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  • The taste, which is the most revolting feature of all protein powders was surprisingly good

    • by dbhattji

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      When I was recovering from a bout of pneumonia, my doctor recommended that I take protein supplementation to improve my stamina and hasten recovery. I ordered Nutrilite protein powder from a friend of mine who sells Amway products.

      I got a 500gm for INR 1699 which is at least twice as costly as the other common brands of protein

      supplements like Ensure or Proteinules.

      The reason for choosing this product even though it was more expensive was that it did not contain any animal protein (I am a pure vegetarian) and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

      I can not take artificial sweeteners as they aggravate migraine.

      So this was the best combination for me.

      I took with hot ...

      • milk for added calories.

        The powder did not have the unpleasant smell of protein but a mild flavor.

        The taste, which is the most revolting feature of all protein powders was surprisingly good.

        It also contained calcium and iron.

        According to the label it had protein content of 80% and provided a balanced supply of all nine essential amino


        Many people don’t like the taste of protein powders when taken with milk, they should take it mixed with water to form a thick paste that is easy to eat and digest.

        I tried it once I got tired of taking it with milk and found this option better.

        I have continued taking Nutrilite powder for breakfast as gives more energy.

    Chetan says :

    Can i take heathvision with lutein for eye sight improvement
    And can i take parallelly nutrilite daily tablets and Nutrilte protein powder
    My age is 24
    Galega says :

    You can take Nutrilite Protein Powder. But, you should stick with only one multivitamin supplement daily. Nutrilite Daily is good and consists of all necessary vitamins and minerals in right quantity. You can consider this.
    rishi says :

    I want to gain fat so nutrilite protein powder can help me to gain fat or not
    Please reply
    sunny says :

    Protein doesnt make you fat. It builds mass or to be more specific it builds muscles. Taking the protein powder with a little exsercise can make you gain mass. so yes you should take it.
    Galega says :

    Nutrilite will help you to gain some weight. However, please don’t expect it to do so in a quick time. It will take time, around three months to have any visible results. Many protein powders available in the market, like whey protein, can lead to quick weight gain, but you have to bear with lots of side effects with those products.

    Have patience, take Nutrilite. You may also discuss with your doctor about proper supplement plan for weight gain.
    Siddhant Sharma says :

    I have heard it increases estrogen levels which is not good for men….Cuz it is responsible for body development in women not men
    Galega says :

    That is not true. It is suitable for both men and women.
    Chethan says :

    My dad taking cal-mag tablets twice daily and nutrilite protien powder also twice daily with milk is it makes consuming high amount of calcium since protien powder also contains calcium

    i hope your answer helps me in detail
    Galega says :

    Yes, it constitutes high dose of calcium. Anyway, you should just lower down his daily intake of Nutrilite Protein Powder. If there is no medical necessity, Protein Powder should be taken only once a day to elderly people.
    chethan says :

    my dad is a diabetic so he doesnt take adequate food,and also doesnt use any alopathy medicienes,so dealer said to take twice daily (protien powder)
    and i recent medical report my dad has less bone density so i started giving twice of cag-mag tablets

    so please tell i detail how to use them,
    in future i want to give omega3 also (earlier said medical rreport says cholestrol is also more)
    chethan says :

    can i give one tablet of cal-mag and protien powder twice
    two cal-mag teblets and once protien poweder

    after two to three months i also want to give omega3 so tel me how should be the combination of these three
    Galega says :

    Hi Chetan,

    You seems to be taking too many medical decisions on your own. That is not the way you should handle the health issues of your dad.

    There are some complications. I think you should consult a doctor and ask for proper dose of supplement. Even if your doctor is not taking conventional medicine, that doesn’t mean he can’t consult a doctor.

    Diabetes treatment offered by Dr. Pratip Banerji (world renowned homeopathic doctor), Kolkata is also good. You may consider taking your dad’s reports to this doctor (no need to take patient there).

    Coming to the point, I would reiterate that you should consult a doctor for proper suggestions regarding diet and supplements.
    Chetan says :

    Can you please suggest

    Vision health multi carotine daily 120 multivitamin

    Vision health multi carotine Protein powder

    Which one is best in these two

    (I wann a reduce my eye sight with in no time)
    Galega says :

    First is a multivitamin and the second is a protein supplements. It may not be possible to say which of them is better. It is not an apple to apple comparison. For your requirements, I would suggest you to take Vision Health Multi Carotine Daily 120 Multivitamin.
    eswaran says :

    why do i have skin rash after taking Nutrilite protein powder only?
    Jennifer Davis says :

    It sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to the protein powder itself. Sometimes a specific flavoring or ingredient can cause an allergic reaction which can cause skin rashes, lesions, and other such things. I would suggest switching to a lower dose of the powder or choosing a new protein powder all together.
    Galega says :

    You are having skin rashes because of this protein powder. Actually, the source of the protein is the villain here.

    Nutrilite protein powder is sourced through dairy products. Some users have allergic reactions because of this, which may result in skin rashes, sneezing and itching over various areas of the body, among others.

    I think you should consider protein powder which are sourced from different sources, like egg, soy and wheat gluten, among others.

    Quit Nutrilite.
    Pawan says :

    Is nutrilite Protein is gluten free product.
    Galega says :

    Yes, Nutrilite is a a gluten free protein product.
    deep says :

    If it is glutenfree then why ia nutrilite website mentioning their products are not approved to be 100% glutenfree per U.S standards?
    Galega says :

    Packaging says that it is gluten free. An Amway distributor has also said me that Nutrilite Protein Powder is Gluten Free. The regulation is quite tough in the USA and that’s why Amway might have say that it is not 100% Gluten Free.
    Ram Upadhyay says :

    I want to gain weight however, I don’t get time to workout. Will Nutralite Protein powder help me? are there any side effects?
    Galega says :

    Yes, it can help you. You are required to take 1-2 scoops a day.

    You should also remember that this isn’t a quick fix solution, like many protein powder available in the market. It will take time and may result in giving you a balanced body. The bright side is little possibility of side effects, if you remain in the limit while taking it daily. Don’t overdose it.

    If you are taking a protein powder, try to do some workout daily. Even half an hour walk will suffice.
    bishal ghosh says :

    Hi, Sir i Newly join gym.My hight is 5.6inch and Waight around 5kg.I want 2 take Nutrilite whey protien power.Is it good me
    Galega says :

    I suppose your weight is not 5kg as you have mentioned. It should be between 50 to 59 kg.

    Anyway, Nutrilite Protein Powder is really a good product. If you don’t overdose it and follow the instructions printed on the box closely, it may not lead to any side effects. You should also take suggestions of the physical trainer at the gym you have just joined.
    Aman says :

    I would like to know how fast can one gain muscles with Nutrilite Protien Powder. If it is possible to gain Expansion in Chest muscles within a month.
    Kindly inform me as soon as possible.
    Galega says :

    It is not a quick fix formula. You have to keep patience. It also doesn’t lead to any side effects, if not taken in very high amount. You should also hit a gym and take balanced diet, only then you can get desired result within one month.
    Amitabh kumar says :

    I want to increase my weight. Should I take amway nutrilite protien powder or nutrilite daily tablet?
    Galega says :

    It would be better for you to take Protein Powder. Take one scoop daily. It contains protein and amino acid which should help you in gaining weight. Taking in limit will also ensure no side effects like whey protein powder. You should also exercise regularly and have balance diet.
    Amitabh kumar says :

    There r different types of amway nutrilite powder,which one is best for me. Suggest me with specific name. Thanks……….
    Galega says :

    I have written above. You should consider taking Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder.
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