe to the gaming applications. This was NEVER an issue in the past and I didn’t have access to a computer or the Internet.

    I asked them politely, again, to discontinue the gaming services and that I would like my bill adjusted of the multiple charges and that I would like to terminate my service.

    Instead, Sprint waited two months to terminate my service, of course, charging me for it. They refused to remove the duplicate charges and of course, did not stop the gaming applications.

    This resulted in my $ 50 bill mounting up to nearly $ 200. I was livid. But Sprint didn’t care. They simply handed the unpaid bill to a debt collector and I got bad marks against my credit record that I wouldn’t have had - if they would have simply done what I had asked to begin with.

    My father-in-law, in December 2012, had similar issues. He arranged to have a multiple line plan with unlimited text and data. Needless to say, despite the fact that the customer service representative assured him that his plan had been switched… My father in law got a bill for nearly $ 1,000 in talk time and mystery downloads (No one in our home is religious, so we were certainly werent going to be downloading a Daily Bible application). Sprint assured him that it was taken care of.. When the next bill came around…

    Yeah. My in-laws dropped Sprint immediately.

    I would never recommend Sprint cell phone service to anyone. It’s quite obvious that customer satisfaction is nowhere on their agenda.. Only profit exists there

    Cj Jones replies :

    I agree

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