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  • In my opinion, the movie Cleopatra was outstanding and exciting till the last moment

    • by cricfan1991

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      In my opinion, the movie Cleopatra was outstanding and exciting till the last moment. The movie was broke into joyful sections, melancholy sections, and humorous sections. One of the humorous sections was when the Egyptian fleet was set on fire by Caesar; Cleopatra instantly went to meet him. Caesar said “You grow more beautiful each time I see you. ” Cleopatra then says “And you grow balder. ” Then Caesar says “And busier. ” Cleopatra is very young in the movie, while Julius Caesar is fifty - two.

      So this conversation was quite true and the way Cleopatra said it made the situation more humorous. My favorite character in the movie was Julius Caesar since he cared about what others. He wanted to know if Cleopatra and Ptolemy were sharing their rule over Egypt. Cleopatra’s and Ptolemy’s father had died and left Egypt in control of two of his children. Caesar had fought numerous wars and achieved various triumphs. That means that he did an immense job giving encouragement to his army during wars.

      He had conquered about the half of

      the world and he had earned his fame throughout the planet. Although many warriors are ingratiate, they are still not perfect. Caesar was flawed with epilepsy. His power and mind did not cease to overcome his enemies. My least favorite character in the movie was Marc Antony. While Antony’s army was being fallen apart due to his poverty, Antony went to Cleopatra and fell in love with her.

      In a way, I would say that he was just acting to be in love with Cleopatra, who presented him with gold, food, and equipment for his army since he married Julius Caesar’s sister Octavia Caesar. He had broken Cleopatra’s heart. Though he was the new dictator of Rome after Caesar’s death, he was a coward unlike Caesar. Antony had fled the Battle of Actium at the time when his army depended on him to offer them courage. Thus the battle was won by his enemies, Octavian and Agrippa, and it was Antony’s fault entirely. The two key characters of the movie were the Roman dictators, Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.


      • These valiant men had plenty of human strength, but on the other they had several human weaknesses too. Julius Caesar’s strengths were his leadership and his courage. He conquered every land that passed his way. He led his army making rough and tough wars seem trouble-free. Caesar’s leadership over the Roman army made him a great dictator of Rome. He had an abundance of courage to fight hundreds of wars and provide courage to his army which led them to victory.

        Caesar’s weaknesses were his disease and his greed. Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, and Hannibal shared a common disease known as epilepsy. This disease affects the brain. What if Caesar had a stroke of epilepsy during a war? This would give him a laborious time. He could be easily killed by the enemy or lose the war. His greed was to conquer the whole world.

        Thinking of all the wars that he won made him think that he is the King of Rome. This led to his death since the Romans did not want to live under a

        King. Marc Antony’s weaknesses were that he was a coward and a traitor of love. In the Battle of Actium, Antony fought with a man dressed in the armor of Octavian. When Antony unmasked him, he found out that it was not Octavian and then he abandoned the battle. Antony was a deserter since he had fallen in love with Cleopatra, but married Octavia.

        Antony’s strengths were that he was a true friend and courageous. Julius Caesar was murdered by the stabbing of his fellow friend senators. Antony had killed all of them since he was loyal to Caesar. After Antony had fled the Battle of Actium, he looked back in the past and realized that it was wrong that he fled. He gained courage from Cleopatra and tried to fight against the entire Octavian and Agrippa army by himself. But the army did not fight back since they had seen no one battle like Antony before.

        Overall, I would rate this movie 8 out of 10 since some scenes were very tedious. But I have learned many facts from Cleopatra.

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