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  • Unfortunately, I don't know of any, so here I am, writing this in hope to warn as many people as I can

    • by Lorianna

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      Most of you are probably familiar with the old trick some crooks have been playing on PayPal users: they send you an e-mail, as if from PayPal, claiming that there is some problem with your account (unauthorized login attempts or something like that), and in order to take care of that you should click on a link they provide. If you do, the crooks will get all your PayPal info

      and clear your account.

      Well, the crooks have gotten smarter.

      Today, I have received an e-mail looking very much like a real message from PayPal, with the logo and all that, “confirming” a payment I had supposedly made.

      The payment was not large, something like $38, but I knew I never made it.

      It was for a “brown salsa dress,” the e-mail claimed, purchased from a store that I’ve never ...

      • even visited.

        And, if I wanted to dispute the payment and receive a full refund, guess what? Yes, I should click on a link they gave in the e-mail.

        This new scam is very well-calculated: many people will be outraged that someone has taken money from their PayPal account for a purchase they never made, so they’ll click on the link to get their money back.

        DON’T!! The e-mail has

        nothing to do with PayPal.

        I closed it and went to my PayPal account through the official PayPAl website - and sure enough, all my money was still there, without any “brown salsa dress” purchase registered.

        The crooks made it all up.

        I wish there was a way to catch those bastards.

        Unfortunately, I don’t know of any, so here I am, writing this in hope to warn as many people as I can.

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    Russell Smith says :

    You did the right thing by closing your email and going to the site directly. These scammers are located out of Nigeria and it is crazy now, they have invested in everything from ebay scams, to paypal, to craigslist and many many more. The problem is the US govt. has no extradition or law enforcement relationship with Nigeria and thus are helpless. The secret service is well aware of these scams but their hands are tied. Some people have gotten so frustrated with loss of money they have flown to Nigeria themselves to track down their money to only be killed. These people do this because there are people out there who are a bit naive and fall for them. So as long as people keep falling for these scams, they will continue. What you did and how you handled it is right on, and just keep passing that information on to others. Education is the true power over these people who pray on weakness.
    Melissa van der Westhuizen says :

    I have only recently started using PayPal. But one thing that I saw in the emails that they have sent regarding messages, is they never give a link to their site. Only saying you have a new message and should log in to your account and go to the message center, but no link to the site or message center. This will always make me weary of any PayPal email with a link. I do not know however if the payment emails usually contain links?
    cynthia thibodeau says :

    Hello Melissa , Iv’e been using paypal for a few years and every time I recieve a payment from someone i get an email from them the only link they put in is the get the details button .Like in this picture I made for you : . Also , If you want to be sure about every email you get from them , beside the sender there always is a green shield for trusted website . Hope it help
    Clark says :

    Yeah, if you know the signs to look for, protecting yourself from scammers is fairly easy. General rules to follow in my opinion would be to check the email address it’s coming from, never give your email address out besides to trusted sites, and check the site the email is claiming to be from often these sites that are prone to scammer targets release a list of the kinds of emails they will send you and what sort of questions they will authentically ask you so you can better prepare yourself against scammers.
    Richie Mogwai says :

    Too bad, I have been using Paypal for many years, and I have never heard of this scam. The closest to scam I ever got was while surfing the Web and landing on a web page, the web page automatically determined that I had a Paypal account and sent a charge on my account. I cancelled their request and reported the website to Paypal. I have never received anything back from Paypal regarding this matter though.
    7hereviewer says :

    That really sounds terrible. I can’t believe sites can do that. And it is even worst to hear that you didn’t get your money back from PayPal. I had several items not arriving bout from ebay and I always got my money back.
    7hereviewer says :

    Thanks for this information. I tend to open e-mails from PayPal only when I buy something, but you never know, I mean, you see PayPal and you automatically presume they are legit. Thanks for this warning not to click on links even if emails look legit.
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