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  • Now I have heard many say that such a road trip is boring
  • I really did not want to experience every empty room in the Choice complex
  • I thought the brown and orange furnishing (as I remember them) were nice and we had a courtyard setting

    • by DawnMichel

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      I ventured to Yuma Arizona a couple years back and I’ll easily conclude from a geography standpoint, I’m certain it has not changed–I mean I don’t beleive we need to worry much considering the arid route I took.

      First off, I got this incredible notio that Yuma would be an exhiliarating trip from Central Arizona. Now I have heard many say that such a road trip is boring; however, I beg to differ as I found trotting throught the desert to arrive in Yuma ore than a little exciting.

      The desert on the way to Yuma to me is immeasurably different than the desert in Tucson: the Tucson desert has this wild west; desert cactus; desperado type of feel whereas the desert traveling to Yuma is scarily hot; however interestingly so. You stop along the roadside and step lightly: you are warned and get the distinct feeling the really dangerous critters come out at night. It is hot alright but still motivating.

      Also, as you are heading to Yuma there are these roadside towns–some with the humility to be all abuzz whenever a famous person comes to town to stop and get gas and a snack–such was the case at the one town we visited.

      You also receive the impression the people are vacationing along the way: I stopped at one place to buy a cold Starbucks and everyone else ahead of me

      seemed to have the same idea; along with buying souvenirs.

      The closer you get to Yuma or nearer California, the better looking the people or so it seems.

      Sometimes I wonder if maybe California is some type of sub-country as they seem to possess their own style and class distinction: I note men with angular faces, strng jawlines; handsome exteriors, neatly attired–and for Pete’s Sake they’ve been traveling through the desert–still they look perfect. Their children are idyllic; fashionably yet casually dressed and never a muss: messy looks good on them; and the women you know are pretty however you can’t quite describe them. All of this stylish subtleness and absolutely normal to them. And, of course all of these kinds of people I’ve just described have California license plates.

      The men remind me of all the males on my Dad’s side and they all resided guess where? Yeah, you guessed it–California. All smart, all handsome; perfect children; pretty played down wives and the act as if it is the ost natural and normal thing!

      (I remember my mother saying she admired less attractive people who made the effort with their appearance: so I see how this works–really intelligent, attractive people possibly admire the underdog and the underdog is just awe-struck by them.)

      I also heard on a documentry recently that the British liked to vacation in the desert and the trail ...

      • to Yuma is one area they liked most.

        I’ll be honest, I liked the arrid heat and the rest stops were particularly scenic from a dry, sunny desert standpoint. The drive in spots was desolute: the road really did stretch a ways–but it was still all good!

        Next when we arrived at Yuma we stayed at a Choice Hotels’ property and the people there were really accommodating. Here is what I mean: My sister tends to get choosy however it seems only when I am extremely travel weary–she starts getting picky about our room assignment. This is generally when I’m so tired you could place me in a “no frills” room with a black and white set and rabbit ears antenna and I would not care–I’d drift off to sleep anyway. No. These are the times she decides to become moody: we must have changed rooms three times before they got it right for her and without the least bit of complaint.

        I began to feel a bit like some type of traveling minsteral show after we switched rooms a third time–we just kept moving from one room accommodation to the next, it seemed every ten minutes or so! When we arrived at room number three, I sent her to Albertsons: I really did not want to experience every empty room in the Choice complex.

        I thought the brown

        and orange furnishing (as I remember them) were nice and we had a courtyard setting. Plus, this older mature genetleman helped relocate us each time and I thought he possessed a nice stoic nature considering the generall pickiness of my sister.

        I thought their cable offered a good variety of television too.

        Most of the Choice properties I’ve stayed at, generally, have this awesome lobby and then the room re comparatively neglected or relatively plain. This property was more “even-Steven.” (The one property in Phoenix where I stayed wwas “cool” all ovr with Sixties-retro-style room updates) therefore, there are exceptions to the awesome lobby plain-Jane room rule.

        Since I am a writer I visitied the Yuma public library the next day and I really liked their computer lab.

        Yuma is a very comfortable town. People are well-dressed; however casual about it.

        I also went to Kinkos and it was my favorite Kinkos ever–very friendly and helpful as the sun shown brightly into their clean front windows. (My second favorite Kinkos is in Detroit.)

        The downtown section of Yuma has some old marquees and its just a sunny, cool, conservative place. It is truly fun to drive through Yuma.

        I also went to CVS and evryone was very pleasant. Most people have as sunny of disposition as the weather.

        If you ever need to stop off somewhere while you are traveling, I’d say Yuma Arizona can’t be beat!

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