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  • Thus I highly recommend this medication to people experiencing symptoms of urinary tract infection

    • by coolynch78


      I had urinary tract infection two months ago which caused me to have frequent, painful urination and lower abdominal pain. Aside from this, I developed high grade fever associated with chills. I also had episodes of nausea and bouts of vomiting which caused me to have some dehydration.

      Because of this I went

      to the hospital where I was working and had my urine examined in the laboratory. And when they handed me the result, I was able to confirm that I really have urinary tract infection.

      And so, looking through the stock of sample medications the medical representatives gave me, I was able to spot ...

      • Inoflox Ofloxacin 200mg tablet which is very good for cases of urinary tract infection. I took one tablet twice a day for seven days and I was really able to see some improvement even after the first twenty-four hours of regular intake of this medication. I have noted that my fever has
        already subsided and I was no longer having chills. After two days, nausea and vomiting episodes were completely gone.

        Thus I highly recommend this medication to people experiencing symptoms of urinary tract infection. But be sure to ask your physician first before taking anything because your doctor still knows what is best for you.

    runde says :

    what if the doctor says that take the medicine every 12hrs, like you take at 8am and take again at 8pm simultaneously but after that i forgot to take the 2nd take which is past for 3hrs, what should i do?
    Galega says :

    There won’t be any problem if you took the second tablet 3 hours late.
    Runde Llanes says :

    ok thanks. but is it ok to take early cause i take the first tablet at 1:17am and i want to retake at 8pm as my 2nd tablet. and my doctor says 1tablet every 12hrs. is it ok to take even it is not already past 12hrs?
    Galega says :

    There isn’t any problem in changing the time - earlier or little bit later. Though, it should not be done repeatedly. This is an antibiotic medicine and exact timing may not be as such important. You need to just not miss any dose.
    roland says :

    I was prescribed inoflox 200mg for my UTI, 2 weeks at 2 tabs a day. is this okay? i read that most of the patients are prescribed only 7 days.
    Galega says :

    Don’t see what other patients have been prescribed. Trust your doctor and follow the prescription. This is not as such a heavy dose. You should stick with the prescription of your doctor.
    Marietta A. Santos says :

    I want to know if the right prescription of this medicine for adults is really twice a day. Thanks.
    Galega says :

    Twice a day is the optimum dose in majority of cases. But, please remember that prescription depends on the condition. In some conditions, you may be asked to take this medicine thrice a day. In some cases, once a day will suffice your requirements.

    Right dose is all about the medical conditions.
    irish says :

    i just wanted to ask if i have to continue this medicine on one week? i use to take this medicine twice daily and the pain was gone.. but they tells me that i have to continue antibiotic for one week… thnx reply asap
    Galega says :

    You are required to complete the course, as prescribed by a doctor, of anti biotic. It will help you to remain free from bacterial infection. If you don’t complete the prescription, the infection can return.

    Similarly, taking it more than what was prescribed by your doctor is also not a good idea.
    levy says :

    i had a uti one month ago ang doctor gave mo axet cap, but after taking this drug i felt lower back pain and vaginal discharge then after a few days i still saw bubbles in my urine and have back pain, can i still take another set of antibiotic like inoflox?
    Galega says :

    Obviously, you are required to take anti biotics for few more days. However, it is the case of UTI where prior consent of physician is must.
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