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  • Before coming to Delhi for coaching I have heard that this is the best institute in the country for the civil services preparation
  • Now, after studying there for the last six months, I can say with deep regret that this is definitely not proportional to the charges that it takes
  • I think for a new comer in this field, it is better to engage in self study than to join vajiram

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      I have joined Vajiram and Ravi for Civil Services Preparation. Before coming to Delhi for coaching I have heard that this is the best institute in the country for the civil services preparation. Now, after studying there for the last six months, I can say with deep regret that this is definitely not proportional to the charges that it takes.

      I am studying there for one of my optional that is sociology. The teacher is a renowned professor of

      Delhi University.

      However, there is nothing to offer except this tag. The teaching method is worse to say the least.

      The institute is undoubtedly providing staggering results every year in the UPSC Civil Services Examination, but it is all due to various factors and prominent among them is the availability of a brilliant faculty for Psychology. There are more than half students who have already appeared in the exam.

      I feel that this coaching is suited only for this ...

      • type of student and surely not for those students who are going to attempt this exam for the first time. I was a first timer and additionally, sociology was not my option during graduation.

        However, other coaching institute in Delhi understands this and they take extra care to guide these students. In vajiram there is nothing like this.

        Despite my extra effort, I was unable to understand what the teacher is trying to convey. He thinks that every student

        in his class has already cleared his basic concepts.

        There is nothing as such a personal guidance. In frustration, I have to leave that coaching institute and will take the exam this year by studying myself.

        I think for a new comer in this field, it is better to engage in self study than to join vajiram. One thing is sure if one is there and attempting first attempt, there is not an iota of chance for him to clear the exam.

    Newbie says :

    hi i am preparing for ias and wanted to know how will be V A for me. I am a first timer will very little knowledge about the subject. Please suggest me if i could join the course for PUBLIC ADMIN and GS. Regards
    Galega says :

    Vajiram and Ravi is good for the first time. Especially, you will find General Studies good. However, be prepared to be in the batch of oldies. You can go with GS and Pub Ad, though the renowned teacher of Pub Ad Mr. Minocha who used to teach at Vajiram and Ravi and left the coaching and started his own named Kaizer.
    Shagun says :

    V R is pretty good - my brother joined this institute in his first year of college only - so that he can get an extended study time without having to actually give the paper again and again.
    The faculty is very supportive and he does not have low standards - so they must be really good
    Plus it is also priced very competitively.
    Galega says :

    Hi Shagun,

    It is not price comfortably. The fee may be within comfortable zone for you, but it is not definitely the case with the majority of students.

    Further, it is NOT a good idea to join Vajiram and Ravi during the first year of college.
    jagtar says :

    i think you rrightin a manner but the instt is brilliant in terms of gs esp the modern history faculty…he is awesome…also theremust be more efforts on our side
    Galega says :

    Hi Jagtar, the entire faculty of Vajiram and Ravi is different now. The teacher for Modern History, you are referring about, is also no more with it. However, the institute is still good. And, as you said, there must be some efforts from the students’ side for success.
    quick note by anonymous :

    Mr Galega i want to take up political science as an optional in my mains. is vajiram and ravi a good institute for it?
    Galega says :

    If you have studied political science in your graduation, or if you have basic understanding of all concepts of Political Science, then Vajiram and Ravi might be a good option.

    However, if you are new to this optional, I would suggest you to not join it.
    Adarsh says :

    Sir, just now I completed my graduation BE(mechanical) and I am from Bangalore.I have a dream to become an IAS.Due to financial reasons I am not able to join any institute in Delhi or Bangalore.After going through many feedbacks I strongly decided and believed in self-study.So kindly analyse my decision whether it’s ok or not and give suggestions. If possible please suggest the books to prepare for CSE. Thank you . Please do the need sir.
    Galega says :

    There are umpteen examples where candidates have cracked Civil Services without taking any coaching classes. This year also the third ranker had never done any coaching classes. It is obviously possible. It will depend on your dedication, direction and determination. Make a habit of reading only relevant stuff. You haven’t mentioned your optional subject, and hence it is not possible to give complete list of books here.
    Naveenprasad says :

    Hi, I am planning to join the Vajiram and Ravi for 2011 exam. As the new format CSAT has been introduced,i am confused about the exam. i am from bangalore and would like to have the suggestions regarding this. Thank you Naveenprasad
    Galega says :

    Hi naveenprasad. As you might know, UPSC has introduced CSAT just because it wanted to thwart the importance of coaching institute in the entire exam for Civil Services. However, it could not do that and now the coaching institute has become even more necessary for some students who are weak in mathematics.

    Having said that, I don’t find any hesitation in recommending you to Vajiram and Ravi. A good institute, you can join.
    varun sharma says :

    [at]galega,,, I am appearing for the first tym,,, psychology as optional… how is vajiram for this subject… it was not in my graduation,,psychology,,, which is better,, pub ad or psycho
    Galega says :

    Both Public Administration and Psychology are good subject for Mains. Since you are supposed to take only one optional, take one in which you are more confident. Consider some points:
    1. Psychology has always been scoring. There have been many cases of students getting more than 400 marks (out of 600 for both papers) in it. Further, it is quite interesting. However, it gives little help in the preparation of General Studies.

    2. Public Administration is quite comprehensive, but also interesting. More often than not, you will find toppers preferring Pub Ad. as one of their optionals. Furthermore, it can make you stronger in General Studies (Indian polity, Development Administration, Development Economics). Moreover, you are bound to score good in Essay with Public Administration.

    Having said that, no one know how UPSC will set the question for the new paper namely ethics in Mains GS. May be Pub Ad students will find it easy to tackle this paper.

    Vajiram and Ravi is a very good coaching institute for Psychology. There is NO ALTERNATIVE TO IT, honestly. You might have heard about Mukul Pathak. He is considered as the king of Psychology for Civil Services Preparation. If you join his guidance, you will not repent.

    See where your interest lies and decide accordingly.
    Anjali says :

    Mr.Galega One of my relative has taken admission in Vajiram and Ravi Inst. but going through the institute review I have found most of the review NEGATIVE why so?
    I don’nt know on what basis he as taken Admission . As he stay in Ahmadabad and want to continue coaching from Delhi and has choose this Inst. I know if we will not study we are not going to pass . But why majority review is NEGATIVE I want to know this.
    Please do reply.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Galega says :

    Hi Anjali,

    One of the biggest advantages that you can expect by joining a coaching institute is motivated group. I think that sums it up. There is no denying that Vajiram and Ravi is the most popular coaching institute. It is also consistently producing toppers. But, it is also a fact that bright students are attracted towards it. All that this institute needs to do is to give DIRECTION. Group is already there and if it can keep students on RIGHT PATH, success can be ensured.

    And, if you don’t get success, you are free to write a blog criticizing this institute.

    Take a look on other big coaching institutes and you will know the difference. Synergy - M K Mohanty covers only 20% of syllabus. ALS - Jojo Mathews has developed a habit of just introducing everything in GS classes (Polity, Sc. Tech and Current Affairs)…the same is for everyone else. But, these teachers are marketing themselves. Vajiram and Ravi doesn’t do this. You will find Mukul Pathak, taking the entire Psychology classes. The same was true for Manocha (Pub Ad.).

    In a nutshell, your relative has taken a very good decision by joining Vajiram and Ravi. Just ask him to not rely on coaching notes for GS Prelims so that he will not become a part of students criticizing the institutes.
    Anjali says :

    Thank you Sir for your reply it will some extent change my mind .
    Anuja says :

    sir, i am taking this exam for first time and thinking of opting for public admistration and sociology. but i have not studied them. Do i need to go through some books before joining this institution?
    Galega says :

    Hi Anuja,

    You don’t need to take two optional subjects now for Mains. From this year, 2013, UPSC has changed the pattern. Now you need only one optional for Mains. Choose Pub Ad. or Sociology, according to your strength.

    It is always better to join any coaching institute before understanding some basic concepts. It is all the more relevant for Vajiram and Ravi where teachers assume that you are already aware of basic stuffs in any subjects. Read some text books. (gaurav.lex[at]
    Sourav says :

    Hi Mr Galega,

    I am a working professional and I have decided to sit for the 2014 IAS exam.For that I have decided to do Correspondence from Vajiram ravi.

    I would Like to know what you think of it and I would also like to know whether the study materials provided by the institute are updated with the change of syllabus?
    Galega says :

    Hi Saurabh,

    Sorry for late reply.

    The institute definitely update the study material if any change is made in the syllabus. However, I would like to suggest you to take only the best available study materials. For CSAT (IAS Prelims, 2014), you can rely on Sriram IAS or ALS study materials. For Mains, you can definitely take Vajiram and Ravi notes - especially for Psychology option, if you have.
    Garvita says :

    re : Before coming to Delhi for coaching I have heard that this is the best institute in the country for the civil services preparation
    hey I am a fresher and wants to prepare for IAS 2015, please suggest me the name of best institute with best faculty…. please
    Galega says :

    I can suggest you only after having any indication about your optional subject in the Main Examination. Here are some options available before you:

    General Studies: Sri Ram IAS, ALS and Vajiram and Ravi

    CSAT: ALS and Vajiram

    Psychology: Vajiram and Ravi
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