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  • I like how the writer describes Macy as the girl who knows everything but what she does not know is adventure
  • A lot I know but books never go out of style

    • by Sadonna

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      The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen is a book that is so heartfelt it made me cry. There are parts of the book that are just so real you could picture them and then there are the parts which are kind of sappy. I like how the writer describes Macy as the girl who knows everything but what she

      does not know is adventure.

      Her perfect little world gets thrown out of whack when she agrees to do some catering jobs with this company called Wish. Wish is well known for chaos and you have to read the book to find out what I mean.

      The book kind of threw me for a loop when the writer introduced Will.

      • He is the definition of a total bad boy trying to go good.

        Then the whole thing with Macy’s boyfriend Jason was a little confusing because why would the guy suggest a break and not for them to just break up. That was not what I was expecting.

        It only took me a few hours to read this book and

        truly enjoy it but it all depends on the reader. If you like teenage romances then you should check this book out.

        The book costs $5. 97 on Amazon.

        com brand new. Or you could search a little more and find it a little cheaper.

        With shipping and all the book costs like $10. A lot I know but books never go out of style.

    Tosha says :

    Macy Queen, lives in a perfect world. Her mother and father have given her and her sister everything they`ve ever wanted in life. They are wealthier than some, because of the business their parents started many years ago that is still in operation today. Macy gets along with all of her family, but she has a special bond with her father. In fact, it seems like sometimes she`s the only one who really understands her dad. Her father is an energetic guy, who likes to stay up into the wee hours of the morning to watch infomercials involving crazy and useless contraptions, which he always buys. He buys so many of these items, the company starts sending him a free product every month in the mail. They also have a tradition they started many years ago when Macy was a young girl they get up early in the morning and run together. Her father got Macy hooked on running when she was younger, and now they do it every morning. One day, however, Macy`s life changes forever. One morning, Macy was too tired to get up as she always did. Her father prodded her to get up and come run with him, but she protested and so he left by himself. Changing her mind, Macy quickly got dressed and ran to join her father five minutes later. But suddenly, she caught sight of her father laying on the ground just a few yards ahead. He`d had a heart attack. Her father didn`t survive, and he died a few hours later. Since the funeral, Macy stopped seeing the joy in life. She stopped running, her one true joy in life. She isolated herself from her friends and family, and while her sister and mother grieved, she kept it all inside. The only thing that keeps her spirits up is when those packages arrive in the mail. Those packages remind her of her father and the bond they had shared. When her mother tries to donate these items to a charity, Macy sneaks them back into her room in a crawlspace in her closet because she can t bear to give them up. It`s now three years later, and Macy still hasn`t gotten over her father`s death. She has, however, started dating a fellow student of hers, Jason, most likely the smartest boy in school. Now, he`s off to Brain Camp, where he will mingle with other intellectuals like himself, and in the process, learn more about the success he can achieve in his future. While he`s away Jason wants Macy to take over his job at the local library, where he`s trained her in all the routines she`d need to know. She agrees because she has nothing better to do and because she wants to please Jason. All the while, her mother busies herself in the business she and her husband started those many years ago a real estate agency that not only sells houses, they build them too. The community the Queens are living in was built by this business, and now, Mrs. Queen throws many parties in their home, trying to sell more and more houses. Since it is now summer, Macy and Jason correspond by email, and though Macy tries to show her affection for Jason, the most he ever talks about in the emails is the time he`s spending at Brain Camp or how she should be running the library. One day, Macy writes in her email that she loves Jason, and the next email from him promptly tells her that they should take a break over the summer and maybe see other people. This just about breaks Macy`s heart, but she agrees with him, though it`s not really what she wants. Since it is summer, her older sister, who has already graduated high school and has gotten married, comes to visit more often. She comes up with this plan that the family should spend a week in August relaxing in the old cabin they used to vacation in every summer. Everyone agrees, though not whole-heartedly. The summer goes on…Macy hates her job at the library because of her two co-workers, perfectionists who make Macy feel really dumb. The only reason she doesn`t quit is because her mother wants her to take responsibility and learn some morals and thinks it would look great on her college applications. A few weeks into summer, her mother throws her first big party at the house. A catering company, WISH, was hired to bake the food and serve it to the guests. Macy is told to just stand around and if needed, show people where the bathroom was and watch the stack of pamphlets and when they get low to go get some more. She was pretty good at that. Halfway into the party there is a loud crash and Macy is sent into the kitchen to see if everything is ok. She meets Delia, the head of the catering business and expecting mother. She already has a small daughter, who is getting into everything and anything. Macy offers to help, and Delia graciously accepts. Meanwhile, the other servers of WISH are busying themselves serving the guests. When Macy steps outside to get napkins, she is startled when a boy named Bert jumps out of the bushes and yells, GOTCHA . He apologizes profusely after that, helping her pick up all the napkins she had dropped. An older boy, Wes, is already outside and apologizes for his brother. He explains it`s a game they play, and they always try to outdo each other. Macy understands, but thinks it`s kind of weird. Later, when the catering company is leaving, Delia offers a job to Macy in the business, because she sure needs the help. Macy declines, but says she will think about it. Delia gives her their number anyway. Her mother, on the other hand, disapproves. She thinks Macy has a perfectly good job already at the library. Macy listens to her mother, but disagrees. She decides to take the job, and immediately loves it. Her new co-workers are hesitant at first, but grow to love Macy. Her co-workers include Wes and Bert, brother and nephews of Delia, Kristy, an eccentric, fashion-obsessed young woman, and Monica, a quiet know-it-all. Every night they invite Macy to go out with them, but she declines. She isn`t ready to go out for a good time yet. But one night, she says yes, and she finally has the time of her life Meanwhile, she hasn`t shunned the fact that Wes is very cute and nice. She thinks about him a lot, but hates the fact that Jason is still kind of her boyfriend. So she ignores her feelings. But soon, she and Wes begin to get to know each other better and she begins to grow to like him even more. They play a game called Truth where they reveal deep secrets to each other. Macy talks about feelings she never knew she had, and Wes listens intently. Her mother doesn`t approve of her news friends, and soon makes Macy stay away from them. And summer is soon over Jason will be home, and he`s told her he may want to get back together. Does Macy go back to her oh-so-perfect relationship with Jason and her family, or does she finally listen to her heart and lead the life she`s been dreaming of? This is a great book to read. I really liked it. The morals of the story is great. One of the moral is that you shouldn t keep your emotions buried deep inside you. It is better to tell someone. The other moral is that you should be yourself instead of trying to be someone that you are not. Tosha Torstenson
    divinagwapa says :

    This is a romance novel, correct? Can you tell what are the ages of the respective hero and heroine? I’m quite particular with this kind of details before I read a book. I’d really appreciate if you can. Thanks
    Robin says :

    They are both 16.
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