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      Whenever I have cough and colds and my phlegm is hard and sticky, I use Carbocisteine Solmux to help me out. It has been my “friend” for a long time now. I easily get sick especially when I alternately go inside an

      airconditioned buildings and then out under the scorching heat of the sun. When I ignore the sweat on my back and it dries up naturally, automatically, I will have cough and colds.

      Thankfully, Carbocisteine Solmux is being marketed in the Philippines. Usually, after taking a 500mg-capsule, in a few days, my condition gets better and I realize especially in the morning that I naturally eliminate a lot of phlegm. I feel relieved because of Solmux. I don’t have difficulty of breathing anymore due to ...

      • Carbocisteine Solmux Mucolytic Capsule
      sticky phlegm. Aside from it being effective, it doesn’t give any side-effects like stomach ache, nausea or allergy. I think it’s highly effective and safe at the same time. Of course, as long as it is taken at the right dose, taking any kind of medicine can never harm the health.

      I like this product because I don’t need to buy too many capsules just to make my condition better. I trust Solmux ultimately. I can never cwittch to any other product because I am already contented with it.

Felisa says :

Is it okay to switch up your cough medicines? I take Solmux Broncho morning and afternoon when I’m at work and can cough-out phlegm as much as I wish. Sinecod antitussive at night to help me sleep without the disturbance of sudden coughing. Is this safe? Thank you
Galega says :

It is not a good idea to take two cough syrup. One should work fine for you.

Further, you should not take any cough syrup to sleep better. This can become an addiction. Please talk to your doctor regarding this.
marino says :

Can you take carbocisteine solmux with ebastine antihistamine
Galega says :

Ebastine Antihistamine isn’t contraindicated with Carbocisteine. Hence, there shouldn’t be any problem.

However, it is a better idea to consult your doctor and ask for suggestion according to your medical history.
step says :

Can it be taken with sinupret? I have a dry cough without a cold after I have taken Solmux I think it loosen my phlegm but now I have a clogged nose.
Galega says :

Sinupret is a herbal supplement. YHou can definitely take it with Solmux. There should not be any problem.
Tolzkie says :

re : I like this product because I don’t need to buy too many capsules just to make my condition better
Hello. I am currently taking Warfarin (Blood Thinner), Can I take Solmux 500mg along with Warfarin? Thanks
Japheth says :

Hi Tolzkie,

Yes, you can take both at the same time. Solmux doesn’t affect the flow of blood and the primary use of solmux is for excessive mucus in tracks and lungs.
Tolzkie says :

Thank you :)
Soriano says :

I have atrialfibulation AF so I can not take aspirin. If I take Solmux, will there be bad reaction to my current medication like Cummadin?
Galega says :

Hi Soriano,

Since, CArbocisteine Solmux doesn’t contain Aspirin, you can take it. As for reaction with your other running medication, you need to better consult a doctor.
reynaldo oronos jr says :

i have a pneumonia since birth. my doctor prescribed me medicine and it was name, solmux. as my mother say i am healed but i think now i am 24 as i see on my self, its back again. give me a sign or what best medicine to fight my pneomonia. thankz
junmae says :

Pneumonia is just a complication when your cough became severe. The best treatment for it is antibiotic and take enough rest. But when Pneumonia becomes really worst, you should be hospitalized because it might cause death.
Galega says :

Pneumonia is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is a sort of lung infection. Having high antibiotic along with Solmux may help, particularly if you are having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).

However, it is always prudent on your part to consult your doctor.
Dope says :

No, it actually isn’t just a cough complication. It’s a lung infection.
Galega says :

That is why I have written above that lung infection needs to be taken care by professional medical practitioner. Self medication us not advisable in this case.
Ron says :

Solmux Carbocisteine 500 mg Capsule, What would be the English version of this medicine?… Im not in the Philippines anymore and I am in the US now, What can I ask for? In other words, what is the English American version of this medicine? Please help.. thanks
Farrah says :

Simply ask for carbocisteine 500mg. The u.s. Pharmacists will undeRstand it.
Galega says :

Ask for Rhinathiol or Mucodyne. These two are Carbocisteine, and are available in the US, particularly Rhinathiol.
lanie says :

can I take fluimucil mucolytic granules for cough without prescribed by doctors?
Galega says :

Fluimucil Muycolytic Granules is generally prescribed for the treatment of Respiratory Tract Infections. It should be taken with care as it is contraindicated against various conditions and medicines.

I don’t think you should take it without doctor’s prescription. It isn’t an over the counter products.

Try Solmux (the subject of this review) for cough.
quick note by anonymous :

I believe thet solmux was really a helpful medicine I always get well after 3 days of taking it my cough is already gone , thank you solmux :)
kathryn Neal says :

My Dad has been prescribed Carbocistine 375mg 6 times a day. He has emphysema. He says that it seemed to help after the first day he took it, and then his condition worsened and he could hardly breathe after the second day of taking it… he thinks it’s due to the medication. He therefore stopped taking it, and went back to feeling the same as he did before he took it after a day of not taking it. I’ve checked and it seems it’s rare to have side affects from this drug. Have you ever had reports of this? Can you recommend anything else?
Galega says :

He should have continued with the medicine. Or better, should have consulted the doctor who had prescribed it before discontinuing it. That is the right way of doing it.

This is quite a safe medicine, if taken under medical supervision. Also, it is not a good idea that I suggest any alternative to you. He is having difficulty in breathing. I would strongly suggest you to immediately consult the doctor and proceed accordingly.
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